Monday, May 31, 2004

Most most cool sounding ideas! I think I know where you might be "heading" with that orange jumpsuit. Army/Navy surplus store perhaps? If it comes to it, maybe a different colored one which can be colored orange.
well, now, 2 days later, the chain link fence has become my own personal 3X3 chicken coup and, instead of a parade, I'm simply a couped up secondhand second class citizen who, like millions of others, has been couped out, as it were.

I'm one of the laid off disenfranchised and the cage is my scarlet letter, which, now, is how I start the show. the middle segment is mostly video with me lit behind a projection scrim as if I'm in the shot...downtown, at the airport, in paris, in baghdad. yes, I've decided to seek my fortune in the good fight, doing my part in the war, daddy-o, and working to turn my life around.

the last scene? anybody got an XXL orange jump suit I can borrow?

Sunday, May 30, 2004

Definitely a new direction for you Artie, but no doubt one you can take a number of ways in this political climate we are in. Lookin forward to see it unfold here. I like the subtle nature of the subject that gets the audience to say, "Did he mean......?" hours later. Hopefully, by extrapolation, people will take it the next step and say, "Hmmm....could our gubment really be suggesting _______ even though they didn't come right out and say it?" This could be a performance piece that really gets folks to thinkin.
Didja hear that Georgie has Saddam's pistol in his private study? He shows it to "select" guests to the Whiteman House. Nothing like showing off a trophy that you didn't bag yourself. Imagine the immense pride he must feel. What shit. I'd take Clinton gettin blown in that study any day over bushman showing off a revolver of disrepute in the same room.
okay, so I've been asked to do a one man show at the Bath House for the Festival of Independent Theatres in July. basically, a 30 minute show that runs about 8 times from july 15th through Aug 8th, under the auspices of Core Performance Manufactory.

which is all good. it will help me develop a side of my performance abilities I've always accepted as in there, but never really trotted out to this extent on stage. I wont be hiding behind musical instruments, wearing complicated shoes.

I'll be flexing a stand up comedy home spun philosophyin spaulding gray kinda thing. and, of course, behind veils of subtle deception, I'll be using it as a support/weapon, depending on which side of the chain link fence youre on, to the glory of our indelicate mission to beat the bushes.

all of which is introduction to the announcement that I'm planning to share the creative process in terms of the shaping of the show here from time to time. I'm hoping that it will inspire feedback...suggestions as to the nature of the scenes I'll be putting together over the next 6 weeks.

the basic structure, as of the 2nd day into it, is a 3 scene play with a bare bones set. I'm me, talking about 3 things that have happened that illustrate, broadly, how the road to hell is paved with good intentions and, possibly, how no matter how "good" you are, you can still get caught with your pants down in the alligator pit and that's just the way it is. you can be the best damn employee in company history, but you'll still get laid off cause, hey, somebody decided you were expendable.

the only scene I've got a tentative handle on so far is the close. it starts, "a coupla weeks ago, I figured I'd go downtown to the Independence Day parade..." and, almost as soon as I get there, I'm pulled from the street and placed in my own 3X3 chain link fence 6 blocks away. But I'm cool with it cause I always trust anybody with a short haircut and an ear wick to know what's going on.

they tell me I may be a safety risk and, since I dont know who is and who isnt, I dont know if I am or not.

anyway, that's the kind of around the corner shots I'm taking with this thing and that's by far the most obvious. the first one will probably be some kind of domestic handy man project gone completely awry. I thought I could fix the thingie, but, turns out, I made things seriously worse than they were.

sound familiar?

Saturday, May 29, 2004

amen, bruthuh.

of course, I abhor war. cant imagine being in one beyond my X-Box, which, I admit, is great fun...but no more dangerous than a nice game of chess. the actual tearing of limbs and lopping of heads is so incredibly insane, inhumane and primitive brain stem action, I frankly cant understand considering it under Any circumstances.

the flip side is we have to have some way of weeding out the truly primitive brain stems. the only problem is the lack of generals on the battle field so the Truly testosterone laden hawks get weeded out in the bargain. this whole business of only sending practically prenatal children to war before they even know better is wrong.

I think warriors should be at least 35, say 35 to 65, ranks full of people who are making conscious decisions about life and death...theirs. not someone trying to decide between continuing to live with mom or trade school or get a job, any job. the military (and subsequent desert death) should not be the lesser of 2 or 3 evils exiting high school.

then, we'd Really be eliminating the hard core violence out of society.

while we're at it...let's have corporate take overs culminate in a battle royale chain link smack down to the death (at the nearest Hilton Luxury Suites Thunder Dome) of all the ceo's, veeps and, what the hell, toss in the middle managers as well. people might think twice about their hack em to death/leave their widows crying in the streets mergers.

and wouldnt we ALL be better off.

that's Not a question.

Excellent ideas....I realize Memorial Day brings forth somber and reverent moods in many, and although I am somewhat somber myself, it likely is for a different reason.
Simply put...WAR SUCKS.
I wish no discredit on any of the soldiers who have made sacrifices for the US, but I wish plenty of discredit on the political hacks who see human beings as pawns on their international chessboard of arrogance...a four year stop between corporate appointments in which raping and pillaging are, for the most part, figures of speech. Oh sure, they awake each day figuring out how to fuck each other over, but as the sun sets they can still eat their five star meals with all limbs attached.
Corporate mentality has no bidness sending folks off to war.
Suggestion for Metropolis screening mit politikal angst....
A Chain link fence area (free speech "zones") for the anti bushies, or perhaps for the Artists?
Certainly meaning most of the volk attending. Anyone have any spare chain link fencing? Bitte?
I have scanned the major media this morning for more torture
pictures. Alas they are not there. Each and every picture on a front page was the tap-tap-tap hammering of nails in the coffin of the W Neocon horror. Tap-Tap-Tap of the reality of war, every damn war ever, more pictures please. I wonder what it would cost to send each troop a disposable camera with a return envelope?
There is some guerilla art.

Friday, May 28, 2004

well, for sure, we have a slightly subtle bashing coming up at the Bath House with a scoring of the ever popular METROPOLIS...only this time, it will be much more topical, right off the front page, as it were.

it'll be sometime around the first of july, kicking off the Festival of Independent Theatres. we'll definitely get in some bashing in that one. maybe even add to the performance somehow...

"come stinkin rich or stinkin know, repuglican or demoncrat."

perhaps offering a fenced off area for those who wish to be melodramatically vocal in their protests over the treatment of the depicted disenfranchised.

