Thursday, September 30, 2004

yeah, we no longer have to fear the face off. kerry is nicely confident and bush is a stuttering sniveler. it seemed to me bush spent all his prep time trying not to snicker his mousey igor snicker.

I loved watching kerry taking notes when bush stepped on himself. his come backs were strong and to the point. he always pulled back from vietnam after making subtle references to his meaningful experience. I was so afraid he'd fall back on the old, the tired, the useless.

but no. our JFK did what he had to do and, as you say, the best is likely yet to come.

on the less inspirational front, I asked my rock class who was voting for who and only 1 of 25 was on our side. frankly, I didnt think it was going to be that bad. I should ask all the classes to see what the numbers are across the board. kristen said she thought that's a simple kid's response to not wanting to have to deal with danger and think bush must be doing the job since all their GAPs are still intact.

can they really be that shallow and unaware?


By all accounts, it was a good night for our side.
After a few minutes, I couldn't take watching Bush and trying to eat at the same time, so I turned off the TV and listened to the debate on radio.
It was an interesting perspective.
Bush's nervousness and nonverbals came through with clarity even without the visuals.
Definitely, as the evening wore on, Kerry became more confident and Bush less so.
The next debate is a town hall format (hehehehe.....) next week, followed by a Veep debate then a debate solely on domestic policy (again....cue maniacal laughter) at the end.
This was the tough one....we won it...and barring tragedy, we should keep doing better since the next ones are on the home field.
second hand story from eugene, oregon.

cheney comes in for a speech to the faithful on a private jet.

only problem is he's greeted by a huge protest rally at the airport. the secret service open the door, take a look around and decide it's too risky so they close the door and fly off to the next stop.

here's a cheer for the good folks in eugene.

Wednesday, September 29, 2004

Watching an appalling segment on Nightline. The fuckin pubes are so damned scared of opposing viewpoints that they escort out of their "rallies"anyone who is simply wearing a Kerry T-shirt. No words need be spoken.
If one was going to be staged here, I'd show up just to get tossed and then let the lawsuit fly like a March kite.
What are they afraid of? Oh sure, they'll hide behind that rank paranoia "protect the Pres" shit, but in reality its all about silencing the opposition through brute force. The only thing they know well and are good at.
Well, that and lying.

To me, the Walmart/PBS marriage is one of the most sickening, morally perverted relationships I've ever seen. It highlights the selloutism that we have seen so often lately in public broadcasting.

Clearly, its a tryst motivated by M O N E Y, and has pruned my respect for PBS drastically.

Government supervision is the only true voice that the underpriviledged have. For the neocons to question that is for them to question the very rights of the less powerful and influential.

They haven't learned to play well with all.

Tuesday, September 28, 2004

neocons dont get it. they think people will do the right thing if there's no government. history cant be clearer on the point. no government - no protection. a totally free market freely tromps on every weakness and minority.

speaking of which, walmart ads in the national news and on PBS are killing me. how can they take their money? they're the enemy of the american dream. I'll bet bush has a ton o money in their stock. they go together so well.

they are both the epitome of what's wrong with this country. slavery making the pigs rich and richer.
Anybody heard the when's and where's for the Veep debates?
I'm quite looking forward to the lawyer Vs. corporate malewhore showdown.
True, bushman is an idiot, but the remnants of dad's board of bastards represents one of the vilest parts of the whole circus.
I don't think we will ever know the true story behind all that goes on in the United States of America boardroom, but suffice it to say that the good of a few outweighs the good of the whole on a daily basis.
I trust em about as far as I could toss a Fletcher's Corny Dog stand.
Crawford, Texas - The seat of government and the home of the ass of government.

I have my new international no W symbols on my car. one on the back and one on each side.

I was thinking about, at some point, really going crazy with the stickers and taking a wee drive to crawford.

taking my balls to the Real seat of government.
Very cool...just printed out a strip myself and am planning on putting them in my living room window.
Pass the tape.
Maybe Crawford ain't so bad, afterall.
Today, the Crawford paper endorsed Kerry stating that he would bring dignity back to the White House.
Which, in turn, would bring a lack of dignity back to Crawford.

check it out for no W buttons. I just made a page of strips, cut em up and plan to paper my windows. the people deserve to know where I stand on the only issue that matters.

at This point, anyway.
like a ranger game, every guy they strand can be a season ending failure.

Monday, September 27, 2004

Frankly, Thursday is it. We gotta hit a grand slam...we gotta make this count big.

We can't count on any other opportunities to face the big liar. If Kerry makes even the slightest dent, Bushmaster isn't gonna want to go nationwide again. He's taking a big risk as it is with that reflexive smartass smirk.

