Friday, February 25, 2005

I should be checking out youre up peein papers to see if their jouralists are tossin them eggs.

this is nice...tom "mr.ductape" ridge, having retired as homeland czar is now on the board of home depot. so, how much ductape does home depot sell a year...anyway? maybe they'll change their name to homeland depot.

I'm watching a story about green berets training iraqi security forces. in one raid, the first thing that happened was an iraqi shot himself. then they arrested 2 guys who turned out to be a couple of legitimate night watchmen.

so, let's turn off the lights, mask up and pin the tail on the idiot. lotsa luck.

Saturday, February 19, 2005

So Georgie's headin to Your-rope to speak of Terra and Nukyoolar wepins...
I wish I could go over there and toss eggs at the asshole.
Campus protests would be great right about now, and if this budget makes it through I think we'll see em. Not to mention in most cities.
So who will he start up with next? Iran? North K? My bet is Syria...its light, easily digestible, and half the calories of the other terrorist nations.
Its all about winning ya sense dining on something that could dine on us.

Saturday, February 12, 2005

now That would be something. let's call the McArthur memorial and and see if Douglas wants to hit the Korean beach one mo time. Korean Penninsula six-five-oh-oh-oh. seriously, nothing but nothing would surprise me as far as thems gorilla brains go.

but, shit, I gotsta buhlieve the only reason they went into Iraq is they Knew there were no truly dangerous weapons there. the idea of going up against someone who could actually fight back would never fly with this bunch...I hope.

not that it's entirely negative to weed out the kids who are actually into the killin thing. maybe we'll have a more peaceful future if all the GI Chuckies find their way to the front here in the next few years.

I cant wait to see some good ol campus peace protests again.

Thursday, February 10, 2005 ish der bushyspeek...
I think we're gonna see condi's grannypanties very quickly. No sooner had she gotten off on her whirlwind bringing together of the Palestinians and Jews, saying "Look what a peacemaker I am! Iran, you're next.." than she felt a tap on her shoulder...
"Who dares tap my shoulder when I've been sent by King George II to spread our message of forced democracy?" bellows Condompleezer....
Kim Jong Il
With Teheran and Pyongyang raisin up, bushy and co. have a much different problem. These aren't block bullies who can be pushed around at our whim.
These are purebred war machines led by folks who are almost as crazy as our own fearsome leader.
And that, folks, makes me worry.
I dont know why the pundits on the left are backing off comparing the bushites to the nazis. I'm watching a nazi doc on 13, which I'd like to say is like calling the kettle black, though I'd be more likely to compare kera to the poles...the weak living in a fearful shadow.

hitler just made a speech about the nazis having only one run everybody not with them out of the country.

isch deesh not der bushy schpeak?

ding ding ding

Wednesday, February 09, 2005

it's rather nice to see condi hmmming and uhing her way through speeches in front of euro statesmen. she sounds scared and unprepared. one of the bushie's yes pussies becomes secretary of state, our most powerful interface with the world. and she cant even talk in front of her peers. yet another american embarassment.

thanks again, mr. bush. why do sooo Many believe in you when you are sooo incredibly inept and transparent in your single cause of making your rich buddies richer while the rest of us can go to hell?????

Friday, February 04, 2005

who was that general who said it was a "hoot" to kill the afghans?

it's fun to kill people? wow. I just saw the marine commercial where the pitch is "the passage is intense, but, if you make it, you'll take you're place among the world's greatest warriors."

is that a legitimate career track: warrior? so, what? high schooler, grunt, soldier, warrior, mercenary, hit man? not necessarily in that order...I be guessin.

so it goes.

Wednesday, February 02, 2005

I think you've hit it.
The reason Americans are clinging to bad daddy is the same reason an abused wife stays with her spouse.
Familiarity beats bein alone or, in our case, beats an unknown.
Like a pimp that will beat his ho, but will kill anyone who messes with her, Daddy Warfucks has instilled in many the sense of fear about which you write...that if he leaves, drops his brand of protection of us, the US will be overrun by terrorists, zombies, wolves, and hairy krishnas.
This approach has been there all along...its just gettin more glaring now.
Pass the shades.
w definitely lucked out last sunday. still,
for some reason, I woke up in the middle
night thinking how current nationalistic
zeal (support the troups, bush support,
america's the greatest, is all based
on fear. pride is fear. it's a false sense
of strength based on hormones, not a true
feeling of contentment and self-esteem.

people cling to bush cause he's the daddy.

it wouldnt matter who he was, in a society
full of fear of terrorists, crime, debt,
whatever the fear du jour, daddy's there
for us. only one problem...our daddy is
a bad bad daddy who says one thing and
does the opposite. why the daddy clingers
dont sense their own delusion, maybe
cause it glares like the sun. theyre
blinded by the obvious. theyre blinded
by their fear.