Friday, April 30, 2004

And that undermined the US "efforts" in
Well done, Ted.
Alright, now I'm officially pissed.

Today, Sinclair Communications prohibited the airing of tonight's Nightline episode on their ABC affilliates. This is the one in which Ted Koppell will read the names of the over 700 U.S. troops who have given their lives in the name of this extended military exercise goin on. The reason? They believe Koppell and Co. are trying to make a political statement by reading the names. See the link for the complete load of crap.

Now, a little research into the matter reveals that several of the top Sinclair execs have donated the maximum $2000 to the Dick-n-Bush screw campaign. My question? Who is politicizing this? Koppell by reading the names or Sink-lair by prohibiting it on their stations....I think you know what I believe.

This is the statement that set me off.....especially after discovering the "agenda" of the Sink-Lair execs....

In a statement online, the Sinclair group said the "Nightline" program "appears to be motivated by a political agenda designed to undermine the efforts of the United States in Iraq."

Here's the deal, folks. Its organizations such as this, with their dogmatic, conservative, censor-filled rhetoric, that should galvanize all of us in the coming election. This is dangerous bunch...and they aren't the only ones of their ilk. The only good thing is that they risk alienating moderates of their own kind (as in John McCain).

Do you want 4 more years of an administration that is put into power by groups like this?

It's time to listen to on, read on.

Thursday, April 29, 2004

I think the "dont wanna think about it" gene is common to
the fundamentalists, the nra and repusslicans. or should it
be called the "blind fold" or the "my way or no way" gene?

which is, of course, why I found bush's "youre either for us
or agin us" so completely maddening. actually, I'm surprised
my tvs and radios have remained intact considering what's
come out of them these last 3 desperate years. which is
one reason I dont keep a loaded weapon in the house.

we all have things that we see with a certain amount of close
mindedness. for me, it happens to be close mindedness. one
of my toughest battles is accepting the opinions of others no
matter how illogical or genetically impaired they appear to be.

as soon as I feel emotionally peaked by something I bristle over,
as soon as possible, I really Have tell myself this person's opinion
is just as valid as mine. anything else would be both hypocritical
and as wrong as I think they are. if the goal is to find peace, the
successful negotiation seeks a 3rd stream between the extremes.

Frankly, I'd take anything over the fundamentalists. Trailer parks bubbas, repubican villians, you name it. The born again squad operates from the basis that they know what is best for everyone...jee-zus...and that they are the chosen ones. Jee-zus.

I've met many of em and anything or anyone that is outside their narrow box-like thinking is looked upon with suspicion at best; disdain at worst. With such a mindset is it surprising that the current administration takes the world view that it does? To me, it explains alot.

So here we are, living on the buckle of the bible-belt, in GW's backyard. I've often thought of relocating, just to get some breathing space from the oppression. New Mexico? The Northwest? Colorado? Hell, even Austin, where the thinking is still somewhat independent and the atmosphere is still a lil weird n' cool. If I could only get over the fact of Prick Perry as a neighbor.
I probably should have qualified myself earlier.
I was a born again for a year in college. parts
of it were extremely interesting and, certainly,
emotionally thrilling. the dogmatism and what
I saw as emotions masquerading as spiritualism.

the reason I bailed on the community was the
deception of so-called progress. in the bible
studies and services, there was tons o talk
about spiritual and personal growth, when
in reality, most were content to wallow
in their problems because it felt good
to grovel in the forgiveness of grace.

wallowing and groveling are not progress.

fundamentalism, for all its energy and
devotion, is static and reactionary,
reveling in the power of ritual
and childish innocence.

I'm watching the frontline crockumentary "the jesus factor",
seeing GWB's born again background. they just said the vote
of the evangelicals is so strong, they're all you really need to win
the white house. that's all we need. a huge dogmatic -just tell me
what to do- herd of lemmings following anyone who uses the right
code. all you have to do is say jesus is your pal and god is my
copilot and these folks clump together like cat pee in the
sand box. they may well be more important to the
race than repuglican villains and trailer park
bubbas who dont wanna have to shoot
nobody but they will if them gawl
durn libruls get too dang close
to their sacred gun cabanit.