Thursday, May 27, 2004

We truly are the Divided States of America. As election time grows closer, and with the summer's events yet to unravel, I think its safe to say that there will be few folks sittin on the fence come Trick or Treat time. The question is, which team in this little game of schoolyard dodgeball will have more players? Them or us?? I'd like to think our chances are increasing daily with the rampant incompetence that is floating to the surface like dead sockeyes.
Perhaps its time to stage a new round of BushBash performances for the summer ahead.
(Gore) said Bush "has built a durable reputation as the most dishonest president since Richard Nixon."

aint THAT the truth??? I still dont understand the lack of logic genes in conservative america who, on the overnight talkshows, described Gore as a Traitor, a wild-eyed politico and a man who's just sore he didnt do anything about saddam during His stay in Washington. someone even described him as a misguided national leader.

wait a sec. what is Gore leading exactly? just what office is he currently holding?

it seems most of these guys dont really deal in facts. I think it is so incredibly strange they think the same thing about us. that's life in these, the Divided States of America.

Wow, Al. You took the words right outta my mouth.

Wednesday, May 26, 2004

It pisses me to the inner core to think that there is even the remotest possibility that the latest terrorist attack warnings may be motivated by the hopes of political gain. How low are they gonna sink?
Evidently, the timing of all this is somewhat in question. The gubment knew about almost all these folks weeks ago, and the possible targets they "revealed" today are no-brainers. So whats the motivation? Why now? A little brown smoke perhaps? Stirrin' up our red, white and blue chicken coop to keep the fowl a' flustered and to keep us from smellin' whats really foul? Foul federal fornicators fixated on findin fault with free-thinking folks.
Phuck 'em one and all.
A bunch of tapes are surfacing that show how drunk-off-his-ass Nixon was during his final months in office. What kinda tapes will surface about bush down the road?
Yes...Kerry can't go brainless now. Its showtime, and we don't have time for a soundcheck. Its time to take it to the stage and hit on all cylinders from now till Nov.
it'll be interesting to see how bush tries to weasel outta the debates and how he handles himself if he Does decide to go toe to toe with frankenkerry. I certainly wont miss a minute of it. god, I hope kerry keeps it together and doesnt turn into a last minute brain spas. mercy, lord, mercy.

Tuesday, May 25, 2004

Of course. A controlled audience serves several purposes. First, no one will heckle and make georgie look stupid. Sorry, too late for that. Second, it makes the prez looks like he has unanimous support from his audience. Hey man, quick twistin my fuckin arm behind my back! Third, it appeals to the flag waving, apple pie eating yahoos who don't think beyond 820 on the AM dial. Forth, it instills his "image...mirage" as commander-in-thief. A necessity in a voting year. Shall I continue?

Actually, thats what really pisses me. Anything that idiot does right now must be viewed not as a concern for the country but as an opportunity for a political soundbite...a chance to get more votes. Jesus Christ! Bring on the debates!
what kind of wuss only speaks in front of friendly crowds? speaking in front of military only audiences where kids are ordered to respect the dude at the mic is not my idea of taking it to the streets. Bush cant even face the people. can it be he actually feels the heat from protesters wrapped up in cages miles away? how can any of the man's handlers think such bullshit is anything approaching america the free, let alone home of the brave???

Hail to the Pussy is more like it.

Monday, May 24, 2004

No bushie tonight in my coffee...
No cheney tonight in my tea...
Ol' bushie can't stand beside me...
His shit's too clear to me.
very well said.
Excuse me, I'm a bit confused....
King George said tonight that, as a show of good intentions, the Abu Ghraib prison will be torn down. Isn't that a little like shuttin' the barn doors after the chickens, cows, horses, Farmer Brown, and Daisy Mae have already headed out? A classic stupid P.R. move that the world can see through as if it was wrapped in Saran.
Not that I watched the dog n' pony show. I had a choice...I could either sit an' watch bushie and risk losing my dinner via overstimulation of my gag reflex, or go over to the Lakewood Starbucks and partake of coffee and a good read. My decision? Venti drip and hold the bush.
incoming indeed.

iraqi whacky snacky
in tacky khaki, jackie.

Now remember men...don't use them green camouflage buttplugs like we had in 'Nam...pack them desert colored ones. Incoming!

Sunday, May 23, 2004

that'll teach him not to be munchin pretzels while biking. actually, it sounded like he was riding his personal physician around on his handle bars. the report said the doctor was Right There...what? was he assigned to oil the training wheels or wha...?

not sure about all That.

but, man, I can Certainly see Rummy telling generals in a meeting, "where evil is concerned, the laws of man do not apply. we're not battling people here. we're up against Satan hisself. do you really think Satan gives a SHIT about Geneva? well, then, I think we understand one another. keep your powder dry and dont forget to use neon butt plugs after midnight."

The timing couldn't be better. Now, with the report that the commanding generalisimo was present during some of the "questioning", who knows where this will all end? Blow those whistles, ladies and gents!
The world is seeing that georgie's tribe of crusaders is about as stable as his bike riding.
I'm lovin all the military leaders and various former Bushites comin outta the closet, whistle blowin all the way. it's one thing for those of us on the outside to have strong instincts about the crap on the inside, it's quite another to hear it from the cavalry's mouth.

Friday, May 21, 2004

The old "mom, flag, and apple pie" routine only works for so long with most people. But, if you are proficient at stealing elections, who cares?

This bunch of simple-minded, micro-mismanaging jerkoffs keep a heavy thumb on every aspect of government and private industry...especially the military. I can't think of one of those assholes I'd trust with my dirty clothes. Wolfowitz, Karl (Range) Rove(r), Hughes, and on up...they are all brewing bad kharma across the planet for us. CNN had a story earlier about the FBI issuing a general "heads up" for suicide bombers here in the states. Specifically, they spoke of how easy it would be for one to hop, skip or jump into a shopping mall and do his deed. With all of the events we have planned in the months to come...political conventions, July 4, etc., anyone want to take bets on something going down? At the very least, the fear is already there.

Would we be discussing this if Gore was prez? Think not.
it struck me the other day, the military is a horrible model for public service. it's all about protecting your ass, hiding indiscretions from your up the mess without anyone knowing about it...cover up cover up cover up. that's what life in the military is all about. it's not about "doing the right thing" at all. the "honor" is all political.

in those hearings, the confusion is real. there Are no policies, no standards. W trusts that the goodness in the American heart in its obedience to God will simply take care of everything.

W even gives one of the world's great religions a bloody nose. not the christianity needs any help there.

True indeed...there will be an ill wind a-blowin across this land is you land if DubU retains his ill-gotten gain. Count me in as one of the up-risers. Culture war, folks? Try civil war..especially if there are any comparable hi-jinx like what they pulled last time. This country is split too even right now for the anti-Bushies to take this one quietly if it happens again.

Jenna, huh? Good choice. I keep hoping that something will surface..a video; a secret service agent's memoirs; something that will lend insight into just how wild that chick can be. She looks like she's been 'round 6th St. a time or two.