Thursday, my friend, is showtime.

unfortunately, I have to teach thursday night, but will let em out as early as possible and get my butt over to kristen's for what I hope will be a contest of devastating facts and sophisticated demeanor v sweaty smirks and meaningless innuendos.
Sounds like a most enjoyable weekend. Little bit o' wild; little bit o' chill. I've never been to the on opening weekend either. Due mainly to the crowds. But the crowds are what make the people watching so cool and hell, thats what I mainly go for. I try to avoid Texas/OU weekend like v.d. too.
Any debate watching parties goin down that you know of?
I'm already looking forward to this weekend...a promise of rain, much cooler weather, and the nation reacting to a Bushman fuckup televised to the populace on Thursday evening.
Yea, I'm hopeful.
I love powell coming out with his iraq doom and gloom. and all the shit halliburton's been inheriting of late. cant wait for the first debate.

but...whatever. we went to the fair today. first time ever we've gone on opening weekend.

after such a drunk on friday night, we played the rest of the weekend cool. a nice bbq pig out last night and a cheap lemonade only walk around fair park this afternoon. believe it or not, we each spent about $30, compared to the typical $100 in years past.

and it's so much bigger than it used to be. these last 2 years, it's at least a third larger. we must have walked 5 miles, enjoying concerts, cars, parades, crazy quilts, flying housecats and, of course, the midway, barkers, the corndogs and ice cream. oh, and a lovely walk through the newly landscaped part of the park, with its swan paddle boats and an incredible forest full of several layers of model trains chugging through.

a visual feast, including wonderful people watching, one of our favorite activities.
I wonder what would happen if just one of the crazies in right wing radio went soft on bush. if bush said something so bizarre or some nasty shit cropped up and o'reilly or rush decided to say something negative about the head goob.

how might the ditto heads respond? would there suddenly go forth, "hey, have ya checked out our emperor, Dick Tater's, new clothes???"

we dont need more than 5 points or so to create a new day.

Saturday, September 25, 2004

I think the kitty musta written that one.

whew! what a 2fer party we had.

jesus crisps....
I mustv had a good friday night too...cuz I understand every fuckin word.
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thenaefn, we ahds geikaku saki at suhdsi en mckkienry.
thenkfl, wef ggot seom shorsst at the cormdemr bor and
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one thie way, i picsklc up soemw beerio.
weooooooot hors laterml, Iem heimeoe wiith tei kity.
lifeoip ise gogosdosd. IFe eleel prerrttty goodes.
howew arerr yousre??????????OOKLK??K?LW/??

Thursday, September 23, 2004

what a whacko...on coast to coast right now.

"we were only created to serve, worship and love God."

this guy says we'll be invaded by the U.N. and all our borders will be under attack. our air force and navy save us, but not till we have to sacrifice florida by nuking the state during a decisive battle.

right. I might pay to see That one.

but, ya know what? overnight whackos dont seem nearly as whacko as they used to. at least you can always disMiss Them. but these people we run into everyday we THOUGHT had some sense are being driven into the sea by our pie eyed piper president.

I was in grading tests in frisco wednesday night and this math teacher, who's been coming in there at the same time every semester, came in complaining about the head thiefs...saying he was so frustrated by all that violence that he thinks we oughta just start leveling the cities till they "get the idea".

lord. I couldnt keep still. I tried to be subtle by saying, "it's a mess alright. I dont think we should be there at all." luckily, he backed off, saying, "probably right." we chatted a while, nothing too confrontational, and he seemed to be content with my agreeing, "I'll be glad when it's over."

sometime generic works just fine among equals.
from a article...

Ridge said the intelligence that put the singer's name on the list came from outside the United States, but he would not reveal the source.

He questioned why United allowed him onto the flight at all, but government sources said Islam's name was added to the watch list only recently and had been misspelled -- which could explain why airline employees overlooked it.

Aviation security adviser Jalal Haidar, an Arab-American Muslim, said Islam's inclusion on the watch list may have been a mistake -- but he said the watch list system will improve.

"Mistakes happen. There are lots of redundant names, and identity can be mistaken," he said.

"The system is not perfect here." Ridge called the singer "one of my favorite artists," and said his agency would take "a very, very close look" at the information that resulted in Islam being placed on the list.

But another U.S. official said the Department of Homeland Security is "extremely confident in the information," and said it was credible "without a doubt."

...did he have his slipper bombs on? were they afraid he was going to have a secret meeting with Donovan and Arlo Guthrie in an effort to bring a drugs for peace movement to our shores.
Interesting happenstance at work today.

I was in the faculty mailroom picking up my official junk mail when I overheard two of the department secretaries discussing the upcoming election. Both were in agreement that if Kerry is elected, the terrorists will come flooding over the borders from all sides.
As I pitched shit into the trashcan, I continued listening from out of view. One went on to say that the (un)Patriot(ic) Act needs to be strengthened. Then they began to muse about what type of folk Kerry would put on his cabinet...doom and gloom voices all around.

My policy, so far, has been to not start political discussions as I'm passin through the bastion of narrowmindedness in the department office. My policy doesn't preclude joining in a program already in progress.