Further still...lets curb all imaginative thinking of the younger generations. Lets instill feardom of expression. Sorry, DC...I still believe in freedom of speech and expression and I'm going to be one loud, annoying bastard about it until my dying breath. Anything less and we become sheeple. My calendar reads 2004; not 1984.

I'd love to be a fly on the wall when Dick-n-Bush tag team testify later today. I don't necessarily want to read the transcripts...I'd settle for a breakdown of percentages of who answers the most questions. Still, regardless of who speaks its all double-spew designed to cover up lies, deceit, and ignorance. I'm starting to realize why the elephant is the symbol of the RePubican party...nothing else produces so much shit daily or takes longer to clean up.

When I walk into that voting booth in Nov., I might as well be taking a broom and shovel with me...

I saw it this time. the sheep response is
absolutely the worst ever. I get it. let's
remove all the violence from art, all the
nightmares from the imagination just
to see how fast we can pump up the
paranoia in the next generation.

paranoia from the terrorists.
paranoia from the principals.
paranoia from the teachers.
paranoia from you buddies.
paranoia from everybody...
all day, every day, watch
what you do, watch what
you say cause everyone
is watching everyone
else. is it paranoia
if there really IS
someone on
your ass?

I saw kofi on the news
and, of course, he's right.
safety is being cautious, not
scared shitless. youre never
better off killing people, seeking
revenge on others just cause youre
pissed off, let alone cause your only
trying to play the Tough Guy on TV.

(cue the president's head on a stick)

"I'm George Bush, the Texas Hammer.
got brown skin? I'll show you the slammer.
Has someone flown airplanes into Your World
Trade Center? Call ME, the Texas Hammer, and
I'll get you all the bogus tax cuts, careless deficits
and macho posturing you may deserve. GEORGE
W. BUSH...the W stands for Hammer, foo!!!"

meanwhile, I still fly the golden rule.
love cant come from hate and you
cant be early if youre always late.

no idea what that last line has to
do with anything...but it's true.

so there.

Wednesday, April 28, 2004

.doc - try copying and pasting that link in your browser window. I just tried it and it still works. Amazing...prepare to retch.
Kofi Annan said it best today. An occupying force cannot fire upon a country's citizens and expect love to grow. Will anyone take notice of that? Bush? Dick?
I couldnt find the cnn art article, dang it.

I just hope kerry agrees you cant fight a
religion or someone else's culture. you
have to agree to get along or avoid the
infidels. or genocide, guess. those seem
to pretty much be the choices these days.

you have to be fairly subtle with the
whole Roman thing. as in, "what did
I do? I didnt do anything. that's silly.
I'm just a poor wayfaring stranger."

if youre going to take over someone's
country, it's really best to do it in an
economic way without a lot of fanfare.

all this su casa es mi casa looks really
shabby. it's simply not good form.

it's like too many cans in the back
yard and too many cars out front.

leavin your tanks on someone elses'
streets and droppin your hershey
wrappers on the side walk gets
people in small provincial towns
to talkin and you dont want that.

trust me.

Tuesday, April 27, 2004

If this is a cease fire I'd hate to see war....
And now, for today's dose of idocy.....

Good links, .doc. The longer this goes on the more the smell of nam pervades the senses. Of course, with organizations such Below Broadcasting running the DFW media, entire stories will be somewhat...elusive.

Does anyone else get the feeling that this is like one big deadly tennis match: US-Spectre Gunships, Them-Insurgent attacks. US-Patrols into Falluja, Them-Martyrs Brigade attacks....and so it goes daily; each side daring the other to get more violent; more out of control. WHEN will the shrubcrew realize that they are not fighting an enemy or even people, but rather an ideology. Friends...thats the definition of a losing battle.

