Saturday, July 31, 2004

lorda mercy.

after doing the play last night, I spent the next 10 hours talking politics with a total bush backer. he's a nice guy, fairly articulate and seemingly normal in every respect.


his reality is precisely opposite of mine. he listens to bush and thinks he's such a great leader and listens to kerry and all he can think is "LIAR!".

he thinks eXactly the way I do in the bizzaro reasoning is possible. we tried to put thinks in local perspective. one example, if your neighbor sits on his porch with a baseball bat, looking menacing and, one day, you wake up and find a crunch in the hood of your car...he thinks you have no choice but to go right over there and beat the shit outta the guy cause you KNOW if you show weakness by not directly confronting the aggressor, it'll be worse later.

there's the bush international doctrine in a nut shell.

black and white. show no weakness. strength equals violence and the sooner the better.

what was funny is the friend, his roommate, I went over to hang out with came out about 730 this morning and started doing yard work, so she heard all this back and forth and agrees with me 99% of the time. when I finally left at 9, I said, "well, it'll be a pleasure to cancel you out in november" and, without looking up, she said, "he never votes."

I felt a lot better after that.

Thursday, July 29, 2004

definitely an ideological struggle.

I think it's grey matter v only black and white.

nationalists and fascists v populists and socialists.

the selfish v the generous spirits.

haves v the have less.

there are
quite a
few us

To me its simple. The next three months come down to an ideological war between those who possess empathy for those less fortunate than themselves, those who appreciate the intellectual bases upon which this country was founded, those who value law and fair play, and those who dare place human capital over monetary capital...

And those who don't.

Washingtown is full of nasty karma right now. Daily, we are reminded that so much of what kingbushrot dictates is predicated on his believe that we are the allfuckingmighty, and might makes right. But...when you're a bully, someone's always looking to challenge you. And, they'll always find a way to get their sneak attack in. Its their purpose..its their mission.

The only way we'll be able to get to the point where others in the world can look at us with respect again is to change the Neanderthal mentality. 

Caveman thinking is what we got now.

Me George. Me got army. Me take over.

Me vomit.

evidently, m.m. got more preachin engagements during the convention and wanted to put his efforts where they could most count. speaking to/inspiring delegates at a national convention v talking to a few hundred choir members in rural texas? an easy choice.

seems the event in crawford came off without an incident. there was a pro-choice rally earlier in the day and, evidently, the movie was screened as proposed. it was nice to see the media cover it nonpartisanly.

I think, actually, about a 1000 dems showed up and enjoyed each other's company. there were plenty o smiles on camera. I wonder what W thought about it, invading his home court and all.

The speeches are over. The battle lines are drawn. The sides are chosen.
Lets do it.
I've always enjoyed Rev. Sharptongue. He really added some sparkle last night to a slate of speeches I wasn't particularly moved by. Tho Cate Edwards is kinda hot.
And shit, we gotta get movin.
We gotta find some oomph fast or its gonna be another Dukakis-like election season. We can't afford to lack in luster..we gotta go for the jugular this time round. The alternative is too repulsive to ponder.
WHy do you think Moore reallllly didn't go to Crotchford? I haven't heard much about last night's screening at all.

Wednesday, July 28, 2004

joe biden on tavis said he's going to talk about the travesty of our preemptive policy on thursday night. of course he's right when he says we didnt knock down the berlin wall with an abrams tank.

you dont project your ideals of respect and democracy by coming in unilaterally spanking everyone in sight. I've never understood how youre supposed to get people on the street corners waving flags when you begin by bombing the capital city, killing kids and shoving everyone into detainment.

this bush bunch is beyond idiocy. blind aggression is the anti-diplomacy.

how can they have been sooo stupid. we need someone who, by example, shows how wrong it is to push people around (personally, internationally, in bidness) just because you can.

this aint no game,'s life and death.
3 words tonight: rev'rend AL, baby.

sadly, little john didnt really do it for me.

candidly, I think his wife, elizabeth, threw him off a little bit.

oh, well. we'll see what big john can do tomorrow night.

I'll bet little john is crying in his bi-carb.

oh, well...
sad to hear michael's not gonna make it to crawford after all.

in a casual fly by, a dallas reporter asked him if he was really coming and he said "they" want him to do something at the convention so he'll be stuck in boston for the big crawford shendig.