So, I did.

As I walked out of the mailroom I stated, without breaking stride, "I don't know who Kerry would have in charge of national security, but I'm damn sure gonna sleep better knowing we are safe from Cat Stevens."

And that, my friend, is how I left a normally loud office in stunned silence this afternoon.

so, maybe the tables have completely turned.

it's the 60s all over again. back then the youth, the left, the open minded were determined to discard the status quo, to change the entire nation toward equal rights, free expression, less commercialism, etc., etc.

well, I guess what we have here is the result of what goes around.

the wind has shifted 180* and here come all dem damn conservatives back to bite U.S. in our aging hippy butts.

history aint progress, my friend. it aint nothin but deja vu in the city.
Jesus Christ...
Today, Bush stated that insurgents may "plot and plan attacks elsewhere, in America and other free nations," if the US pulls out of Iraq.
Hey, Dumbfuck!
The insurgents are attacking because we are IN Iraq....
How can people agree with this fucking shit!?

going on the back window of
the car this afternoon...

"The only thing we
have to fear is
fear itself."

"The only thing we
have to fear is can
we KILL everyone
we have to fear."

Tuesday, September 21, 2004

I dont get to check out the evening snewz these days cause I'm always in teaching mode from late afternoon till after 10, so I dont have a sense of what the stories are. I hear snippets of the speeches on the radio, but not enough to tell what kind of impact theyre having.

I know One thing. last night at 10, I put the "bush sux" bumper sticker in a clearly visible place as you walk out of jason's on mockingbird and was amazed to see it was still there at 10 tonight.

which could be interpreted in different ways. I was just glad to see it still alive after 24 hours. makes me wonder if, instead of having potentially hazardous signs on my car, I should put them in visible places around town to see how long they last.

ooo, I should go out a 3 in the morning and put some on overpasses which can only be seen from below.

get some nice drive time action happnin.

Its 6am this morning.
I am the UN Delegate from Defeatassholevakia.
My alarm goes off, I lay there in bed and a wave of depression overcomes me.
I have to go listen to that self-absorbed pompous motherfucker from the US speak today.
Oy I have to?

Monday, September 20, 2004

fox news just did it again. they played the kerry statement from earlier today...

"we traded a dictator for chaos in iraq"

then the "news"caster said, "that's john kerry, the massachessette's senator who voted FOR the war.

damn them! I think I'm going with "osama's right. get U.S. out of the Middle East" tomorrow.

let em chew on that for a while. I'll mail it to you so you can see what these look like.

I'm thinking, the weekend before the election, I should put as many on the car as possible.

I'm afraid we're on the verge of some true nastiness.
Its interesting the reactions you're getting so far. It would be interesting to work those notes into the Halloweekend gigs somehow.
Bushie couldn't have asked for a better present than what Rathernot gave him today. Now, any stories about his military "service" will be looked upon with jaundiced eye...maybe.
I equate most shrub supporters like this...they tend to fall into two categories: Shillin, crooked used car salesmen and those who buy the product and are too fuckin dumb to question its quality.
Well, my nastiness has certainly started.
my bush sux sticker earned me a nice, polite note on my windshield when I got back to mockingbird station after spending the evening in plano.

it's out in the car, but said something like, "your ignorance is showing and you obviously have no class. please educate yourself before the election and vote responsibly. FOUR MORE YEARS!!!"

I'm determined to change the sticker every few days to see what response I get. I'm thinking about another obvious...

no mo lies
no mo bullies
no mo years

another one:

I believe osama...
Get U.S. out of
the Middle East

or some such
One more head...
"I'm sorry", Rather said...
As of 9/20...
Bush still led...

I suppose my favorite of the last few days was:


Kinda captures the spirit, huh?
so...I put the bush sux sticker on my bumper and had what was potentially an encounter at 7-11.

it might be nothing but paranoia. I came out and, standing right next to his huge "I aint got no dick" ford pick up, was some guy in what I guess was a security uniform with a big yellow "support our troops" ribbon on his tail gate.

okay, so he wasnt glaring at me though he avoided eye contact and stroked his chin nervously as if to say...

you finish the story.

again, there may be nothing to it, but, I have to admit, I'm a little nervous about what some reactionary meat loaf might do when he sees I'm insulting his hero...the great AWOL commander in chief.

I'll leave it on and see what kind of looks I get on the freeway. it wont bother me when I'm parking on campus wherever. however, parking at the train station for 6 hours could be hazzardous to my poor wittle saturn since saying, "your president sucks" is a bit more inciteful than simply "kerry/edwards 2004", eh?

am I a wuss or what???
I just made two:

bush sux
kerry for president


Great White Bitch
let's get back to normal

Sunday, September 19, 2004

I wish I could get away with...

white nigger

pretty much says it.

but what would happen to my car
or house in the process?
yeah. I've seen more bush signs in my running around this weekend. I'm really behind on the sign thing. after designing a few, I still dont have one. I have to put something on the car right away. I was thinking about a simple "BUSH SUX". I dont know.