Righto that this isnt an administration...more of a farcification bent on spraying $200 an ounce cologne on piles of political fecal matter...daily. Seen any of the senate hearings? Those generals are totally stumped by some of the questions. MY they not know the answers or do they just not know what they can say?
tell ya the truth, if the election hung in the balance, I might do whatever it took to get my troublesome offspring into some euro country estate private school...outta american clubs, off the beaten path and as far from the media as possible. they may not be a problem right now, but who knows what dirt there is to be dug in the months to come? the bushettes on heroin? Bush Night at the Playboy Mansion with jenna, barbara and marilyn manson? jenna and barbara caught in a three way with courtney love, call Iraq "daddy's biggus dickus in the sand"?

we can only hope.

Bush daughter choice: no contest, Jenna, UT coed gone wild. no question. she's obviously the cute one. not that it means anything. the only really good thing they got goin is their alienation to the political process. I'm surprised they havent been reined in and trained to look sweet for the cameras.

from reviewing a book re: Laura...

The book recalls the twins' run-ins with the law in underage drinking incidents. The girls regard their Secret Service agents as "their chauffeurs, bellhops and valets," the book says. It says "they persist in seeing themselves as victims of daddy's job."

shades of the Nixon and Reagan white house. hmmmm...Nixon, Reagan, W...hmmm...3 Godfathers of Evil with such rebellious little uns bearing no resemblance to sweet little Chelsea whatsoever.

there's only one Bush daughter for me...

I just dont know their names, so let me research the material and get back.

all manner of people are saying we're going through a culture war, but this is nothing like what will go down if W is back for another season in the slime light.

I can imagine few things more horrible, esPecially considering how diabolically inept and clumsy, as you say, these goons are. I really dont think of them as an administration...

"administration" implies some sort of organization and communicative expertise. decisions made and policies established, logistics and planning. there doesnt seem to be much happening in that regard these days. it's like something comes up and the nearest mongrel jumps on it.

what seems to be so obviously missing is the one, the place the buck stops, the brain in the head on top of the body. it's as if W is outta the loop and there IS no decision maker, no king of the mountain. I imagine W's response most often being, "God'll take care of That."

"what do we do about....?"

"uh, well, uh, I dont know. I mean, uh, well, oh, I guess, I mean, uh, oh, I know...I'll pray about it and, if and when God tells me what to think, I'll try to remember to pass it on."

"anybody got billy graham's number on em?"

Which Bush "twin" would you want to see star in an X-rated vid? Neither? Both? Both at the same time? Ahhh....thats patriotism, my friend.
Yep...W is gorging hisself on cake alright. I'm just glad that he's got a side order of crow to go along with it. May he hork out feathers all the way to Nov.
Frankly, we really can't fuck ourselves more in the court of public opinion than we already have. It's true...the Arab world is gettin to say "We told ya so" about us, and we are forced to take it. There are many of us that retch at the policies of this farcical administration, but to many parts of the world our identity is GWB and his band o' brethren and sistren. They do not represent me, nor could they. My mindset is galaxies apart from that tribe and those like them.
Each day I find I have renewed fervor for getting rid of this bunch. You're right...this is one of the only things that IS black and white. But shit, the black can't get any darker and the white can't get any brighter...night and day, folks. And I do not want four mo years of night. Time to hit the light switch.
on morning edition they interviewed an arab "expert" from, I didnt catch exactly, over there. he said the prison photos didnt shock the arab world nearly as much as the West. actually, they did nothing but confirm the already prevailing wind...the U.S. is a hypocritical bully who goes about squishing whatever it pleases.

we've become the baby huey of the world and, without a true adversary, we have no choice but to pick an icon, evil, to dance with in the ring of, afraid to dance, eh? what are ya, yelluh??? nothing but an adolescent shadow boxing event proving a total lack of self esteem. all the while hiding behind "we're on a mission from God." I wonder if W didnt get that lodged in his patooti while watching the Blues Brothers in an alcoholic haze.

pardon the expression, but Jesus Christ, how can we unimpress these people any more than we already have by changing their leaders at will, unilaterally backing their arch enemy Israel and treating them like some primitive culture who won the oil lottery and cant possibly think for themselves? they think we're pompous, insatiable idiots. they call US the evil doers and guess what...?

they're absolutely no question bottom dollar bet your life dead on rightarooni.

as far as history goes, W takes the cake and eats it, too.

it's the idealistic youth that could kill it for us.

they dont understand anything but absolutes.

vote your concious, hell, we have
to rid ourselves of the
evil doers.

unlike almost every other example I can
think of, this one IS black and white.

Thursday, May 20, 2004

Welcome back, .doc!
Ralphie is a wild card alright, and one the bushies know how to use. I support mucho what the Green Party stands for, but I'm also a realist. Those of us who are we Greens, Demos, Indies, whatever, must rally around our common cause. Now ain't the time to be selfish. Georgie is counting on that selfishness to work in his favor....stay at home Ralph. If you don't, we will all lose.
yeah, I think those "leave nothing up a child's behind" ads
will bite george in the butt. the media will very likely
point to the fact that he proposes all this stuff and
fails to fund if no one will notice.

hopefully, lots of people Will notice
as we get into it. go, john, go.

I just hope ralph doesnt
fall into the cake.

that would sooo
piss me off.

Tuesday, May 18, 2004

Hey George! What's up with health care and education funding? Oh, yeah, we gotta fight terrorism. Hey Bushie....why are so many folks out of work? OK..lets keep fighting insurgents. HEY ASSHOLE!! Gas prices are over 2 bucks a gallon!! Ever get the idea that America, which all the 'publicans say they are the main supporters of, isn't really a priority of them thar robberbarons? If it was, wouldn't they be concerned about health care, education, and gas prices? In other words...those things goin' down IN AMERICA??

Lately, I've become more and more aware of the utter lack of regard for the state of things here at home. Its becoming obscene, yet not surprising. DC is chock full of MBAs who, by nature, are profit oriented and tend not to look beyond the dollars and cents of things. Their philosophy? "I got mine, now you get yours." Nice theory..but the playing field is far from level. We need to get back to caring for those less fortunate; looking for solutions to major problems. Those of us who take an intellectual approach to life and think beyond selfish concerns gotta take the lead. Frankly, we who are involved in arts and social services have always been the ones to serve as the catalyst for change. Let's do it again folks......we be runnin outta time fast.

If we don't, the future is clear. The status quo will continue.....the bushies givin' us the shaft at home, and the terrorists giving us head on video.

Monday, May 17, 2004

It needs to become apparent, even to the most casual observer, that anyone allied with "THE USA", "THE COALITION", or anyone even remotely associated with these two entities will be a marked person in Iraq. No way would I be running for Baghdad dog catcher right now, regardless of how much I wanted to serve. This kinda target practice that we saw again today will continue, thus so will the unrest. Serin, anyone?