I have to wonder if they'll really pull it off. I can clearly see state cops not letting anyone but locals get into town or worse, throwing up a barricade around the parking lot and throwing such lights onto the event the movie wont work.

or worse. I have a good friend who drove her bike to a protest in DC in 2002, was illegally detained in a park with a few hundred others, eventually cuffed and vanned. 14 hours later no one could tell her what happened to her bike.

she and others sued everybody. no one cared. case dismissed.

crawford could get nasty. cant wait to find out.

Tuesday, July 27, 2004

On Nightline, Michael Moore said that he believes there are people out there that would vote for their right sock before voting for Bush.
Hanes for Prez.

Obama truly scored in my book.....he is the future face of our party.
Kinda scary that bushman is scoring higher in the polls today? You gotta wonder what the fuck people are thinking? Are they 'fraid of change? Do they not like the Demo-choice? Worse yet, do they like Dubya Dipfuck?
As soon as I can get my hands on one, I'm gonna plant a Kerry-Edwards sign in my yard, water and fertilize that sumbitch every day, and wait for the harvest come November.
this is how many, based on 100s of thousands, homicides took place in america the last 20 years.
1984 8.4  
1985 8.4  
1986 9.0  
1987 8.7  
1988 9.0  
1989 9.3  
1990 10.0  
1991 10.5  
1992 10.0  
1993 10.1  
1994 9.6  
1995 8.7  
1996 7.9  
1997 7.4  
1998 6.8  
1999 6.2  
2000 6.1  
2001 7.1

interestingly, the figures went up during Bush I and seem to be on the rise again. look what happened after clinton got his feet on the ground...a steady decrease from 10.1 down to the 6.1. I dont know if this really supports my premise, but it certainly doesnt disprove it and shows the figures going up in reagan's 1st term and continuing upward till clinton (or whatever) brought them down much lower than any in a repuglican administration.

I'm still looking for 2002-2003.
well, kennedy certainly popped up, gephardt didnt reach base and dean only hit a single, but this osama bahama brat boy is spreading some good energy through the hall. laying it all out in a straight and true. he got game.

he may well drive in dean and find the wall his own self.

here's another fun research topic.

my theory is we treat each other differently when the social atmosphere changes from the top down. if the president is divisive and confrontational, violence in society goes up. when he's compassionate and people centric, violence goes down.

the only problem is, I have no research to prove the theory one way or the other.

of course there are other factors, but I'd guess more americans died at the hands of americans during the reagan years than the clinton years, for example. and more are dying now than under carter.

someday, I'll have to check the stats...somewhere.

Monday, July 26, 2004

I found widely varying numbers so I dont know.

how much fun would it be to drive to crawford to see the moore movie?

it's not that far...just west of waco. certainly worth a little research.

the idea that they'd even book it sounds very rural mythic to me.

I doubt the cinema would have a website. hang on a sec.

well, there's no yellow pages listing.

I dont think there IS a movie theatre in crawford.

there are a few 7-9 miles away, but you pretty much have to drive into waco for any kind of real entertainment. it would have been a grand adventure though.
No doubt that record is someplace. As despised as this group is, somebody has bound to have been taking roll along the way.
It will be interesting to see if Moore gets any coverage Wed. Evidently they are planning to crank it up..I'd be interested in knowing the proximity of the moviegrounds to bushmans X-Bar None KKK Ranch. Play it loud, play it proud, boys and girls.
Anyone for Red Hots?
I cant buhlieve bush is coming back to crawford aGain.

if I were trying to keep the white house, I wouldnt be taking weeks away from my desk. I Know he's got everything he needs at home to run the country (into the ground), but I'd be "at my post" in the months leading up to the election so no one can say I was "off" during that time.

I believe george has hands down the most time away from washington during his tenure of anyone in the last whatever. I wonder if that's on the net somewhere?

I'll go look.
I was only able to listen to the radio version, but it is certainly is gettin me enthused for the upcoming season.
Just read a post on Amy Martin's listserv that Michael Moore will be screening his movie this Wednesday night at the Crawford Drive-In. Seems bushman will be in town on vacation. They're also looking for a sound measuring device. Now, thats what I call takin it to the streets.
My motto for the week is "Let's Not Fuck Up"
so...there's night one.

I didnt get to hear more than the last hour...mostly big bill and hillary...and, then, only on the radio.

strength and wisdom arent opposing qualities.