I wonder if Cowboy G. has ever happened upon a wasp or hornet nest on tha Crawford estates. Perhaps he's walked by many times and never paid it much mind. Then maybe one day he saw it..picked up a stick, and knocked it over. Suppose he has? Suppose he could draw the analogy? Funny thing about knocking over a hornet's never kill any hornets. You just piss em off real bad.

I'm not down with conspiracy theorists, I have little
in the way of irrational paranoia coursing through
the veins of my brains, but some of it is pretty
dang interesting. another Bush Watch URL:

yup. even the media response to Iraq is reminding
me of Vietnam, when they were the watchdog, not
the lapdog of political leaders. I guess that's why I
always hated Reagan so much...though it wasnt really
Him as much as it was the environment of the 80s where
he was Allowed, by the media, to trot out his 3X5 card
responses to the issues du jour. it was the cradle of
corporate civilisation as we know it. most things
that suck about society and politics took hold
during the Reagan years. the News in the
CEO's pocket is one glaring example.

Lord Reagan, master of deregulation,
betrayer of the american republic...
or, at least, the public within it.

here's a link to a Bush Watch article
on the "we'll all be dead" line
mentioned below...

Monday, April 26, 2004

GOP? God Our President? I am so proud that the media has circled and
found it's cojones. These books coming out are selling and that is making the talking heads take notice. Dear Doc I was right about Woodward, he did write Bush at War. The gush of blind love in that book was an instant legend.
Clarke, Woodward and all the others are doing what we seem to need.
The media ignored all the chatter before but they can't ignore it anymore.
We ought to go buy all the books, to keep it in the news. Bestseller list
politics. A new category, Amazon support

Sunday, April 25, 2004


1. grumpy old pussballs
2. gas over people
3. greed oil payback
4. groady oafes parading
5. gimps only parking
6. ground owl paste
7. give out puke
8. garbage over peace
9. ghouls out partying
10. go on, pisswad

Saturday, April 24, 2004

That should be "Gotta Oust the Prick"?, NOT "Gotta Oust the Prick?"...because there is no question.........
Its hard for georgie to think beyond this very moment. He doesn't catch on, nor do his handlers.

This whole era has taken on a nam-like quality. Where will it end? How will it end? WHEN will it end? Inquiring minds wanna know, GOP. By the way...does anyone else agree that GOP stands for "Gotta Oust tha Prick?"

when bush was asked the other day, considering
all the mess he's made, how will history remember
him, he shrugged and said, "we'll all be dead by then."

as if the books and articles written about him right now
wont become a large part of that history. I guess
george doesnt understand how That works...

Not only would we not be in this mess, but the entire region would be more stable. Sure, there will always trouble in that area, but it would appear much less like kindling and matches than it does now. Should Arafat be assassinated or al-Sadr be arrested we will enter a new era of that will most assuredly cross the pond uber-quick.

One thing is for sure, if Gore was in office we would not be alienating countries right and left as we are now. We would be approaching decisions rationally rather than with a testosterone craze as we are now. Bush and Co. has created a problem...several...that will take years to fix regardless of who is in office.

As I understand it, we have circled Fallujah and are awaiting word to move into the city. I guess we're gonna work through the map that way. Even so, once we have the whole country by tactics, it aint over. Iraq, regardless of who is in office next spring, will need to suckle our administrative tit for years to come. Ready to pay?
both sides can use
the motto kill em all
and let god sort em out.

sometimes, when I'm tired,
I find myself not looking forward
to all the times I'll see bush ads and
get pissed, wondering how many will cheer
the hypocrisy and accept bullshit as gospel.

one thing's clear.

we must have someone who knows how to
fire back this time. intellectual and liberal
sensibilities aside, a charismatic fighter
is needed to take down the machine
that stole the election in 2000.

if that were gore, we
wouldnt be here.
?es verdad?

Whats most frustrating about situations such as this is that it can be used to fuel a sense of "nationalism" and, often, serve as a boost to recruiting efforts. As the death toll rises, hundreds of families are burying their own Pat Tillmans without a note of pomp or an ounce of circumstance. We would do well as country to define "hero".