Saturday, May 15, 2004

Saw a great bumper sticker on Greenville Ave. a few minutes ago. "Bush-Cheney 1984" Gotta get that one.
So, it looks like Rumsfuck may have given the green light for abuse. I had a feeling. The question is, which McD's will he be slopping burgers at once all this is said and done? I think he'd look mighty smart in a red server's smock.

Thursday, May 13, 2004

What a cool photo op! I feel so much better Rummy now! BARF!
The problem with this photo op was that you can see right through the picture. Two words, folks...damage control. Thats all that was, and I won't be convinced otherwise. I want to know how long this little excursion was planned. Methinks he ran to the Air Force ticket counter and bought a last minute roundtrip to Baghdad Intl'.

Wednesday, May 12, 2004

The torch will be carried...see you soon .doc
I'll be offline for a few days.

carry on, wayward sons, etc.

see ya soon.

I have a feeling that as we are here celebrating Independence Day on July 4, Iraq is gonna be celebrating All Hell Breaks Loose Day at the same time. June 30 turnover my ass. No way it can happen, at least with any guarantee of success. The question is, what form will the failure take? Will the Iraqi police be overrrun? Will the Iraqi police jump ship and go back to their old ways? After a run with "democracy", will Iraq want to take a Baath again? Stay tuned...this is gonna be interesting.
we've got the situation firmly under control and the enemy on the run. anything you'd like to add to that, mr. rumsfeld??? mr. bush???? mr. cheney???

let's see what they have to say when Heir Bremmer's on his knees giving his parents' names and where He's from.

of course, they want More troops and this gives them all the propaganda they need to make it so.

however, they also have june 30th. they be ying yang yo yoed out the wazoo. being in the enemy's back yard is, once again, another wonderful vietnam parallel. they catch one of these guys who may or may not be legit and, oops there goes another rubber tree plant. have I just dated myself?

I mean to say, can I be any more obvious, for every tit the americans do in "bringing someone to justice", it's not problem for al qaeda to respond with a HUUUUUGGGGGGGEEEEEEE fucking TAT that continues to blow our socks off.

all this bullshit about cowards and animals. when was the last time you saw a shy kitty take someone's head off with a knife? you call that cowardly? let's see You do it.

so, the ignorant savages are incapable of any real resolve or courage. anything you'd like to add to that, mr. custer???

I Still dont understand, in the face of so many
unpredictable violent pockets of resistance, why
are all these citizens allowed to even Be there in
the first place? I would think they'd say, hey, wait
a minute, we need to get these potential pr disasters
on the first plane some place else before we run out
of ways to say how brave and stupid are the fallen.

the question remains...will the beheading have
any impact at all on the polarization poles?

how will the right pick up the pieces?

more hateful resolve than ever?

I think middle america will
put the pieces together thusly:

no occupation...

no american yahoos yanked off the iraqi streets...

and, today, nicky headless is walkin down main street

in Anytown, USA, singin "if I only had a brain...".

Watched it too...highly bad kharma. If it was a fake, they did a helluva job. But..looked real to me. I would not want to check out that way. No way.

I couldn't help but wonder what was goin thru Berg's mind. He likely thought he was just being dragged out for a photo op and would be taken back to his classy accomodations once it was a wrap. I see his dad is placing the blame squarely on the shoulders of the square.

Now, is the US gonna bring down the hammer in an effort to find the headhunters? I feel an ante about to be upped.
another half hour and the prey is mine. what an ordeal.

it's also at

so...I've watched the beheading.

2 camera shoot. studio lighting. bad dub.

I wont post it here for fear of swamping the server.

if anyone wants it directly, just ask. I'll keep a copy for a few weeks.

no longer. bad karma there, my friend. no matter Who did it.

if it's not fake. could be. good work if it is.

bingo. and guess where.

and, DAMMIT, it's a PC only file so I'm screwed.

but, if youre pc, ar ar, scroll down about half way and download away.

fuckin pc only shit. I hate it.

even better. a lovely liberal comment board.

see this one about the beheading...

I'll admit it, I wanted to see the beheading out of nothing more than morbid curiosity.

then, I started reading some of the reactions here in this portland thing and the idea that headless nick may have actually been killed by our guys struck me in exactly the same way I had a revelation on 911. what if bush or a reasonable facsimile thereof was behind this whole thing?

what if some american moneyed political faction layed out a beautifully subtle plan to capture unquestioned power in the wake of the dubious election with the primary goal of capturing a major middle eastern country we already had a beef with. what if this whole thing is a ploy to eventually take over half of the middle eastern oil reserves, sharing the whole dang barrel with the saudis? what's the relationship between the shiites and the saudis like these days? would the saudis just as soon eliminate the messy messy al qaeda osama machine and keep the terror hidden, a more "private" pleasure? are we seeing a scarface v bugs battle here, with the U.S. as an eliot ness coming in on the side of whichever side has them more in their hip pocket?

oh's all conspiracy this and piracy that...but, I'm tellin ya...when it stinks, it stinks?

and, these days, it's frankly impossible to tell WHERE the shit's comin from.
Jesus! The line is down the street and around the block to get in there. Obviously you did find the right hut.
What I'm wondering is, I know they found the body, but did they also retrieve the head?
I think I found the main vein. I'm not alone.

is a multi-source link site to all kinds of juicy mideast stuff.

unfortunately, when you go to the homesite, the server's overwhelmed.

you can keep stuff from the american public, but that doesnt mean they dont want it with a vengeance.

so to speak.
I almost hit pay dirt in a chat room on Al Bawaba. I know it's up there multiple times but it's too soon for it to be visible to the search engines.
Still lookin here
I'm no longer trying the find the video itself, but the website that hosts it.

no luck so far. I've used google, ixquick and webcrawler.

Tuesday, May 11, 2004

I'm not sure..I haven't signed up either for that very reason. That link is a freebie and I'm still looking for tha roll...the search goes on.....
if I sign up for cnn...and I really Dont want more spam, thanks...will I see the cabbage roll?

Seems to sum it up rather well.
shit, man. we must be publishing within seconds of each other.

Check that should be WBAP. See, my brain-muscle connection doesnt even want me to spell the damn thing.
Simply stated, after about 5-10 minutes of listening to those guys and their pre-dated callers, I too gotta switch off the radio as my driving becomes...erratic. Between Hannity and Rush Tothedoctorformoreillegalprescriptions, WPAB (We Believe Ar' Prez) is 50,000 watts of fecal matter nationwide.
nobody asswipe pussy dirt monkeys...

we must have published that last one at almost eXactly the same moment. yeah, I heard about the outrage at the outrage. some people dont have a clue what it takes to be a good guy.

there are assholes everywhere. I'm sure there are people who hear about red cross reports and amnesty reports and think, "what a bunch of wusses." not to mention the UN.