I liked bill a lot. as he points out, now that his book has made him one of the richest americans, he can talk from the wealthy point of view. he can complain about how we're pampering the rich to the detriment of the middle and lower classes.

I liked the way he put himself in the draft dodger bag with W while John had the principles to offer himself for american service. not that I can relate to that, but, hey, it's certainly a good selling point for our side.

didnt get to hear Kerry's vietnam preacher bud, but I heard it was cool.

tomorrow night, I'll watch and get excited.

I have to say, I wasnt happy to hear about the protestor cage. I think that's a missed opportunity to say "we dont play that game." I know security is an issue, but it still sucks big and giant.

Sunday, July 25, 2004

bush can start 3 more wars and his minions will triple their efforts to keep him round another round. he can break 50 laws in 30 states, creating chaos across the country for months and the ditto heads will blame the confusion on the spinelessly whining democrats.

I think it's completely up to kerry's ability to inspire the troops. we wanna follow, we're ready to get out there and triple Our missionary efforts, we have every reason to defeat the enemy.

we only need that extra oomph, that extra 2-3 percent of voters who will choose this side of the ledger over the other. that would be the kerry/edwards challenge.

take us with ya, boys. take us to the next america.
I might well stay up the entire night..especially if there is tomfoolery afoot...and thats a sure bet.
The media is a wildcard....I'm wondering what grandstand play bushman has up his sleeve for the next few months. A new offensive to get Bin Waitin? Somethin has bound to be coming that will allow him to wave that flag and bake that apple pie before November.
But...will the populace be smart enough to pick up on the staged antics?
it's a fearful thing, losing this election.

there seem to be plenty o grumblers to populate the booths, plenty o organizations to get out the vote, celebrities and webmasters churning out the hours to make it so and lord knows we need all the grit and fury in this our time of need.

my question for the day is will the media continue to walk in the ways of the watch dog or will they turn tail in the 11th hour? will the execs suddenly get the word from on high to yank the reins? will dan and peter and the new guy keep a close eye and report the underhanded tom foolery sure to plague the night of the tallying hos, the night that counts toward all our futures?

will they cry fire or smother the fires of resistance? what will happen???

it is a HUGE mystery. H U G E ! ! !

Saturday, July 24, 2004

A rose by any other name is still a muse. I'm gonna check out her musins.
No doubt October is gonna be an interesting month. I'll be able to tolerate news programs this week, but for the sake of my sanity and blood pressure I might ought to take that week of the repugnantcan convention and head someplace where there is no power.  Otherwise, the sheer knowledge of the absurdities playin out will make me want to tune in which will lead to hives and vomiting...
Just thinking about it.......
According to CNN, bushman is leading in electoral votes at this point. I realize its a long way away, but....
New Zealand? Canada? Mexico?

Friday, July 23, 2004

Rose is my new muse.

she says, within 5 years, there will be no more ground transportation of any sort. instead, we will all travel by flying saucer thanks to the emergence of a large extraterrestrial population already living in our neighborhoods.

I Knew it!!!

I had a date about 6 years ago with a beautiful woman. we went to a nice thai place and the conversation was going very well. I could tell by the way she looked at me it was only a matter of how I played my cards, whether visa, mastercard or amex.

she went to the john at one point and, when she came back, began chatting informally about an underground town in california the government is hiding from us because it's a space base for the numerians, the dominant race on jupiter...or was it uranus?

when we got to her place, she showed me a map of the city on her stairway wall and a book case full of the vast knowledge of alien abduction and cohabitation, ufology and the like.

unfortunately, I couldnt stay the night.

here's a good one.

Rose has a site. her psychic powers are telling here Ahnold wins the 2008 presidential election.

I guess Rose's psychic abilities are a little weak in U.S. law. maybe there'll be a rider in the marriage amendment rescinding the foreign born denial of eligibility.

then, supernaturally, the whole thing passes right through both houses of the shadow government and ends up on cheney's desk before the end of the year.

I dont know why, but I just checked out a few psychic predictions and the first 3 predicted a big G.W. assasination in early october. one goes so far as to say, at that point, cheney takes over and cancels the election to, ostensibly, go after the perpetrators.

and they all said Georgie has been a puppet all along (duh) and, of course, the string masters see the writing on the wall and arent about to give it all up cause the running back cant find a hole in the line.

should I choose to play the plot/scandal game, the 2 and 2 equation here is fairly obvious.