A picture in Newsweek magazine last week showed a US soldier carrying a black bag containing the body of a comrade killed earlier that day. What struck me the way the powerboys in DC view the expendability of human life in this little military exercise we got goin on. Tillmans abound and there's no end in sight.

Last night, Nightline had a brief bite on the Bushbunch's reluctance to show flag draped coffins returning to the US out of "respect" to the families...and ended the show with a Bush campaign commercial showing a flag draped coffin of a NYC firefighter.....I see the hypocrisy is blooming nicely this spring.

today, the media was full of headlines and multi-media
stories of a recent casualty, this time in s.e. afganistan.

formal cardinal safety, pat tillman, dies in an ambush after
leaving his lucrative football career for the army rangers,
another kind of sport known for its more severe competition...

the death match.

my tv and radio told me this 27 year old guy was such a great
role model, a true man and american hero who gave his all
defending his country so that we might be safe and free.

according to, he was a man who volunteered to
put himself in harm's way. he deCided to do that. they
say he was moved by 911 and wanted to join the terror.

they talked to former cardinal head coach, dave mcginnis.

"Pat knew his purpose in life," McGinnis said. "He proudly
walked away from a career in football to a greater calling."

so, his Greater Calling was to go to Afganistan and get
shot and killed in an ambush. he didnt save anyone's
life. he didnt take out Osama. he didnt advance the
home team in any noticeable way. he went on patrol
and walked into a bullet from a handgun and died.

that was his greater calling. doesnt anyone else's
head itch when you add how this man died to the
pomp and circumstance of the national accolades?

is it not valid to ask what he died for? I mean specifically.
why did he volunteer and train for missions he knew were
life threatening? was that really a heroic thing to do?

is it something young americans should aspire to...
to volunteer to die in foreign wars because
some political leader says it's cool?

is it heroic to leave your family and loved ones,
knowing you might die? is it even rational?

could there be a little testosterone poisoning
at work here or perhaps a family history of
military service spurring on generations of
"put me in coach, I mean, sir"? could our
brave lad be on some kind of genetic roller
coaster that puts high collar uniforms and
buzz cuts right up there with love, respect
and the drilled response to help others in
need whether they want your help or not?
that it's better to die in battle than to die
in bed? do people still think that way?

hey, I'm from the south. I was told about
The War in arkansas state history class.

frankly, I thought it as an ancient, negative
example...some mindless peer pressure
you only heard in some western or war
propaganda movie from the 40s:

"aintcha gonna go with us, zeke?"

"I dont know, jeb."

"what are ya, yelluh, zeke?"

"where do I sign, jeb?"

it's the old "courage card" they're
laying on young Tillman's grave today.

after seeing the pictures of rotting headless
corpses at gettysburg, shiloh and cold harbor,
my reaction had nothing to do with courage
or duty or love of country. those pictures
clearly showed me the horror and travesty
of war in all its insanity and no one in their
right mind would willingly take part in it.

maybe I'm just yelluh and dont really Get glory.

I walked away from a football coach who was drooling
over my 6 foot frame in the sixth grade cause practice
conflicted with accordion lessons. actually, I Was yelluh.
I couldnt see how points on a score board were worth
bruises and broken bones, My bruises and broken bones.

so, I wont say what I really think about the number of lives
I believe have been wasted in our long human history
of bloodshed over things Not worth dying for.

somewhere, somehow, someone or some thing
told me the Only reason to use violence against
another is clear and immediate self defense or to
save a loved one, which I think I'd instinctively do.

forcing young people to die just cause you Can is wrong.
911 was wrong. Iraq was wrong and, last time I checked,
the sum of two wrongs remains the same. I still believe
those old equations, especially the golden rule, even in
a complex world of greying circumstances. I think
they are as important now as theyve ever been.

if Ranger Tillman's murder was his greater calling, so be it.
the question he left for us to ponder: was he truly a hero
or simply a man in the wrong place at the wrong time?

there seems to be little debate in the local and
national media. after so many stories about
the tragedy of this senseless war, they've
had no trouble waving the flag today.
I guess that's whatcha call fair
and balanced. I guess.

so it goes.