I dont know. pro kerry is one thing, but, let's not kid ourselves. this is about getting rid of the great white nigger.

Went to the Plain-Old Balloon Fest today, and followed a few of the balloons around after take off this evening.
My ride took me thru the ends and outs of whitebread america; thru the well manicured homes of well manicured families each containing 4.3 well manicured peoples.
And I took a poll.
Final tally...62 Bush/Cheney signs; 0 Kerry/Edwards signs.
I know its the bastion of conservatism, but it was depressing nonetheless to see a big goose-egg of obvious supporters.
Hell, there are Kerry/Edwards signs aplenty in the Park Cities.....
Blind Lemon Suburbia at its finest.

for sure, the only way to convince the unconvinced is to show the tangible results of the bush policies.

they need to ask themselves, "what could all this war money be going for here at home?"

but will they? how bad does it have to get before 51% will say, "we dont want this. it's not working."

it's nice to hear mccain, on the press shows, going after bush for stalling on iraq even if he wants more war instead of pull out. it will certainly take democrats And republicans to insure the kerry victory.

both sides against the middle, that's how you squeeze out W, the american pimple.

Saturday, September 18, 2004

I don't know if its the sheer idiocy of their statements; if its the fact that they treat us as dumb sheeple who cannot think for ourselves and will swallow any spin they put out without question; or if its that they flat-out scare the shit outta me.....but that CNN page is really puttin it all in perspective for me.
Bring on Halloweekend.
Interesting juxtaposition on the CNN website right now. A lead story about the abducted Americans and Briton, with picture, threatened with beheading, and right next to it a story with the title, "Bush please with progress in Iraq".
An A+ to the layout/graphics person.
An F to our American regime that is making foul moosepiss out of lemons.
The closer we get to Nov. 2, the more my disgust grows...
Check it out....

Interesting point....
If Kerry wins, he will likely have to deal with a repuglican-clogged house and senate that will daily stand in the way of him getting his legislation there will be that.

We also have that lil' ol' guvners race comin up which is gonna get nasty-just-you-watch.

And if bushy wins....holy shit....this blog may take on a life the likes of which we can't even imagine.

so, if kerry wins, what will there be to whine about?

will this site die after the election?

there's always something to whine about, but the name will have to change.

we'll all be different people at that point.

Thursday, September 16, 2004

if they had only asked me before we sent in troop One if invasion would eventually turn into civil war, I would have called it unavoidable. I really dont understand how all these great statesmen and quote unquote "leaders" could come to any other conclusion.

let me ask you this. when you turn the tables, the truth crawls out every time. Say Iran's 50 times more powerful than the U.S.. So, one of the Ayatollers decides to send 3 fleets full of shiites across the atlantic in '96, saying President Clinton is Clearly not moral enough to lead the country, his ideas are too Liberal and his personal habits evilly abhorent, not to mention the obvious presence of've decided to remove him from office, blow up a few cities like DC and maybe Baltimore (well, that's okay).

a few months into the occupation, they find clinton's ass hiding in the dumpster behind mcdonalds #23 in hot springs, clueless as to how all those left over fries are going to affect his busy social calendar in september of 2004. but I digress.

now the question. what would happen?

that's iraq.
before too long, this right here is likely to be the only independent media there is. individuals running chat and blog sites with very few the lone publisher in the iddy biddy frontier town, the male town gossip who loves to drink and shout his opinion as the information hub of his rusty old press.

we're probably headed for a time when public media will be little more than pieces on a chess board, positioning their one or two talking points on politics, politicians and public issues as forcibly as they deem necessary to sway the public and sell their widgets in the bargain.

THEN...somewhere, sometime, private blog/chat/vanity sites will get large enough to give their webmasters horace greely status and there'll start a wave of independent voices in the void.

the free press will be reborn.

or some such. I dont know where all the little locals like the observer, etc. fit in all this. are their such papers that even Try to be most things to most people or are we simply done with that? maybe when the world gets this small communication wise it naturally splinters into special interest offerings and that's just the way it is.
Report of impending Iraq civil war! Shrub lead gone in new polls! No evidence that Saddam had WMDs at all when we went in! Kofi Annan said our Iraqi conquest was illegal!
Bad, bad day for bushman..
What more evidence do we need to send Bush back home to Crawford to work in the town Dairy Queen with his illegitimate sister Eatma?
Independent media is the last true remaining voice of the people. Uncensored, with its finger on the pulse of whats really happening, these outlets must be protected with all we have.
Anything else, and we are simply hearing and reading what they want us to hear and read.
The corruption plums would be ripe for picking.