I do think it's interesting these are independent predictions of very similar outcomes.

it sorta makes the evening news in early october worth looking forward to.
Osama who??
Osama Bin Waitin
Bin Waitin for the US to go further afield chasin wild geese a'fore unleashin the next round of Oh Shit on 'Merican soil...
So once again we'll be sayin, "We had no way of knowin this coulda happened...."
Its all New Guinea's fault next time.

the 911 commision says Iraq had nothing to do with the WTC attacks??? can this be? everyone knows saddam insane was the real mastermind, right????

they MUST have missed something.

oh, well, no matter. just imagine what saddam would have done to us if we hadnt gotten Him first.

that's really all that matters.

osama who?

Thursday, July 22, 2004

I am sooo hopin this election will
be a matter of who hangs himself first.

bush has the lead in that regard, fer sure.

so, pass out all the rope in the shed
and let em put it round their heads.
every gaf is another notch tighter,
it's righty tighty, lefty loosey...
come the conventions, we'll
all get a very good looksee.

Wednesday, July 21, 2004

The rhetoric is truly becoming more absurd, which makes me move even farther to the left.
Lets face it...most people who can afford to run for office have more cash, regardless of the party. Its not a cheap endeavor. So when the repugnantcans point a finger at Kerry, they got three pointing right back at them. So, are they saying that Bushy IS qualified to represent the poor?
I've never bought into the argument that only a certain type can represent a certain me it has a helluva lot more to do with compassion and understanding than being similiar.
Because if thats the case, Bushy can only represent power-hungry, self-centered Bibble-thumpin profit-mongers...
Well....wait a minute...

Tuesday, July 20, 2004

am i moving even more to the left or is the rhetoric is getting even more absurd on the right?

I just heard a promo for the glen beck show in which he actually says..."kerry talks about the 2 americas, one rich and one poor and that he wants to represent both. how can he claim to represent the poor? he's a MILLIONAIRE!"

then there's the guy who says he's also running for president. his platform dictates everyone in government has to take an oath of allegiance to the Biblical God before they can be considered for public service.

did someone come in the night and turn loose a bunch of battery operated nerf brains?

intelligence will not be this leaky tub's legacy. I can pretty much guarantee that.

it's sad to think these guys will get a hardship break and, a few decades from now, we'll be going through the whole reagan style fondue over georgie poo. that will be one lousy flag month, lemme tell ya. it'll be up to us to say, "uh, that's not exactly how I remember it, sonny."

Sunday, July 18, 2004

I really hope they hold their feet to the fire about why we went a' crusadin. I wouldn't have a job right now if I had fucked up as bad as they have. I'd be fired so fast my asshairs would be parted down the middle by the sheer velocity of bein chunked out the door.
Somehow, I have a hard time callin what they passed off on us as "intelligence".

Saturday, July 17, 2004

the most defiant vote in my lifetime.

I hope.

Thursday, July 15, 2004

Jesus?? Did you say Jesus??
I'd like to think that his alienating rhetoric is alienating his own aliens. Given how badly his latest "trample them rights" amendment exploded in the Senate today, you'd think he's take a fuckin hint. Even Repybs were voting against it in droves.
Maybe thats a good thing...he's so far out there that his own party is goin whoawaitaminute.
Kerry needs to lock his guns on the 9/11 debacle. Daily, we are seeing it become more and more clear that bushbrain started firing at will at whatever Muslim country he find to cover up his ineptitude and blame for THAT day of infamy. WMD evidence my furry ass.
As Trump said earlier today, if georgie and co. worked for him, they would be fired immediately.
My voter card is already out, ready to do just that.
it's sure nice to see the 911 liars getting their cum upins on both sides of the atlantic. so, now we get to see how many prefer truth to lies in their elected officials.

plus, I think, the more Bush backs actions/amendments that exist to restrict rights rather than protect them, he's got a major uphill battle in america, land of the buy one get one free.

if it's all up to the middlin common grounders who have yet to decide what answers blow in their wind, the king's acts of alienation and judgement will likely push them our way.

even dumplin brains can feel the difference between empowerment and the squeeze of big brother's grasp...whether they know what's what or what.

even an ant knows which way the flood comes from, which way the fire.

it's called instinct. the big question: how powerful is the great perversion of unlearned instincts in the talibaptists and their washed out crazy cult where the word Jesus hides tides of sins by sinister ministers of political standing.

luckily for us, the emperor's clothes are quite fine and more than merely opaque.