Thursday, April 22, 2004

Good points Slim...mind if we Asscroft to that list?
I have to wonder what Would have happened
if daddy had set junior up with a circle of kinder,
gentler americans who didnt begin by trying to
make themselves look Good regardless of the
unfortunate circumstances they've had to cope
with. when you surround yourself with people
who are willing to lie to save face, confusion rules.

I'm working on a list of what america is in order
to take a good hard look at who we really are...

we like to think we're Fair, Defenders of Justice,
Champions of the Underdog, Compassionate,
Democratic. these things are itemized in the
Bill of Rights, the document that defines our
national philosophy. these are complex ideas
that require the delicate balance of right and
left brain as well as ALWAYS looking at our
actions from all points of view, making choices
based on careful considerations of issues and
consequences of thorough moral judgement.

that's why we have such a hard time with overly
aggressive, simplistic actions made unilaterally,
without regard for our friends and international
law. considering the above ideals, what's been
going on the last 4 years is "wrong".

until you turn the coin over and look at what Else
america is historically, which I'll summarize with
these images:

colonial invaders with little or no regard for native
populations, euro trash banished to far shores
dominated by land barons and religious extremists.
the fruits of their labors became manifest destiny,
barbarous hordes in paradise resutling in trail(s) of
tears...cattle barons, oil barons, steel barons, all
having manifest influence on politicos and, thus, law.

what happened to "the people rule"? a few did and do.
especially CEOs and even elected officials who, currently,
protect bottomline profits while firing loyal employees, who
watch as all the jobs go overseas while americans sink into
the devastation of powerless poverty. some even propose
universal health care for Iraqis while refusing to consider
such a plan for americans while insisting our lifestyle
and political concepts be the one true blue print for
the world at large. these prototypes look at the
world from just one point of view...theirs.

what we have is a debate between our twin natures
of human sensitivity and egotistical arrogance.

que es mas macho?

I wanted to share this, from a friend, when asked did he
really hate Shrub:

"I don't hate him as much as I think of him as a turtle on a fence post:

He didn't get there by himself, he can't get down, he clearly has no idea what is going on, he can't do anything, he looks awfully silly waving his arms around, and I feel sort of sorry for him and just want to help him get down.

Now Cheney, Rummy, traitor Powell, Wolfowitz, Rowe; these are poeple I can get a good hate going on."

no friggin doubt.


what war?

iraq was an invasion. it was david
and golliath without the sling shot.


what victory?

is it a victory when you spray an ant?
is it a victory when you blow your nose?
is it a victory when wallmart squeezes out
all the mom and pops and leaves a town
economically depressed and soulless?

to me, a victory implies the possibility
the other guy actually has a shot.

and, in this case, at the final buzzer,
ironically, that Might just be the case.

I'm sooo boggled by the american lack of
understanding of how and why we got into
this hornet's nest in the first place, who the
enemy really is. and cant help but see how
hypocrisy has a tendency to lose from the
get go...generally, the agressor ends up
beating himself. somehow, those who
start out calling the other side evil
tend to find themselves in the
same basket they claim to
be fighting. like the way
we all hate in others
what we despise
in ourselves.

I'd say, somehow,
we're really lashing
out against our own
dumb prejudices here.

idiots seem to do that
a lot and call it good.

they call it a victory
when they started
the whole thing in
the first place.

I guess you could call it arrogance.

some might call it the bully factor.