"whadda we need all them nobody asswipe pussy dirt monkeys for? the greatest country on earth dont need no fuckin pussy dirt monkeys. I'll TELL you what we oughta do. we oughta just blow em the fuck up. that's what we oughta do. that'd show em. that'd teach em real good. we oughta bottle up all the niggers, send em back to chuck town, slide all the wetbacks back to sombreroville and drop a few fat boys on the evil empire. THEN we'll see what they have to say. that's what we oughta goddamn DO now. I'm serious. I'm WAY serious."

Good timing .doc...I'm looking for the same thing right now. I'm working my way though Middle East media sources. No luck with al-Jazeera either, but I saw that there was a link in a Philippine media source somewhere.
And now...swifty's ASSHOLE OF THE MONTH award goes to...
Sen. James Inhofe for his comment, "I'm more outraged at the outrage than the treatment." The pic of this walking rectum on CNN looks like he's the type of narrow-minded hard ass bubba who would backhand ya for having hair below yer collar.
To quote Sen. Lindsey Graham...a republican..."When you are the good guys you've got to act like the good guys."
oh, and I absolutely concur on right wing radio.

I was listening to the afternoon drive guy on 570 and he was playing excerpts from the hearings. he played 2 of the 5 minutes by minnesota democrat ?, in which he was expressing his confusion by giving a short narative of the events. the asshole announcer, every 10 seconds, was talking over him, "is there a question in here?" "what's the question?" "can we get to a question?" "hey, you commie Idiot, do you have a question?" as if personal reflection on the ramifications of this mess werent an acceptable means of hearing discourse.

those two guys on the KLIF, let's see...darrell ankarlo in the mornings and greg knapp in the afternoons...are completely missing most of their left brains. the logic of the far right is definitely from mars. I think that expression "how can anyone say 'that' with a straight face?" was far ahead of its time because it so Perfectly fits what I hear coming out of those guys' mouths.

and I dont even think it's meant to be shocking...not at all. they actually believe Bush is on the right track. that detractors are traitors. that We're the idiots. that ALL democrats are nothing but self serving power starved ego driven politicos without the back bone to do what they Know is the right thing.

I listen to them a few minutes now and then to get an adrenaline rush And to become familiar with the delusional logic being spewed forth so it can be recognized when it makes its way to street level. I usually flip it off before I'm forced to coat the inside of my windshield with what might be an organic response.

I've written both of them my share of "WHAT THE FUCK?" emails.

both sides should know each other is out there.

I'm looking for a nick berg blows his wig video. I'll probably find it here in a minute, but if you happen to already know where it is, could you post it? all I'm finding is the bullshit news story aBOUT and not the real thing.

damn american prudence. maybe I should look over seas. the french probably have it. I tried al jazeera without success.

My piss-off of the day: Rootin around on the radio this afternoon I ran across that ol conservative bastard bastion WBAP-820. Anyway, the general theme of the show was that if you don't support the war and bushy, you hate America. Shit. I am vomit-level sick of that argument. I suppose its an easy one for those who refuse to think beyond their conservative boners and consider that differing views is why this country is on the map in the first place. Who's un-American?? Those of us voicing our discontent with the status quo or those who strive to silence such dissention?

I venture to say a few more beheadings like we witnessed today and you might as well start coning off Pennsylvania Ave. to make room for all the U-Hauls that will be pulling up to expedite that bunch outta there.

By the new blog digs. I like the darker atmosphere. Fits my mood today.
trying one of the new templates. I dont know if you guys have heard about google taking over, but they've spruced it up and relaunched so now there are more templates, etc. I cant get rid of the ad but I think the rest of it looks a bit more serious ranty sledge hammer. we'll try it for a while. I'll probably change it every now and then for the sake of change. if you have any comments, bring it on, dead or alive. let's roll. let's put some food on the family.
I used to believe in the great pendulum of left right politics. maybe I was simply born so far to the left I didnt realize just how far right this big lug can go. mercy mercy mercy.

Monday, May 10, 2004

And what gets me is...these folks robbing the coffers of education and health care are the ones spewing the "morality" argument.
War is a business, as we are seeing. But now with story after story of abuse, rape, and murder coming out, this war has become another Enron. Expose em all!!!
Rant on, .doc! WHEN will this lack of priorities end? I've been offered a couple of classes to teach this fall, and although I appreciate the extra bread, when I compare the pay with what our gubment is dishing out on this modern day crusade, its doesn't even compare. This has gotta stop...while we can still stop it.
watching the sophisticated display of american weaponry on NOVA's Battle Plan Under Fire. the incredible array of multi-billion dollar war systems used in afganistan and iraq, once again, only ignites rage at my country's pitiful priorities. how much destructive power does one nation need? with education budgets in the tank, with AIDS and the Big C still on the prowl, with Healthcare in such dire the HELL can America be spending this kind of money on weapons of war??????...oo

is it not ironic people are dying here at home because we're taking money out of programs that could save them in order to kill others on the other side of the planet???

Sunday, May 09, 2004

nice to see 60 minutes coming to bat again.

even if the stories tonight were old news, the
parallels were well calculated. vietnam hero
saves civilians at mi lai and prison officials
abuse confronted and corrected stateside.

keep hitting the public with morality issues and
let Them pick up the pieces. I dont know how
much of this election will be won or lost
on the war or the economy, but it may well come
down to an old game show...WHO DO YOU TRUST?

I only hope honesty and integrity have a seat.

I dont care Who Kerry's fucked, he be winnin
the morality wars without even showing up.

And so....there are more photos and even a few videos out there. I think we have all new meaning to the term "Shock and Awe".

Saturday, May 08, 2004

The perfect article to give rise to my late night/early morning anti-bush bile.
Part of the reason I have so much disdain, dislike, and disrespect for this tribe o' goons is their utter contempt for the average citizen. Its as if we are all file clerks in America, Inc., and the boardroom boys know whats best for us. Sorry, Charlie. Not me.

I can't wait to see what happens when the rug is lifted and we all get to see what kind of dirt is under there. This being an election year, you can bet they are protecting that rug for all they are worth. And...there's likely more dirt than we can imagine. What is going to end up twisting their collective nutsacks is alienation of moderate repubicans such as McCain, etc. True, the bubbas, fatcats, and funkamentalists will go down with the ship, but as more pics of Iraqis on leashes come out, and the media spreads them around like fertilizer on Aunt Mabel's spring lawn, the moderates will speak out. Its already happening.