I just hope CBS can get enough anti-bush truth virus into the american underpants before a few old codgers make em pull the plug on the air guard memo issue.

obviously, they'll try to use meaningless details to discredit the underlying facts.

so far CBS is holding the gate, but I could sure see it wouldnt take to many strings pulled to bring on dan's retirement in disgrace and that would be such an obvious blow for corporate control of the news.

god, I hope that doesnt happen. the independent media coffin has far too many nails in it already.

Wednesday, September 15, 2004

To me, that smirk means "I've got the power...I'm in charge...I get anything I want."
All the kinda shit I abhor.
I'm gonna be plenty pissed at whoever if it turns out that those 60 Minutes documents were forged. If they are, we might as well kiss our asses buh-bye on this one.
But...if the pubes forged them themselves to try to pin it on Kerry and Co., we might want to consider getting out victory party favors purchased as soon as possible.
I'm carefully optimistic.

Tuesday, September 14, 2004

yet again this afternoon, I made a few casual comments to my jazz class about the value of having a more open society based on mutual support and curiosity and there were head bobs all round.

even more inspiring, charlie rose interviewed, who was it?, of the old russian secretary of states...who said, flatly, bush is the problem. that iraq cannot be anything but a dissaster under the current policies/strategies.

he wasnt saying anything about kerry being the choice, but, he had to agree, there was at least hope if the situation were in the hands of someone more flexible and thoughtful.

nothing wrong with world leaders pointing out the obvious whenever/wherever.
I still think it's interesting so many cant see what we see within that smirk. they probably think it's good ol casually witty good natured george, smilin and pickin his noise outta the blue.

it's so obvious how easily and quickly cornered he is and how nervous he gets when he drops his script. he's gotten marginally better or, is that, a bit more expertly trained?

the sad truth remains, very very few will do anything but cheer their boy and go home happy, proclaiming victory no matter what.

Monday, September 13, 2004

What the debates will do, providing georgie shows up, is put before the country the true right vs. wrong, black vs. white, right vs. might that we've been talking about lo these many months.
I look forward to three things in particular:
1. A series of questions that will require thoughtful, substantitive answers from the candidates. No more of shrub's Town Hall Deck Stackins'.
2. Holding Idiot's feet to the fire regarding domestic issues.
3. That smartass smirk and the thought that, if questions get outside his realm of understanding, Bushy might blow. Ever notice how the smirk tends to come out most when he's backed into a corner? There should be plenty of corners during the debates.
Then of course there will be Attackdog Edwards vs. Corporate Cheney.
Pass the popcorn.

I get the impression the students in my classes...all 150 of em...are overwhelmingly anti-bush. at least that's the way they respond to my speechifyin about education, peace and art.

cant wait for that first debate. that should really tell the tale.
Cool ideas. Lets hope many take those ideas to the polls in a few weeks. I just really hope some of Kerry's jabs start drawing blood....or ice water.

Sunday, September 12, 2004

we went to the Take Back Democracy Dallas film fest last night in Fair Park, seeing Outfoxed, The Carlyle Connection and a bit of some other Call to Action video villianizing the usual suspects and telling us, in absolute terms, how important it is to yada yada yada.

it was, as you might suspect, a nice little choir rehearsal with, oh, maybe 45-60 fellow alarm clocks.

all quite homey. check em out...
Three years past, and we still can't find one bearded, decrepit, camper hangin out in Afghanistanian mountains...
With the election drawing nearer, bushy trotted out all the pubes of color this morning. Asscroft and Cumsfeld safely locked away.
Lies are colorblind.

Saturday, September 11, 2004

I sense the same underlying disgust for the direction in which we've been lead these last 3 1/2 years. Now, if only everyone will let their disgust be known on Nov. 2.
It isn't enough to be present for every protest held yet be absent on election day. Apathy isn't an option this go-round.

Friday, September 10, 2004

fight fear with fear
I, too, was feeling very pessimistic about our chances. then, I look around and talk to strangers and the clouds of doubt begin to clear a bit.

driving into the parking lot at smu...big, rich, private school...there are at least 5 kerry stickers and no bush stickers clearly visible. I poke people only slightly about the way things "are", no specifics, and I get a flood of anti-bush rhetoric everywhere.

people get the same look on their faces and shake their heads. I believe, in this case, fear and pessimism may well come in very handy. I predict, as we get closer to the election, we'll see more and more large gatherings saying, "we have to change, we cant take this any more" and that will ultimately drive the good guys to the polls.

of course, it goes both ways. we Want the repuglicans to think they've got this one so many of them, those who are reluctant to vote in the first place cause they hate government, will go to sleep that night thinking they're winning without even having to vote themselves.

so, be afraid. be very afraid and spread the fear. "YOU MUST VOTE or we Will LOSE."

Thursday, September 09, 2004

that's the great lesson we're learning here, my friend.

we have officially switched hats
we used to be white, now we're black.
we used to defend, now we attack...
we used to be healers, now we're quacks,
we used to be heroes, now we're just hacks.

