Monday, August 29, 2005

Some-a them ho's make more than teach-0's.
Is this your first time at Navneh? Sounds like an interesting..and different...gig. Speaking of...are there any gigs comin' up to ring in the fall? Any new venues to check out that you know of that may have slipped under my radar? I was by Coffee Haus Plano last weekend for the first time inna long time and it seemed like it might be open to our kinda goods. Seems that Southside took a bit of an artistic turn and isn't quite the Tao Jonesin' scene anymore.
Any possibilties at White Rock Coffee?
I have a jazz history and rock history class at smu and 2 music appreciation classes at collin county community college plus a music class at the navneh jewish high school. I'm still looking for another $500 a month to meet all the bills...I'll have to put the word out to other schools, looking for more teaching next semester.

either that or join the hos on scyene and samuel in my part of the woods.

Sunday, August 28, 2005

I'll be teaching an Ed.Psych class for the undergrads and a graduate Research Design class....first time down the path for that one. Those start..oh shit...tomorrow. What classes have you on your plate for the fall?
My thoughts are on the Big Not-so-Easy this eve and wondering how quickly that bowl of a city is gonna fill. Its been about 7 years since I was there, and now I'm wishing I had gone back when I had the chance about a year ago.
Who knows whats gonna be left.

Sunday, August 21, 2005

yup. texas and new mexico share a border, a few key fashion and cuisine elements, but very little philosophically. it's truly refreshing to get lost there for a goodly bit.

there was a story on Unexplained Mysteries last night interviewing Taos residents who were complaining about a constant low hum. better than the ominous moaning so often heard around this bone yard.

anyway, sorry you had to come back. what are you teaching this semester?

Saturday, August 20, 2005

And so, I return...

Fresh from a last-of-the-summer, almost two week road trip through the great Southwest....New Mexico, Colorado...and back again.
Where the livin's different and so is the thinkin'..
Ready to start a new academic year impartin' knowledge and wizz-dum to those darin' to seek it.

And so....

I really lose track of how ethically constipated this part of the planet is until I venture OUT....way OUT.

Oh sure, I'm well aware of how stifling the conservatism is and what a big bad mutha we're all fighting. But goin through the small towns along the backroads of the Rocky Mountain state really brings it all to life.

Towns in which the daily rag is more akin to the Dallas Disturber than the Moanin Gnus.

Cities and people that embrace diversity and change; that aren't threatened by those unlike them.

Where religion has more to do with spirituality than the state/national

And so....

I came back?

Friday, August 19, 2005

nice to see the 51ers taking such a beating with the cindy sheehan stuff goin on. keep those approval ratings plummeting. as much as Ive hated the sheeple blowing whatever direction the wind goes . "hey, let's all be patriotic and go to war...yeah". the only problem is it seems to be working the other direction these days.

it's chic to bash the war. what the fuck...I'll take it. it actually makes me feel like we might not become a fascist empire after all if this many CAN suddenly wake up and line up with the good guys.

that would be we the people.

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

"President Bush, before he went on vacation, signed a bill that will extend daylight savings another month. He said it proves we're winning the war on darkness."  

- dave letterman                                 

Saturday, August 06, 2005

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Friday, August 05, 2005

1. 41% of all working
americans get no paid
vacation whatsoever.

2. paid vacation time
has declined over 35%
during the last 5 years.

3. soldiers normally get
a month of vacation each
year, but soldiers in Iraq,
many having been there
for at least 18 months,
get none.

the surreality check...

4. President Bush has just
started a 5 week vacation,
the longest presidential
getaway on record.

Wednesday, August 03, 2005

announcing: The First International Insurgency Games

Militias everywhere getting together to compete in the spirit of "Not in My House You Dont", featuring what's left of the burgeoning Iraqi Terrorists and Syrian Killers going head to head with the West Virginian Libertarians and the Wisconsin Favreates.

Events include a series of blind folded events like "Gun and Bomb Assembly", Replacing Your Fox Hole Divets" and "Smoking Cigars While Shooting Out the Stars with Automatic Weapons". Expect World Records in "Surprise Assasinations", "Unpredictability" and "Blending In". We'll even have rock throwing contests for kids under 12 and deep breathing suicide classes for shy teens. And, moms, dont forget our free running around screaming bloody murder fashion secret seminars.

Speaking of family entertainment, be sure and visit thrilling Insurgency Village, complete with replicas of the Waco Compound and scale models of Tiananmen Square and the Historic Westbank before Israeli occupation. Of course, you'll have to imagine the Palestinians. Until they get their own state they arent invited to the Games.

So, round up all your guns and saddle up. We're turning the South Lawn of the White House into a Mud Pit.

The First -Ever- International Insurgency Games.

(tickets not available in all countries. please do not buy tickets from native americans. they're scalpers)