Now, I'm not so naive to think that will win an election. Its an uphill battle and will be all summer. But at this point the more we can get the goons to talk on camera, exposing their collective lack of compassion and forethought, the more we can build on the momentum they create. I think the one thing I look forward to most is the continued exposure of their total arrogance. Its there, we have known its been there, but now many others will get to witness it in a manner that can't be denied.

All I know is, you couldn't pay me to be one of bushy's spin doctors right now. No way, no how.

Friday, May 07, 2004

I promise not to cut/paste when a URL is available.
someone sent me this in the cut and pasted form.

I thought you might like the sentiment...


By Arianna Huffington

Welcome to George W. Bush's version of America - Bush Democracy. Apparently,
he's had his fanatical neo-con programmers working overtime to iron out all
those bothersome bugs and kinks that have been holding the United States
back for the last 228 years - exasperating glitches like openness,
integrity, accountability, responsibility and the value of an informed

I have to admit, this new edition has been a little hard for me to get used
to; it's a lot different than the America that I grew up studying - and

You might be having a similar problem, so, as a public service, I've decided
to provide this helpful primer. Think of it as Bush Democracy for Dummies.

In Bush Democracy, the messy concept of the public's right to know has been
replaced by the far more user-friendly "don't worry, we know what's right
for you." Why clutter up the citizenry's hard-drive with all sorts of
unimportant facts and information?

Which is why, just to be on the safe side, Bush Democracy comes with a
helpful, one-step fact-check-and-delete program. No need to bother with
taping or even transcribing important meetings like the president's
three-hour appearance in front of the 9/11 Commission last week - Bush
Democracy decides what's pertinent and discards the rest into the
unrecoverable recycle bin of history.

That's why the White House helpfully confiscated the notebooks of the 9/11
Commissioners as they were leaving the Oval Office. Hard copies are so 20th

To see how liberating this kind of updated Democracy can be, look no further
than the reports of the frequent laughter that occurred during the
Commission's two-birds-with-one-stone questioning of Bush and Cheney. No
longer burdened with having to fill the public in on whether our leaders did
all they could to prevent 9/11 - and have done all they can to make sure
something like it never happens again - the president and his inquisitors
were free to trade quips and zingers like a gang of Borsht Belt second
bananas at a Friars Roast.

"The president got off a couple of good shots," said Commission member John
"Shecky" Lehman, while Commissioner Jim "Soupy" Thompson labeled the
president a "bit of a tease." We don't know the specifics of anything
important that was said, or if anything important was said at all, but, hey,
at least they had some fun.

For his part, the president stressed the importance of his and Cheney's
tandem testimony: "I think it was important for them to see our body
language . . . how we work together." Body language experts agree that
subtle shifts in physical positioning - such as Cheney sticking his hand up
the president's back and making his mouth move - can often provide
significant behavioral clues.

Bush Democracy also automatically eliminates a number of pesky problems
historically associated with that overrated First Amendment. For example,
this convenient feature allows President Bush and his Man in Mesopotamia,
Paul Bremer, to tout the freedom of speech now permitted in post-Saddam Iraq
while simultaneously shutting down Iraqi-run newspapers and radio and
television stations. And whereas previous versions of Democracy were
systemically incompatible with the quashing of dissent, Bush Democracy makes
clamping down on the free flow of information as easy as hitting a hot key
and issuing a Pentagon ban on media coverage of flag-draped coffins arriving
at Dover Air Force Base.

What's more, Bush Democracy's state-of-the-art media manipulation software
makes it incredibly easy to get away with misstatements, half-truths and
out-and-out lies.

Witness the lack of outraged coverage of Deputy Defense Secretary Paul
Wolfowitz's astounding assertion in front of Congress last week that the
U.S. death toll in Iraq was "approximately 500" - when, in fact, at the time
of his testimony, the correct number was 722. But what are a couple hundred
dead Americans among friends? Especially when they're other people's

Or observe the scarcity of critical voices when, on the anniversary of
Bush's infamous "Mission Accomplished" photo op, the president boldly
declared that, as a result of the removal of Saddam, "there are no longer
torture chambers or rape rooms or mass graves in Iraq" - a statement
directly contradicted by a top-secret Army report completed two months
before the president indulged in his soaring rhetoric. And last week we had
the ultimate contradiction: the release of enough vile, barbaric and
disturbing photographs to stock a triple-X S&M Web site.

But Bush Democracy's killer app has got to be its ability to retain the
outward appearance of unabashed patriotism while sacrificing the lives of
American soldiers on the altar of its tax-cutting fanaticism. Thus,
candidate Bush is able to cloak his campaign in red, white and blue at the
same time a defense industry study concludes that major budgetary shortfalls
have left U.S. soldiers seriously under-equipped - leading to the
preventable deaths of close to 200 brave Americans, and the maiming of
thousands more. Shortfalls caused, in large measure, by the president's tax
cuts. So while many of our soldiers have to make due without body armor,
combat helmets and properly protected vehicles, America's millionaires are
receiving an average tax cut of $130,783. And yet Bush is still able to
continue painting himself as the war president. How's that for performance?

The guiding principle behind George Bush's rebooted Democracy is a deep
mistrust of the American people and an undying faith in the ability of "the
elites" to decide what is best for America - and the world. Call me
old-fashioned, but I prefer the old 1776 version, where We the People get to
make up our own minds.

Bush Democracy has crashed in Iraq and crashed here at home. I personally
can't wait for November to press the Escape Key and shut it down for good.


Thursday, May 06, 2004

I dont believe georgie didnt already know about it.

the way he's coming off on tv the last few days, his
relatively calm demeanor and straight forward delivery,
I believe, betrays an attitude of preparation. if bushie was
surprised by this last sunday night, he would be sporting his
deerful glaze for at least a week. if nothing else, georgie is
honestly consistent in his complete lack of composure.