Can somebody out there explain somethin to me?
Here we have an unfairly elected figurehead, who has obviously pulled strings to keep from serving the country he so freely shoves others into the meat grinder to serve, whose business connections reek of corruption, whose aggressive policy stances have aliented the USA around the globe, and yet his lead among polled voters is increasing?
Are we that immoral and unethical?

Wednesday, September 08, 2004

And the reality show thats sure to get a People's Choice award....
"Trading Presidents/Trading Residences: From Pennsylvania Ave. to FM 1313-Crawford"
I go from being disgusted to incredulous to pissed off to drop jawed at all the bullshit, flowing out of a huge broken irrigation valve capable of flooding the whole damn country.

maybe the whole damn world.

. . .

bush projects just in case he becomes available...

new tv show: Beyond All Reason

new sci fi movie: It Came from Beyond Beyond

new bush brother comedy act: The New Marx Brothers Only Not Nearly As Funny

new reality show: Dont Bother Me, I'm The Friggin President

What gets me is the politicization of the issue. The fact that if we weren't upon an election, he might be acting differently.
Nothing like values that blow in the fucking wind.
I'd be pissed if it were the banning of ice cream vendors on the streets that we were talking about. Anything.....ANYTHING that is affected by one's desire to save one's own job, ass, scrotum, what have you, at the expense of the common good builds my bile.
Those who stand for nothing will fall for anything.
couldnt take the big white page.

so, let's try this. I still like the black so, hey, who knows what tomorrow will bring?

by the way, I'm not sure who "we" are yet, but we're playing a preshow hour to a night of free speech at the dallas videofest's magnolia lounge in fair park this friday night at 6.

at 7, here's what their doing...


Independent Film and Video for Independent Thinkers

Originally conceived by Joan Sekler, (co-producer of the film "Unprecedented: The 2000 Presidential Election"), the Take Back Democracy Film Festival is a collection of shorts and features seeking to educate Americans on political, social and economic issues critical to our future as a free and democratic nation. Loosely organized as a nationwide grassroots project in over a dozen cities, the festival serves as an organizing tool to encourage people to vote and become active in the growing movement to recapture democracy in the United States. These films will be screened during a two-day festival slated for Friday, September 10, 7pm - 10pm and Saturday, September 11, 1pm -10pm at the Magnolia Lounge at Fair Park.

couldnt take the big white page.

so, let's try this. I still like the black so, hey, who knows what tomorrow will bring?

by the way, I'm not sure who "we" are yet, but we're playing a preshow hour to a night of free speech at the dallas videofest's magnolia lounge in fair park this friday night at 6.

at 7, here's what their doing...


Independent Film and Video for Independent Thinkers

Originally conceived by Joan Sekler, (co-producer of the film "Unprecedented: The 2000 Presidential Election"), the Take Back Democracy Film Festival is a collection of shorts and features seeking to educate Americans on political, social and economic issues critical to our future as a free and democratic nation. Loosely organized as a nationwide grassroots project in over a dozen cities, the festival serves as an organizing tool to encourage people to vote and become active in the growing movement to recapture democracy in the United States. These films will be screened during a two-day festival slated for Friday, September 10, 7pm - 10pm and Saturday, September 11, 1pm -10pm at the Magnolia Lounge at Fair Park.

couldnt take the big white page.

so, let's try this. I still like the black so, hey, who knows what tomorrow will bring?

by the way, I'm not sure who "we" are yet, but we're playing a preshow hour to a night of free
speech at the dallas videofest's magnolia lounge in fair park this friday night at 6.

at 7, here's what their doing...


Independent Film and Video for Independent Thinkers

Originally conceived by Joan Sekler, (co-producer of the film "Unprecedented: The 2000 Presidential Election"), the Take Back Democracy Film Festival is a collection of shorts and features seeking to educate Americans on political, social and economic issues critical to our future as a free and democratic nation. Loosely organized as a nationwide grassroots project in over a dozen cities, the festival serves as an organizing tool to encourage people to vote and become active in the growing movement to recapture democracy in the United States. These films will be screened during a two-day festival slated for Friday, September 10, 7pm - 10pm and Saturday, September 11, 1pm -10pm at the Magnolia Lounge at Fair Park.