Tuesday, July 13, 2004

without a doubt, the campaign producers have determined Cumsfeld to be too caustic, too candid, too much of a loose canon to be finding his light in front of the media these days.

I bet we dont see much of rummy in the next 3-4 months.
Is anyone else intrigued by the track bushman took from "HAS" WMDs to "CAPABLE OF PRODUCING" WMDs...circumferential thinking at best; war crimes at worst. If I put forth that kind of "logic" I would be out of work and out of town. Hmmmm...
I certainly count myself among the dissatisfied customers. I want a goddamned refund and I'm gonna stand in this fucking line till I get one. My only problem with looking at a bushylection from the standpoint of lame-duckness is the fact that they'll be grooming another sheepherder to take his place. Prick Perry? Tom DontgetLay'd? John Asscroft? Dick-Chain Me? All equally repulsive and phlegm-producing.
By the way...anyone notice Cumsfeld being rather..absent..lately?
after the moore movie, I wondered what that air force one flight must have been like on 911. unless they really Did have something to do with the whole thing, it must have just been a nightmare. imagine a crisis like that and no real leader to follow.

someone Else had to say something like...

"while W's having a hurling fit in the john let's get everyone together and talk about what to do."

"good idea. we can always say we needed to take the scenic route for security reasons."

"right. say this might be a good time to have Cheney set up that shadow puppet government his analyst said might be good for his psychoses."

"I'm a little concerned about the presidents nerves. maybe we should get out the pin the tail on the donkey game he likes so much."

"we lost the donkey, but we can use that world map in the play room. hell, maybe we can find someone to blame this on during the game."

"nah. we got that covered already."

"oh, right."
I would gladly take a four day weekend to march on washington. wouldnt it be something if we could get 10 million dissatisfied customers to go play knock knock at the big white dog house?

knock knock.

who's there?

YOU are and we're sick and
tired of your bullshit.

cop a walk, jackson.
I'm wondering if I should start thinking about putting up or shutting up if we lose the election. as you say, as much as I'd like the hometown vigilantes to simply throw open the bar doors and put the whole crock on a rail, we may not have enough rail barrers. I make good on the emotional notion of leaving all the NRA Christian Neocons in the rear view mirror and getting the hell outta country (or at least disappearing off into apache land where it takes all day to get the road dust outta your boots)...?

I Do have an invitation to come live in germany where Their hitler had the decency to shoot himself for his own mistakes. yeah, I heard that, too, where he played the old country fiddle tune "the world is a better place without saddam hussein."

I cant imagine anyone being able to choke down "we had to go to war against this man cause he was CAPABLE of making WMDs."

FUCK...I'M CAPABLE of making WMDs. come get ME!!!

the Only thing good about a Bush victory is the smell of the lame duck boiling in the pot of his own filth. and I'm REALLY having to stretch to come up with that.

maybe our half of the country should just march into the sea if we dont overcome this tidal idiot of a pawn.

Monday, July 12, 2004

Any way you slice it, barring a monumental fuck up from either side, this election is gonna come down to the wire and be one close finish.

All the more reason to be aware of publican hi-jinks. They do it in the boardrooms, the playrooms, the courtrooms, and tha bedrooms. I'll be carrying lube from here till Nov.

But more than that, should there be dirty dealins, or even if there isn't, I really believe we are closer to the verge of civil/uncivil protest than we have been in decades. I feel like the innocent bystander, sitting in the passenger seat of a car driven at 100 mph by a maniac trying to escape the police.

Guess who the maniac is?

Those on our side feel like our country is being driven into an abyss and that we have no control over its destiny. We are along on a suicide ride, and we got one chance to stop the car.

Its called Election Day 2004.

Sound about right?
These idiots really take the cake....
Bushman still won't let go of the WMD shit. He and his brethren will never admit they're wrong about ANYTHING, and thats fuckin scary.
As you say, the transparency is overwhelming, and I am shaken to the core that so many are willing to be sheepherded into that pen again for another four years.

Not me, jack.

I am diggin the fact that Ron Reagan II will be speaking at the Democratic convention. Let's look at this from an aesthetic standpoint. When he gets up there to speak, people are gonna see Ronnie and Nancy. Hell, he looks like them morphed into one. Most cool for our side.
I can honestly say I'm disappointed in what this country has become. We are not everyone's daddy, waiting with the switch to whoop the ass of anyone who doesn't go along with what daddy says.