As overheard at the White House today.....
"Bad Rummy...Baaad DS (whack on head with rolled up Wall Street Journal). I thought I told you to tell me everything that you were a-doin. Now..go on back outside and keep pilaging with your friends but make sure you stay where I can see you through these here rose colored glasses my mommy bought me." That, friends, is a mild rebuke. Re-puke.
with the rise of the nuevo rich in the 80s and 90s,
I feel like they are without nobility. used to be
george w. would have stayed a black sheep
and never amounted to much. but the walmart
generation likes his simple foo fumbler blind faith
numbscull persona. smart, resourceful, free
thinkers cant win cause they're neither
controlable by biz or understandable
by the dumbed down american
electorate. frankly, I'm very
pessimistic about our
immediate future.

even a kerry victory in the fall may
only put out a single highway cone.

no match for your average SUV.

not as bad as it was.
Is there an echo in here?
Its getting to where there is no middle class anymore....its the haves and have nots. I think it is very perceptable in the city in which we live. So many folks are so set on keeping their status and bucks that they will eat their own young to do so. I'm a proud member of that underground where ideals based on compassion and intelligence still exist.
I'm a proud member member of the underground. Fortunately, ideals based on compassion and intelligence still reside there.
Too many people are so focused on keeping their bucks that they will run over their own dog with their SUV to do so. The part of the country in which we live seems to be extra bad. Its a "me me me" world here (by and large), and anything which threatens my bank account or my passed-down-from-daddy ideals are no good. The middle class is rapidly becoming a thing of the past, and the rich vs. poor struggle will breed more rich, and more poor. Baaaaaaaa
except for a few libertarian sequins on my tutu,
I'm your basic socialist. communism is not feasible
given our unpredictable mix of free will and conformity.
the only way that would work is in the presence of a God,
an undeniable, visible, speaking, spanking, dictatorial Lord.

we used to be a country with a hard core sense of sensitivity
and responsibility. am I full of crap or does it seem lower AND
higher economic kids of the boomers killed the america of my
youth, the society and politics of parents and theirs before?

my possibly bogus prosthesis points its dubious finger at
the rise of those with big money or the lack there of...
all those big butted bidnessmen and rednecks...
people who either value things over human
needs and those who live by more gut
level emotional reactions and sales
at your neighborhood wallmart.

those of us who grew up dreaming,
contemplating, emphasizing the pursuit
of knowledge over the struggles of the poor
and without the prisons of stature and status
seem doomed to the sideline this time around.
basically, I bought into the pen is mightier than
the sword. tanks and baseball bats may disagree.

maybe I should stop cutting this stone. point's made.

or is this it? to sum up some: what's happening now
is the common meeting ground between rich & poor
and those of us who consider america a country of
principles and the ideals are just shit outta luck.

there are too few of us making enough noise
to be able to keep our noses above the ick.
we have been squeezed out like ass zits.

at least we havent been gagged yet.
they can put us in cages while the
prez talks several blocks away...
that doesnt keep us outside
the fence from seeing such
atrocities are happening.

long live the underground.

Wednesday, May 05, 2004

King George had best not cut funding to all these social service agencies....he's creating a helluva clientele for them.
And now, for our censorship of the day: Walt Disney has prohibited Miramax from distributing the Michael Moore film "Fahrenheit 911", which evidently nails Bush and Co. for fear that it might alienate some of their market. Have we gotten SO narrowminded in this country that we can no longer entertain opposing views? That media outlets must remain "on message" for fear of.......fear of what?? Creating an uprising? Lifting the veil of deceit? It offends me for more reasons than one when someone says, "We can't let 'em see this! They might_________and then they'll ______". Kinda why I've always had a problem with organized religion. Fill in the blanks, folks. It all adds up to an attempt to control the masses and further our sheeple status. We're bein' fleeced, guys.
it IS nice to be beyond draft age by whatever criteria they'd choose.

nevertheless, I'm more than happy to condemn the idea.

simply, if you aint got the money, dont spend it
and, draftwise, if people dont wanna do it, dont.

I'm also reminded of that 60s poster...

what if someone started a war and no one showed up?

if we could only refuse to pay the bill.

glad you guys finished my last post for me...

regarding how attrocities are unavoidable in a war: another great reason to have prevented it from happening in the first place. we've seen Platoon - we know what happens: a bunch of players are duking it out in the jungle - you're on the other side - pOw! you're dead. [this ain't patriotism, it's gang land]. better than mamed... which is what soldiers can expect more than getting fully killed. we aren't showing those photos, naming those names. people would surely be turned off from war support if it became available just how many disabled veterans are being created by this. give me liberty, or kill me - just don't blow-up my hands and blind me.

advice for draftees: join the Village People, get yourself a same-gender spouse. you're goin' to hell either way, FaggotMaggot!

So Bush is gonna speak to a couple of Arabic language networks today, and tell them how despicable the acts of torture were. They're gonna pay about as much attention to him as...well...I do. I foresee that human thumb tack analogy happening that you spoke of earlier.

I really liked what one of Koppell's guests said tonight, which basically was that the Middle East doesn't hate Americans, but they absolutely loathe Bush and his neo-conservative chicken hawks. I also heard for the first time today a senator mention the "d" word.....el-drafto. If I was of that age range and someone told me that was gonna go down, I would be north or south so fast that my departure would be registered on the nearest seismograph. My shorts would have to catch up to me. Surprise surprise...I've never been a blind follower and being told I HAVE to do something normally triggers a deeply-embedded "like hell" reflex. But being told I had to go expose my balls for the United States Of Halliburton, Inc. would guarantee my acquiring a homestead near moose and a maple leaf tattoo on my ass faster than you could say Donald Cumsfeld and Condom-Pleaser Nice.

Although, the tequila in Mexico would work, too. Happy Cinco de Mayo.

Tuesday, May 04, 2004

youre right. at least the ants dont have a choice.

I wonder if there's such a thing as a rogue ant...?

no matter how you look at it, these guys give americans a bad name. if bush had his way, the army would be sponsored and have logos all over their uniforms. these days, they may as well be sponsored by target.

I know, I know...way obvious...but true.

I got a Sony PCG-K15 laptop....kinda the middle range of the middle range. So far, I really like it. I still have my other Sony, but it was time to upgrade and put the other aside as a backup.
Honestly, I think I'd trust the fire ant hill least we know their motives. the Queen. The motives of corporate Ah-Marr-Ka is profit, profit, profit..often by any means necessary. There's a reason I never majored in business.
When I find private industry intermingled with any military/govt. operation, I know by default that they are there to make a profit. Thats their entire reason for existence. And more, when you see how many Kah-Whore-Porate fat cats are manning posts in DC now, well, the lines are easy to draw.
Robberbaron mentality does not play well in the court of international public opinion. Conquerism and violations of international law even less so. Especially when we bellow about Saddam's atrocities. Was he no dang good? Of course. All I know is, you couldn't pay me to be wearing a US uniform in a foreign country right now.

Monday, May 03, 2004

so...what computer did you buy?
bush is like human thumb tac in the house of balloons.
every way he turns, something else blows up in his face.