I saw that, too. I dont know how I feel about gun control, but I Know what bush is doing when he ignores this ban. W will go down in history as someone who did just as much harm by what he didnt do as what he ended up doing.

great interview on charlie rose with an NY Times correspondent in Iraq. it's looking so bad there and only goes to show how it was a losing hand from the get go. what we've done there is like trying to use flat head screw driver on a philips screw or vice versa, only we continue to use the same tool on the same screw nonstop 24/7.

how we couldnt see that, how we thought we could bring "free democracy" to a country that operates by such a totally religious leader and war lord culture is just plain ignorance on a global scale.

what's amazing to me is rummy and george and all these political leaders STILL dont get it. they STILL think all these millions of people who have grown up under such a strong patriarchial system, divided into absolute tribes and sects, can all be sitting at home just waiting for armed invaders to spill their fellow citizen blood in the streets and bulldoze grandma's home by mistake, handing out ballots and candy bars...and that that's a good thing.

we blow up a neighborhood and expect people to pull themselves out of the rubble waving american flags, saying, "thank you, jesus". I've never seen anything more ridiculous in my life and hope this is the bar the future will never go over again.

god bless america.

Interesting segment on Nightline about how the Pubes are letting the ban on assault weapons die this Monday.
George and Co. are so shoved so far up the anal canal of the NRA that they can't see the light o' day.
Yet one more example of how shrub has completely ignored the homefront in favor of the eastern if we need one more example.
I'd love nothing more than to see the blog fill up with rants, raves, opines and multilines that rally our side to the voting booths come Nov. 2.
With all thats goin down, we gotta care. The alternative is chilling.
These past few months have caused me to not only express my beliefs but to consider them in a more eloquent, thought out fashion. I cannot shy away from any debate at this point. Our future depends on our action.

Over 3,000 Delta employees out in the cold in DFW alone.
Nice job with the economy, shrubass.
not sure I'll get used to the white blast of the new template.

let's use it for a few days and see how it feels.

I can always change it back.

Tuesday, September 07, 2004

I predict huge back ups on the blogger system with a tremendous outpouring of opinions these next few months. if nothing else, this era has sparked amazing debate whether any common ground is reached or not.

still, I think it has inspired a solidifying of personalities. the very real lines that have been drawn have challenged each of us to challenge our own temper them into a clarity we didnt have to support before.

we've had to step up to the line of our political tribe. if you dont, you truly dont care about the kind of country you live in.

I choose to care.
1,ooo deaths as of today.
Mission accomplised my ass.
1,000 deaths as of today.
1,000 coffins covered by 1,000 flags containing 1,000 corpses.
1,000 reminders that this was a futile exercise fueled by testosterone-induced crusader arrogance.
All bets are off, indeed.
personally, I think the image of Clinton sending in the plays from the ICU is right up there with the Gipper and the Day Tripper.

I have renewed hope. I thought kerry had great energy in those sound bites earlier today and bush sounded his old smirky loser self.

the new message is good. iraq is going to the hogs and we havent had a 911 repeat. russia is not terror, that's rebellion and once we hit a thousand body bags, I predict a chink in the W RNC bump armor.

kerry's new buddies could spell the difference in these last 2 months. especially if the Gimper keeps yelling from the side lines and they throw old dean right up the middle while edwards does his best prime time impersonation in the backfield.

all bets are off, boys.

Monday, September 06, 2004

yeah, the mo fo gets such a pass cause, hey, he's the war time khan, he's the common man's dude. maybe, during times of complexity, the people look to the simple minded for plain talk. they want someone who Seems to be incapable of deception cause he has primordial male lizard brain.

little do they know it's their own lizard brain that cant see beyond W's simpleton gaze, cant see his strings and those who pull them.

america...home of the lame brains.

Sunday, September 05, 2004

A telling article in the DMN today.
Shrub's "Ask the Bush" meetings around the country are closely guarded and by invitation and ticket only. Tickets are Red (High VIPs), Yellow (Semi-VIPs), and Blue ( The Others). Questions can only be asked by Reds, who are high contributers to the unjust cause.
A recent example of questions include, "Do you really like broccoli?" and "How can I help you get re-elected?".
Really puts him on the spot.
Kerry, on the other hand, hosts open events for all comers.
Nice to see the caste system is alive and well, and that everyone has access to our "leader".
how tall does this wall between the factions get?

seems like an organic thing that grows 10 feet for every lie, 10 feet for every iraq casualty, 10 feet for every alienating buffoon on the radio.

I dont know who it was, but I just heard a sub host on 1080 on my way home take one pro kerry call after another...each one stating 2 or 3 good reasons not to vote for bush, pointing out His flip flops, his lack of support for all these things he's been forced to support which now he champions.

of course, after every caller said his peace, the host would ditto over and over, "I have to disagree with you, caller. The president has done a marvelous job on (you name it, homeland security, education, the economy, twice cooked taters and grinding up animal life as we know it)."

no one's listening. it's absolutely like the bumper sticker...

Bush. Thanks for not paying attention.
Nice recipe for disaster.
I'm definitely fired up about participating in a rally, an Oct 31 Republidemon exorcism, or something. Anything. We are now less than eight weeks away from showtime, so I've got the itch and twitch to help get ridda Bushbitch.
My voter card is already out, polished, and ready to go. Every ounce of energy I have that day will go into that vote, likely accompanied by a vocalization along the lines of "Take that you goddamn money-hungry, racist, bibble-thumpin crusaders." Exact words subject to change.