Wednesday, April 21, 2004

I'm more into this political season than any other I can remember. Its not just the war that has me charged. Its the sorry state of fiscal affairs here at home, the rampant censorship, the fundamentalist jee-zus doctrine proffered by the conservativocracy, shall I continue? I can ya know....
Election day will be a black-tie and tails affair for me. Its more than "civic duty" this year. If we stand any chance of repairing the damage that has been done, we gotta act in unison this Nov. The thought of 4 mo years of the status quo stimulates my gag reflex. As I hack and wheeze, we're spending about 10 bil. a month on the war....pass the Windex, man, there's somethin wrong with this picture.
To me, one of the most outrageous things was done months ago. Village Idiot landing on the deck of an aircraft carrier with giant banners proclaiming "Mission Accomplished". My ass. I wonder how many of those families who are now burying sons and daughters think the mission is accomplished...then or now.
hard realities continue in iraq.

as new battles flare up in various places
and our few allies are bailing left and right,
TV images remind me more than ever of nam,
soldiers crouching behind cover, firing in the
direction of enemy smoke in the distance.

it is soo hard to feel good about violence knowing
that the worse the so-called war gets, the better
the chances of getting rid of you know who are.

I dont want people killed because of this guy,
but, the grand irony is...soldiers dying over
there are helping their country realize they
should never have been their in the first place,
helping its citizens make up their minds about
how to rectify the criminal mistake that was
made in the last election...and not by most
of us. the question: what outrageous things
will this administration do to stay in power?

quite a soap opera and, unfortunately, reality TV.

Monday, April 19, 2004

that would give george the perfect excuse to split
and the rest of us the perfect reason to say, hey...

WE TOLD YA SO. not that that helps iraqis in any way,
but maybe a Few conservatives would get a smidgen of
enlightenment when they realize you cant Export freedom
or culture or hallitosis. though george tries. he really does.

Question -
How free is Iraq if, by majority choice, they decide on a fundamentalist Islamic govt. and they USofA says no way? Seems freedom in that case would be conditional and, as a consequence, isn't truly freedom at all.....
I will admit to having the hardest time
being open to bush. I hated the way he
got into the office, I was embarrassed by
his complete lack of articulation, I was so
pissed when he put his arm around that
fireman at ground zero 2 days after 911.
he seemed to be trying desperately to
associate himself with this man's Real
heroism. I was appalled he called for
a preemptive strike against a sovereign
country. I couldnt care less who saddam
is or was...My america doesnt invade and
take down the leaders of other nations.

well, except maybe for This one...
and, maybe, Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico,
Haiti, Grenada, Panama, well, okay, so
maybe this is something we do.

I guess Bush is simply following a grand
tradition of manifest destiny. only it's
become the manifest destiny of "free
democratic countries". like they say,


isnt that True? when is it Not?

The more crew the merrier, but tha ship can sail with 4! Gonna be reallly interesting to see how the Bob Woodward book will play out. Deals for oil?? I'd be so shocked!
Perhaps the tequila in Cuba is as excellent as the first toast would be to free speech.....cheers, my fellow crew members!
well...although I was hoping for another slippery swab or two,
if they dont show, I'd say a 4 man crew is a goodly stew.
the scourge of the 7 seers we be...sparkie, swifty,
chad and .doc benign. that would be me.

thanks for answering the call.

I hope, before this is all over, we'll enjoy
more than sharing thoughts about the evil doers.
yet, it's pleasure enough to cast these guys in the sewer.

replaced by men of of war a damn sight fewer.

if we get rounded up, which aint that unusual for texas,
maybe they'll take us to cuba. I've always wanted
to visit. cigars grow outta the ground there,
right? I mean the ones that dont come
ready to smoke outta fidel's butt
directly...I mean, divinely.

Sunday, April 18, 2004

Welcome ah-board Chad!
Just in time to see the Spaniards open up a fresh can o' getgone and hit the Baghdadbackdoor. OK georgie...the friends are a' dwindlin...shall we extend the deployment another 90 days?
I'm settlin down with a bunch of icy cold brew in a nice comfy chair...strap in...the ride from now till Nov is gonna get interesting.
hey gang,

nice points ya gots there. bush is an embarrassment to all americans. some know it, some seem not to (how embarrassing!), still others feel this way but don't admit it...

not a scholar, not a successful businessman, not an effective presenter, lacks humility, is ignorant of culture, leads the country...