Fuck you, daddy.

In my never-ending quest for peace and liberalism, I'm moving this weekend to a cool house in the Lower Greenville area. The straw that broke the camel's back was that I am surrounded by early-mid 20's folk with "W" bumper stickers, fish symbols. and NRA shit all over their cars and trucks. Christians fo' Bush! Christians fo' killin!

Me against hypocrisy!

Sunday, July 11, 2004

there was a fascinating exchange on art bell tonight. 2, in fact. the latter being 3 hours of contemporary psychedelic drug "research" and the former, a broad discussion on the call and response in the history of religious wars, including the current one.

the guest made the point that W passed up a glorious opportunity to advance human nature by using his lizard brain to simply slap back at the most convenient brown face instead of truly examining the ins and outs of 911 and how we were as much part of the attack historically as bin laden, et. al..

the moore movie, of course, makes the whole iraqi thing a cover up for W's unwillingness to go after the bin laden and the saudis. which is interesting enough on its face.

but, if the U.S. had stepped back on 9/12 and said to the world, "we need to stop this cycle. we've been attacked by these terrorists and we will Not tit for tat. we reach out to the world. who will you support, those who value peace or the war mongers?", we might be sitting on a whole different assessment of the big W.

if he'd truly seen the big picture and opted to grow personally/nationally beyond the evil axis crap, beyond vengeance, beyond violence, how much less of a rift along all fronts...every Single front...could we be looking at right now???

but no. the lizard brain prevailed. and those of us who know the difference hate him for it. he's not worthy of the kinder, gentler fifty percent. we ARE better than that. the U.S. should BE better than that.

I wonder what Carter and Clinton say privately to one another about the tragically hapless Lizard King and his international fiascos. I wasnt aware till I saw the movie that Bush sat in that florida classroom for over 10 minutes after he was told a 2ND plane had hit the WTC.

how is that possible??? how does the president, the fucking commander in chief, continue to sit in an elementary school classroom more than 3 seconds after it's been confirmed the country is "under attack"?????

it is completely bizarre no matter what the answer.
bush continues as transparent as ever.

after relative silence on the domestic agenda front for the last 3 years, suddenly, outta the friggin blue, bushman has a 60 second united way spot all over the radio and laura bushwoman has the same for child hunger.

can anyone say "free political ads"? is there anyone so clueless that they would say, "how lovely. the first couple giving their time and energy to such worthy causes. they are such decent americans, caring about the homeless and the hungry. who wouldnt vote for these great humanitarians?"

unfortunately, that probably describes roughly half the nation. if nothing else, this whole bushonian era has proven we live in a land of foolagains who perpetually see through a glass darkly and have the awareness of your average american garage door opener.

they live to have their buttons pushed and that's pretty much all they got.
So u saw the big pic...
Everything I've heard about it leads me to believe that its a great advert for Kerry & Co. I'll likely go see it after I return from my trip to the nation's crapital. Couldn't get out of it. Ah well....I leave tomorrow and get back Wed. nite, just in time for the Bath House show.

I'm quite..intrigued...that Bushy's military service records somehow were trashed "by accident". Hmmm...ok. Should be interesting to see how thats covered in the debates, which, by the way, I'm already buying the beer and popcorn for.

Having been in washing-town for several days, I'm sure I'll have plenty o' stuff to say upon my return. Look for me Wed...
In the meantime, keep the stew a' simmerin.

Saturday, July 10, 2004

well, well, well...

we couldnt take it any more.

we went to see the big movie.

and I'll say one thing...if it turns into a nail biter of an election and kerry wins by a squeak or two, he might consider sending michael moore a hallmark thank you delux. some very nice fireworks for our side with wonderful resources edited by fine chefs.

the man definitely has a disarmingly down home style, letting the tiny scraps of evidence build their own case.

not that every viewer will come to the same conclusion, by no means, but there is certainly enough damning material to slide even the thinest, flimsiest letter opener between W and Co.'s ribs.

tis enough, twill serve.

Friday, July 09, 2004

oh, I dont know, I wanna hear every blow of the debates, every smack down, every gurgle in the back of cheney's throat, every warble in bush's sweat browed voice.