Saturday, September 04, 2004

George W. Bush's Iraq War "Freedom" Cake
(Extra Rich Recipe)

Preheat gas oven to 911 degrees F.  In a small bowl, mix together one unfairly selected president, a vice president with corporate ties and a neo-conservative agenda.  In a large pan, take the grief from a tragic national incident and place on stove, turning heat to high.  Scramble the truth and slowly add grief while whipping "war on terrorism" and "axis of evil" propaganda until firmly set.  Carefully fold in lies and confusion. 

(For darker recipe, use a black National Security Advisor and Secretary of State to distract from racist implications of the war while placing AIDS, unemployment and the black community on a back burner.) 

Divide country and cut all dissenters of war into small peices.  Separate those who fit the war's racist profiling and freeze anti-war discourse.  Drain international goodwill and taxpayers money to fund war.  (If you can't find any "weapons of mass distruction" you may substitute "the liberation of the Iraqi people" instead.)  Cover (up) all dead U.S. troups and Iraqi casualties while thickening combined batter with grandiose statements like "Mission Accomplished" and "Bring it on."  Grease pans generously with oil from Iraq and cover finished cake with American and Iraqi Blood.

Serves none.

--By Max Gordon--
Can't read and it probably wouldn't matter if he could.
He and his tribe operate on macho power..anything else is seen as weakness and a de-flatation of their already tiny penilises.
Given excerpts like that, it stands to reason that this entire fiasco is not centered around finishing daddy's bizness as much as it is making a name for bushy in the history books.
And so he has.
I do hope that when all is said and done, he and his dad will share one very important trait.
One termers, all.

Friday, September 03, 2004

In his memoirs, “A World Transformed,” written five years ago, George Bush Sr. explained why he didn’t go after Saddam Hussein at the end of the Gulf War.

“Trying to eliminate Saddam...would have incurred incalculable human and political costs. Apprehending him was probably impossible.... We would have been forced to occupy Baghdad and, in effect, rule Iraq.... There was no viable “exit strategy” we could see, violating another ofour principles. Furthermore, we had been consciously trying to set a pattern for handling aggression in the post-Cold War world. Going in and occupying Iraq, thus unilaterally exceeding the United Nations’mandate, would have destroyed the precedent of international response to aggression that we hoped to establish. Had we gone the invasion route, the United States could conceivably still be an occupying power in a bitterly hostile land.

If only his son could read
For the last 3 1/2 years, we have not been able to even come close to putting the domestic agenda anywhere near the foreign agenda in terms of importance.

Cart before horse.

Visions of retirement sugarplums and healthcare Santas and Easter Bunnys danced in my head as I listened to our King discuss his agenda for the next four years. So much tarp, so little rebar.

Have we really reached the point in this country in which we don't ask "how?, why?, when?" of our commander-in-thief?

Do we really think we will magically be able to turn the corner and all of our social ills will be addressed by folk who have spent the last many years in search of the almighty dollar?

Do our masses see shrub as an Almighty Profit?

More like Daddy WarBucks.

Thursday, September 02, 2004

how dumb are we here in this great land of ours?

bush throws all this health care and retirement wax fruit to the faithful like a 50 pound of goddamn mardis gras beads. folks, folks, folks...the no child's behind legislation wasnt funded and, even so, the whole philosophy is bogusly test based.

teaching to the test is not education.

all this new program crap cannot, repeat, canNOT be funded with tax cuts. he may as well have said, as soon as he's elected, he'll personally fund global health care and a guaranteed cool mill for everyone's 65th birthday.

hey, george, make the moon disappear. we cant wait to be amazed by your magic top hat economic quote unquote philosophy.

can we please revisit the old texas or is it tennessee saying about "fool me once you cant fool me again"???

Wednesday, September 01, 2004

you say steadfast, I say dumb ass
you say stay the course, I say change the horse,
steadfast, dumb ass, stay the course, change the horse...
let's call the whole thing way way off.

you say world leader, I say iddy biddy peter,
you say terror slayer, I say truth fileter,
leader, peter, slayer, fileter...
let's call the whole thing fishy, very fishy.

I say throw the fish heads in the bushes and vice versa.

I dont know if the kerry edwards ticket is smart enough with their response to bush and cheney comments. i.e. to respond to bush saying we cant win the war on terrorism.

what did edwards immediately say?

"YES, we Can." and, today, kerry is echoing the optimism as a springboard to stress world cooperation.

I would rather they took a cue from bill maher, preceding wherever they wanna take it with, "thank you, george, for admitting you cant declare war on a noun." maybe taking a shot at the whole good/evil crap, by saying the world is full of people, people with the potential for good and bad.

it's not the people we should hate. evil acts are to be condemned, not people because, after all, what we have here is a failure to communicate.

too bad we have a president who specializes in that particular inability.