the flap with the UN was about not waiting just tHiRTy mOrE dAYs to then have the support of major allies also imposing authority on iraq. i was thinkin' that perhaps the war in afganistan should be over - before another one got started - but that would/might exclude the opp for shrub to go snuff saddam's kids (did anyone else catch the weirdness of hussein's sons being offed by [in essence] H-bush's son? jeez if that doesn't just scream "blood for oil"?) now, why is this guy our president? oh. i see...

in the event of a kerry win (i'll accept even an appointment) he'll get to enjoy the space for all kinds of messin' up - 'cause it will still be better than anything the bush family and nixon's cabinet ever supplied (or took away). i'd vote for a cartoon of bush before i'd vote for bush, and wow, cool! the guy to vote for who is against bush was iN a war, and came back to teLL people that war is bad, and now he wants to run the country? - got my vote. yes, it would be better if he were a femme. i like the idea of letting L'il G-Wow know that as far away from him as we can get is where we want to go.

so yes, thanks for creating a place [kim - this blog] where we can jostle notions around... until we're put in a detention center for Expressing Un-Patriotic and Un-Christian Intentions.

our founders didn't have emAiL, or bLogS, so you can bet tHeY'Re not protected! is the bill of rights even recognizable anymore? free speech is okay, but electronic publishing IS another matter! amazing how many sentences i've already edited out myself, for fear of their "keywordiness".

see you guys in jail. hey! maybe we can blog from prison?!


check out the woodward salvo on 60 minutes. koodos to cbs
for letting everybody watch the video fo free without asking
for contact info, meaning the spam machine, etc. etc. etc.

good stuff.
Two points from the MEDIA, big media that is, the New York Times.

David Brooks (ConSerVative) wrote an editorial the other day, basically apologizing for the bushy blunders that have led to the Neauveu Lebanon that is Iraq today.
In today's Times we have Maureen Dowd on Woodward's new book and Colin Powell. Colin should have resigned. The story is he was complete out manuvered by the sly old dog dick.

(She mentions that the C I A called Iraq The house of broken toys. They aint' seen nothing yet!)

I guess I might read Woodward's book, I swore to never read him again after the love job he gave the Shrub Junta in the early days.

The thing that scares me, is that the whole bushy world is so, like Freudian.
You can see exactly the dry drunk motivation. Kimster knows how hard I laughed when that reporter asked Shrub, had he made any mistakes....... What did Shrub do? Ducked the question, then digressed straight into a "talk" about weapons of mass destruction...hmmmm I think the the whole damn world can read something into that. Shrub brain war reasoning...
He tried to hurt my daddy.
welcome aboard. as soon as a few more shipmates
make their way up the plank we'll be under way.
for now, we can hang out, lift a few, spit a few,
spill a gut or two while we get our sea legs...

some day, we may not be able to talk this way,
freely and openly on a relatively public spot.
getting bush outta the way ensures that
day will be less swift in coming, I'd say.

homeland uber alles, my speckled ass.

Saturday, April 17, 2004 nice to be surrounded by those who support the dethroning of king georgie II...listened to a live recording of Marley tonight in which he referenced King George and I thought how true his words are for us today...

Friday, April 16, 2004

I'm thinking about turning this site into a
drunken tirade. a few times a month, I get
a snoot on and give vent to my political view.

I'm still waiting for the first non-kim to sign in.

I've invited a few others and may invite a few more.
yeah, how bout right now? sure. why not?

scuse me.

Wednesday, April 14, 2004

we're continually living in a twilight zone moment,
surrounded and dominated by drunkin cowboys,
living in a western movie town and the black hats
run everything from the general store to the saloon
to all the sodbusters they routinely bully off their
lands and shoot down in the street cause the
sheriff is deep in the pocket of the evil cattle baron.

I just wonder how fast Kerry is with a gun.

