Friday, December 31, 2004

And here it is...
The end of another 365 day stretch.
As we prepare to close the books on 04 and open 05, I can't help but reflect a bit on what all has gone down this year...and hope that 365 days from now we will all be in a damn better place in alot of ways. Still, I compare myself to those whose lives have been washed away on the other side of the planet and think, "Yeah, my guy didn't get elected, but I still have beer in the fridge and the kitties have kible in the bowl." interesting way to end the year.
In the next few days I will change this screen name to reflect something a bit more appropriate to the coming years and, just perhaps, reflect a tinge of optimism...for after all, these are the last of the bush years.
May all forces see us through them.
Happy New Year, friends.

Thursday, December 23, 2004

I'm guessing they both spend a lot of time in the john. there's nothing like waking up to daily responsibilities you can, in no way, negotiate successfully...being responsible for situations in which the fuck ups are so unbefuckinlievably catastrophic, leading to the deaths of thousands of lead you down the thorny path to really really bad digestive repercussions. I dont see how they cant both have monster ulcers from the depths of hell.

no wonder some presidents throw up on nearby dignitaries at state dinners.

no wonder.
I am sick of the arrogance; the "we are right regardless of the cost" mentality that pervades Washington and the evangelicals of today.
If anything could cause this country to implode, it would be our inability to step back, reexamine, and change course in the face of data that indicate that what we are doin' aint workin'.
But no.
We have to forge ahead on a path that is destined to lead us to deeper quicksand. Could bushy und rummy be caught in a moment of self-reflection, or are their pants-around-the-ankles toilet moments consumed by figuring out new ways to market their bilge to the testosterone and jeezus juiced among us?
Hanoi Hilton?
Baghdad Hilton?
Its all the same.
All I know is that tent served some damned expensive chicken tenders.
does it ever happen???

do bush and rummy ever stop for a minute, maybe when they're sitting on the john, and think, "maybe we really Dont know what we're doing. maybe all those guys who died in a dinner line cause no one thought 'a tent is an easy target for people who want to kill us'...was that a tragedy we caused cause we're just sooooo stooooopid???"

do you think they ever think about stuff like that? do they have an inkling of how stupidly unprepared they are to have the jobs they have. how many higher level employees (let alone middle managers and on down) could survive a policy decision that ended in the deaths and disfigurement of fellow employees? anywhere? any place? anywhere else in the world...?

is that simply another example of "Only in America" maybe?

Monday, December 20, 2004

Person of the Year???????

I can see Turd of the Year, Fuck Up of the Year, Misleader of the Free World of the Year, Hound Dog of the Year, Pee in the Pudding of the Year, Shit on the Bottom of Your Shoe of the Year, Fucking Idiot Who Wont Take No for an Answer of the Year, Buffoon of the Universe of the Year, Ignorant Misguided Testosterone Clueless Wonder Who Should Never Have Left Daddy's Shadow and Discappeared into the West Texas Night of the Year, Clumsy Pretzel Oaf Who Cant Find a Logical Thought But Somehow Manages to Fool Half the People All of the Time In Spite of his Oh So Obvious 3rd Grade Mental Incapacity and Winner of the Helen Keller Lack of Sensory Awareness Excuse Me if I cant Spell My Name or Know What Street I Live On of the Year...but Person of the Year????????

well, I guess if you cant really get where he's gotten while looking like a total doofus on acid, you have to IS remarkable. I just think they need to work on the title of the award a bit. perhaps I've given them a place to start.

Sunday, December 19, 2004

Merry Bushmas, all
Yes, we will be fucked foreplay...just right up the chute courtesy of Time's Person of the Year.
I am truly scared shitless about the next four years...and more than pissed.
A mandate has been issued to the bibble thumpahs and war mongers to push forth their exclusionary their mind at least.
I do derive some pleasure from all the senators coming out to harrass rummy. I only wish they would be so critical of his boss.
So here we are, heading into the holidays, on the verge of another 4 years of bushdom.
My holiday wish? A castration of bushy's inaugural balls.

Wednesday, December 15, 2004

I feel like we're in the bush doldrums and we're nowhere near his second term yet.

not really. he's going to screw us in so many ways. it's like we're living at the Hanoi Hilton and, without question, at any moment, day or night...he's going to come into our cells like a roach in the kitchen, looking for ways to fuck us over without our necessarily even knowing it till it's a done deal.

I dont know what's worse...that? or watching him on tv in front of a microphone spelling out exactly how he's going to fuck us over by privatizing vital services, by eliminating the right to sue in the name of justice and fairness, by appointing evangelicals or mafioso (and I'd rather have the latter, thanks) to key governmental positions where policy decisions favor the interests of Jesus or Money over traditional freedoms and rights.

I dont much care for either bastardly tactic. at least it's easier to rail against public policy. everybody knows what we're talking about then. gut feelings and hunches are too easily dismissed.

Monday, December 13, 2004

Methinks many of those old guys would change their tune if more of their grandkids were bein shipped to the Arabian sausage grinder.
As for Ol' Bernard, I wonder if it was his maid's citizenship that threw a monkey wrench into the Homeland Security paranoia machine, or if he woke up the morning after that press conference and thought, "Oh shit...I just agreed to work for this idiot."
Regardless, I enjoy seeing Bush having a hard time filling all the cogs in his freedom anihilation device.

I get sick of all these 60 something guys on the news shows talking about how well the iraqi war is going and, of course, we should throw even more kids in there to make sure we can keep killing iraqis who dont see things our way. what, have these guys so lost touch with history and simple reason that they truly are clueless in the human nature area? it's like that office comic I love so much...the beatings will continue till morale improves.

Friday, December 10, 2004

at least condiment rice is off the front pages. as long as I dont have to look at her lying ass furrowed brow any more than absolutely necessary there's Something to live for. good quote from dummy rummy..."I dont know what the real story is but we'll sit down and find out what we dont know when he find out what they know so we'll know what we didnt know before so then we'll know what the real story is."

or something like that.

Wednesday, December 08, 2004

I'm positively digging the fact that Donald Duck got some pointed questions from the folks in camouflage today. They hit him with some good ones, and his answers were predictably bland.
I'm not sure that those poisoned citizenry will see through the vail of deception. To do so would require them to admit to the falsity of the dogma they have followed for all these years.
Can they do that?
Can they say Vietfuckingnam West?

Tuesday, December 07, 2004

when? when will some of our brain dead, flag blinded, testosterone and/or jesus poisoned fellow citizens finally realize they've been duped? ever?


I wonder what percentage of the American population were adamantly supportive of the war even as the final survivors were being airlifted from the embassy roof, leaving behind their doomed South Vietnamese compadres?

Saturday, December 04, 2004

Isn't it interesting that most of the players with an ounce of worth are bailing off the bushtrain at its whistle stop?
Rummy you say...reasonably harmless. But Condompleezher is outright dangerous. Anyone that conniving and deceitful should be watched closely at all times. Figure her to be a major factor in our on-deck war with Iran. Yes...I said. Just wait.
I can hear Colin now. "She ain't my sister."
I guess this means Bumsfeld cant find anything else to do. nobody wants the don. he probably cant bear to leave his own walk-in liquor cabinet at State.

that's cool. hell, he Used to make me laugh so, what the fuck, he gets a pass.

he's reasonably harmless.

Friday, December 03, 2004

I love Bush saying Ukranian elections should be free of foreign involvement.

I guess that means we'll have absolutely no influence on Iraqi elections.

oh, wait. might be a bit late for that one, ya think???