Wednesday, February 15, 2006

lie # 4,337

state dept spokesman replying to the release of new U.S. torture photos released overseas.

"we continue to not release photos in order to protect the privacy of the detainees."

I'm getting very used to flinging fingers at the tv these days. on another front entirely, gnomeland security head chertoff is getting the most fingers today in the midst of congressional hearings.

Saturday, February 11, 2006

the result of U.S. foreign policy

In Houston, where homicides rose 24 percent last year, disputes were by far the largest category, 113 out of 336 killings. Officials were alarmed by the increase in murders well before Hurricane Katrina swelled the city's population by 150,000 people in September; the police say 18 homicides were related to evacuees.

In Philadelphia, where 380 homicides made 2005 the deadliest year since 1997, 208 were disputes; drug-related killings, which accounted for about 40 percent of homicides during the high-crime period of the early 1990's, accounted for just 13 percent.

"When we ask, 'Why did you shoot this guy?' it's, 'He bumped into me,' 'He looked at my girl the wrong way,' " said Police Commissioner Sylvester M. Johnson of Philadelphia. "It's not like they're riding around doing drive-by shootings. It's arguments — stupid arguments over stupid things."

.... ... "stupid arguments over stupid things". sound familiar? I believe a goodly portion of the population will echo the demeanor of its president. when he says "youre either with us or against us" and all the militaristic wild west crap bush is famous for that attitude is going to find its way to the streets. how much wisdom do you need to realize such rhetoric is clearly a sign of personal weakness and negative self image?

snd of course there's that word "stupid". no other president in my life has earned that adjective.

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

and the knfe in the back

yet another how is this possible...

so, the day after, here comes the budget vote in which the repugnuts slash the domestic budget again much to the glee of bushites everywhere. hundreds of billions for the military while taking more money out of education, healthcare and services for the poor.

here's a short animation about it. I didnt realize how much More we were spending on the pentagon compared to the rest of the world. ridiculous.

Same shit, different year...again.

Of course its the same shit....they figure by the time 2008 rolls around, he'll have it nailed and can deliver it pretty much on spot. Change it up any and, well, thats tantamount to defeat....not to mention bushy being unable to pronounce the new words. I admit...I couldnt watch it. But the blurbs I saw were revolting. The monkeys in place, cue cards in position, Cheney looking like he could slit throats on cue with his hand goin into your wallet at the same time....typical state of disunion speech. And today, he's takin it on the road.....first stop? Nashville. Yee-haw.