I dont understand how anyone with a tiny stump of a brain
can come on the radio and say CBS ought to be tried for
treason...that the guy who released those photos should be
taken out and shot.

and yet, that's exactly what I heard someone say on the Colmes show this evening.
how can Anyone Think that truth is bad for america, that a cover up is absolutely the way to go when something like this happens???
I have a super hard time with private contractors in war zones, doing whatever. civilians working as body guards or extra hands with their noses in a military operation on one level or another, all these guys zipping around the streets on who knows what bidness.

what the hell are civilians doing bouncing around Iraqi villages while bullets are whizzing by??? they were just talking about it on idiot Charlie Rose Show (he is the Worst)...but, I digress, the point was made that all these independents are basically operating above the law. theyre not under Iraqi law and our laws dont apply to them. man, that is Begging for trouble. yet, there they are, endorsed and sanctioned by our very own "everything oughta be privatized" Bush administration.

it's a policy I cannot believe is happening, overseas and right here at home. our mr. business president who thinks an emphasis on profit is, in any way, going to lead to better services. how many decades of cookie jar sabotage do we have to endure to see what a hugely bad idea it is to put private companies in charge of domestic and international services??? where's the accountability? where's the oversight?

someone decides to rip off the Iraqi people or the American people...the elderly, the wellfare system, the EPA, you name it...the white collar dude simply bows out to Fiji or wherever and then what happens. even if the asshole's caught and goes to jail, who really suffers? the taxpayer who's forced to step in to clean up after while 1000s of lives are ruined in the bargain.

it's like handing over an extra house key to your drunk bastard neighbor (who once tried to feel up your wife at a backyard bbq) while you go outta town for a few days because youre expecting UPS. it's like trusting roaches to ignore that piece of pie you left out all night.

lookit, these local contractors, body guards, whoever, didnt sign up to uphold the constitution, they werent compelled to be public servants out of the goodness of their hearts. they want m-o-n-e-y. that's all they want. if they can get it by fucking the boss's daughter, no problem. if they can siphon off a few billion from some open ended service fund, so much the better. even the so-called honest business men...who are they gonna take care of...the public or the board? big business is, more than not, organized crime protected by the government.

when I hear of a merger goin down, I think of the gambinos, the capone mob, hey that's meyer lanski expanding his territory, drawing little lines on the map. now they wanna piece of the public pie and elliot ness is drawin up the contracts to make it so.

I trust em as much as that fire ant pile theyre building by the drive way.

Well, once again we are having to live ourselves down on the stage of international opinion. This is gonna expose some interesting stuff, and won't die down quickly. I thought it interesting that the military asked the media to delay breaking thaenews for a few days.....
So as I understand it, we forced them to masturbate, sodomized them with broomsticks, and even engaged in various sexual relations with female of the free and home of depraved....Somewhere, Saddam is reading the CellBlock Daily and thinking, "Wow...wish I had thought of doing that."
You gotta be really stupid or have one hell of a sense of omnipotence to have your pic taken in front of a stack of Iraqis. All I know is, Al-Jazeera and Co. are broadcasting this like its the story of the decade, and no doubt more body bags will be needed because of it. Does anybody remember the "Ugly American"?

Never fear, swifty is ah here. Just bought a new computer and am making a bit of a transition.
what happened to swifty???

so, I'm in my music appreciation class tonight
and I'm lambasting the last line in the text book.
it's talking about american pop music and the diversity
of the market place..."...only time will tell who will win."

and I balk and say "who will WIN?" what does That mean?
Music doesnt work that way. Culture doesnt work that way.
That kind of thinking is more destructive than helpful.

that's like saying "America is the Best country on Earth."

at which point my smart yet buzz cut pre-marine blurts out,
"which one IS?" and though I could have asked questions like
which human being in the world is the best? which room in the
school is the best room? which cloud in the sky is the best cloud?

instead, I just said, "none of em. there is not One Best country.
this is Not a race. it's like asking which drop of water is first to
the sea. such thinking only leads to nationalism, arrogance and
hate...followed closely by alienation and potential violence."

tell you the truth, it made me realize how opinionated I've
become in the wake of this administration's attitude
toward its inevitable place in the world. just gets better all the time.
obviously, Cap'n D knows what he's doing:

bush thinking: there's a violent act.
you want to eliminate future violence.

so, what to do...I know...declare war on it.

I guess that's consistent with his governor death persona. if you cant control it, kill it like a ranch snake. if people are bad, even if you just think they might be or someone says they are, take revenge on them in the name of the Father. cause here's the's not the people youre killing, it's the act itself. you think, by killing the people, youre killing the action. hence the War on Terror. we're not at war with terrorists...we're trying to kill terror itself.

so ludicrous. okay, so take your pick: history 101 or psych 201. same thing.

in war, there are atrocities.

soldiers get so hyped on fear, adrenaline and violent behavior, anything can and does happen. killing, rape and torture are brothers.

you see someone shoot your buddy, you either kill or torture, then kill. in your spare time, you get drunk and rape or kill, whichever comes first. that's war, pure and simple.

how can you think youre doing a good thing by invading somebody's country and turning your guys loose on a bunch of people youre trained to think of as the enemy? does anyone seriously think they can control war?

once theyre taught to kill, they lose their ability to refrain from all sorts of naughty things. that's why they keep them so tightly confined. so what if someone just runs away? but it doesnt take too many trained werewolves to jump the fence and create all kinds of bad press with the locals.

at some point, given the surreality of being in a war zone, the animal state emerges and only extreme discipline can keep the average person from blowing up real good.

man, war atrocities are unavoidable. I dont mean by everyone, but here and there, especially in pack behavior, the killing and raping Will happen. the matches are way too close to the powder kegs.

it's only natural.

Sunday, May 02, 2004

U.S. GIs humiliating (torturing?) iraqi prisoners... talk about undermining the effort!

howdy folks! meet your liberators! please remove your clothes so we can get a picture of you looking like a trophy bass.

i used to think, "bring our guys home so they'll be out of harm's way", etc. now i'm like, "bring 'em home so we don't continue to show the world why america isn't the role model that some people seem to think it is".

so much for the hearts and minds battle.

let's declare war on stupidity. then Cap'n Dub can be jailed for his overwhelming crimes against humanity.

onward, christian soldier!

Saturday, May 01, 2004

well, I think both are guilty as charged.

if you listen to nightline much, it's very clear ted is following in the footsteps of rather,, following the watch dog tradition I miss so much. it's been very satisfying to watch him be the liberal pillar we desperately need american media to be. he may be our champion going into this election season.

indeed, if we lose this one, mark my words, he may be sacrificed for being on the losing side shortly thereafter. or he may be so frustrated by the american electorate he may quit in disgust.

with that in mind, though I didnt see it, I believe ted was clever enough to call it a tribute to the fallen heroes and no one can criticize the show itself otherwise, but, in reality, come context...this was, without a doubt, a show meant to underscore the dying.

this show may have been a tribute, but it was also a political statement.

censoring it, on the other hand, was a blunder. censorship only serves to double underline what youre censoring. it never fails to fail.

will the show "hurt the troops"? I agree with those who say America in the process of disagreeing with itself is a glorious beacon that should never be diminished or extinguished, regardless of circumstance.

aid and comfort, my big white freakin ass.