I would much rather have heard the so-called
president speechify in the following way:

"you know what? I fucked up. I invaded Iraq
so my daddy would be proud of me. I see what
I've done and I know it was wrong. I'm pulling
our troops out of there with their tails between
their legs and, as soon as the last American
touches our shore, I'm submitting my
resignation and checking myself into the
nearest psychiatric clinic on my plan.

I'm a loser, but maybe it's not to late.

oh, and I'm sorry I spent all yall's money and
sent so many decent American's to their deaths
in my little war. my apologies to the world for
being such an asshole. I thought I was the shit.

now I know I was only full of it. buh-bye."

Tuesday, April 13, 2004

I cant wait to hear the president tonight.

is there Anyone who doesnt believe he'll
lie through his teeth or simply "not recall"
the evidence that has surfaced during the
911 commission memos and PDBs?

I'm mainly interested in his style. will he
smirk his way through, knowing humor
is the best deception or will he have his
war president tough guy face on?

will he simply come out and draw yet
another line in the sand, armed with his
well worn cliches about the world being
a better place without saddam?

or will he take the kinder, gentler
approach of echoing what his critics
have said with a painted on - we did
all we could - pouty face, defensive
and sympathetic for the victims,
supporting the troops, making
the world a better place, one
death at a time?

or all of the above...hit em with
the army helmet, the nurse's cap
and the world leader smirk, one
right after the other?

kick off in 3 hours.

Friday, April 09, 2004

I'm basically to the point where I'm either

A. looking feverishly around for anything
I can do to help bolster support for the
president to enjoy his retirement asap


B. not even wanting to think about
anything but the month long party
that will ensue in the wake of A..

after so many years of My Bush Right or
Wrong, I'm continually hearing a mess of
conservatives on the radio laying into him
big time, begrudging the prospect of Having
to re-elect the smirking smurf just to keep
the red diapered L.L. Beings outta power.

I dont even care if Kerry's Mr. Right yet. I'm
sure I'll make some sort of judgement by the
time the convention comes around. I hope
his speeches will rally the troops and bring
a tear, but, if they dont, we gots no choice
on this one. it's gotta be All Kerry All The
Time and, god forbid he shits the bed, we'll
just have to clean it up later.

maybe Hillary's Maid Service will be up and
mopping some ass in 008. Hope so. I want
a Woman in the kitchen...I really really do.

this really is pretty exciting stuff. I'm more
up for this election than any other in my
life time.

sure, reagan was evil and nixon was 3 hairs
in your milkshake, but neither of them so
completely SUXXX as smurfer boy. they
were weird...bush is pure evil...pure in
your face shit for brains all over my nice
clean floor. I'm sick to death of it.

I've never hated a politician like this befoh.
he absofuckinglutely Must go out the doh.

I've thought about it and thought about it
and challenged myself over and over on
why I feel the way I do and right down
to my core, every atomic instinct I
own is telling me Not to leave it
alone. if I saw somebody on
the street raping a child
I wouldnt feel any more
like kicking his ass than
I do about my emphatic
vote come november.

that is going to be one
Satisfyin paper punch, my
friend. I'm going to give that
mother a downbeat like I was
conducting the fucking Chicago
Symphony Orchestra on the last
note of Beethoven's Ninth and
send it home with every
ounce of passion
I possess.

I said no question.

Thursday, April 08, 2004

who does not wish above all wishes
that, one year from now, we will be
living under a new president, in the
post bush era? who is not looking
forward to describing this president,
in the definitive PAST tense, as the
worst of our collective lives?

I had no use for Nixon, Reagan or
Bush I. I'm legitimately soured,
depressed and totally gaseous in the
shadow of this ponderous, sniveling,
smirking, transparent liar who gives
America such an ignorant slut image
around the planet, let alone here at
home...I am incapable of thinking
of almost anything beyond...

"bush has to go as soon
as humanely possible."

I see this blog as a vent for those of
us who can barely breathe from the
hateful gut tightness, living in these,
the dammable bush years.

if it also becomes a place of support,
of debate, of wondering about
topical topics, so be it.

it's all verbage and splerbage.

so it goes.

new political blog
come and get it.