I could hear it today when he was trying to push his iraq bungling off onto the CIA. there's no question his flunkies pressured the agents into justifying there pre-decision to go to war against sad dam.

I sure feel the tidal surge of democratic zeal. may it build and build, sweeping the dogs out the back door from wence they came.

I'm lovin everything kerry/edwards are saying. they make a great great team rhetorically. they're already saying exactly what people wanna hear...very positive, strong and true.

think about reagan and clinton...people really respond to leaders telling them how important they are, how there's a new day comin, how we're going to follow our hearts into a better tomorrow. they eat that shit up, especially when it's coming from the mouths of guys who truly believe what theyre saying.

no wonder big business is alreay rebelling against the campaign. obviously they hate any talk of consumer rights, personal empowerment, justice for all, looking out for the little guy, all that.

bad for bidness, boys. velly bad for corporate america.

too bad, soo sad. I want my america back real bad.

Wednesday, July 07, 2004

My mind is a-turnin....
Perhaps a live Lacerta score to a live debate? Doable? Feasible? Desirable? Political performance art at its finest.
I'm hoping for a series of debates, although I can't see the Repubs agreeing to that for quite obvious reasons. The less they can put the smirking one before a live audience the longer they can keep the date-filled palm tree mirage alive and kickin.
Bush cannot think on his feet, his arms or his ass. Substance aside, the debates will have a comedic appeal.
And the next day the bushies will again pay homage to their great leader.
And we will again say, HUH!?!?!
I cant wait for the friggin debates.

not that bush lovers will acknowledge kerry and edwards if they wax their opponents. remember, after the last state of the nation, in which w looked like a headlight deer and a loser with a capital LOSER...conservatives, the next day, Still thought he was a great and powerful OZ.

and I thought...HUH?!?!

we are definitely 50-50 logical and idiot and both sides would agree.

and That's the problem.

Tuesday, July 06, 2004

And so it is! Kerry & Edwards...the two Johns. This is a ticket that can win maybe more than any other.
And its good timing too. I'm seeing more and more of the "W 04" bumper stickers around the city...particularly in the SMU area. Shocking.
Edwards handles himself very well in the media, and I'd love to see him debate Dick.
Now that the battle lines are drawn, let the debates begin.
Pass the popcorn, please.
when I heard last night edwards had the inside track to the veep role, I had nothing short of an epiphony. I knew at that moment kerry would pick him and this is deifinitely the A team that can get the job done.

edwards was My guy for the presidency. I loved his ideas and agreed with everything I heard him say. my instincts are already tingling to the tune of President Edwards.

Saturday, July 03, 2004

I've seen that it the one on the way to Plain-Old?
Its that kinda hysteria-vertising that works well with the sheeple of bedroom communities. Let's not think about the real causes, but shock and awe with graphic pictures that have nothing to do with the subject at hand.
My piss off of the day came after reading that bush is trying to get hold of church membership rosters to invite the brethren to Vote Pube 04. This is even pissin off some of the bab-tiss crowd. I'm hopin that spreads like southern plains wildfire.
It just goes to show that this crowd will stop at nothin to weasel, finagle, steal, rob, philander, cajole, hijack, rape, pillage, and roughshod their way to keepin their jobs. May a roman candle snake its way up their collective rear dockdoors.

Friday, July 02, 2004

not that this would change under a democratic administration...

god, I hate the anti drug spots theyre running the shit out of on the radio. "what do I do, put her in jail or buy her a tombstone?" and gloom and doom over all drugs, includng marijuana. I understand making a dramatic point, but making casual pot user the equivalent of an urban street junkie is lunatic at best.

there's a bill board on my way to school with 2 pictures/captions. the one on the left is a down and out bum with the caption "it doesnt always end here..." the picture on the right is a close up of someone handing a joint to a kid with the caption "but it often starts here."

I guess vomit style advertising pisses me off.

maybe I'm just easily pissed off.

Thursday, July 01, 2004

that's interesting.

Could Kerry be the LBJ of his day, handed a big steamin pot of wolf brand chili only to realize they really Mean Wolf and vicious ones at that? I hope kindler, gentler prevails though Paul Slavens, at Dan's in Denton last night, echoed the cries of some...that if there's going to be a show down between the muslim militants and the West, might as well get it over with before U.S. cities start perpetually smoking.

I'M not saying that, you understand, but it Could become a prevalent game plan. and that would be one big oops ouch fuck for our side.