Sunday, October 31, 2004

look at it this way. it didnt take george 4 years to create enough nazi holiday spirit to turn the media and so many public (for that matter, private) people into liberal activists. for most of us it was pretty much spontaneous. it's what we white people are good at...curiosity, suspicion and finger pointin.

essential ingredients in our the greedy, stealin, exploitative nature. I heard bunny wailer say it once...white people are very quick to recognize things of value. I'd say awareness and quickness in estimating what the hell's happening cuts both ways...good and bad.

come to think of it, it's actually one of the things that proves bush is not one of us.

he's too slow and dim to see what's happening.
last time there was so much confusion.

I agree. if anything smells bad enough and meets with the same "eat it or lump it" attitude bushites are famous for, I predict very messy protests. of course, we had messy protests in 2000 and plenty since. who knows how bad it could get. maybe real bad.

BUT...will anything change as a consequence??? how long IS 4 years anyway? lame duck schmuck. we've done it before. is that what's reQuired for the suffering to get to the point where we have another depression revolution? another civil war? another battle for independence?

the great thing about america is it's ability to change. if not now, certainly then.

I vote now. I voted now...but, hey...I can do it in 4 years, too.

interesting times, baby. we gottem big time.

Frankly, fair and balanced is all I'm asking for. If the populace feels that georgie deserves another four years, so be it. As you say, I'll deal with it.
As I've said before, anything that resembles the texture and flavor of what went down in 2000 will create an intense backlash. The stakes are higher this time, and the opposition less tolerant of ill doings.
Surely the watchful eye of the media and other independent sources will limit such improprieties. But I've learned to never underestimate the gall of this group.
now that I've voted, I wont say I've completely given up worrying, but I cant get as stressed about it any more.

it's in your hands now. overall, I'd say kerry signs have been up maybe 4 to 3 lately. of course, I routinely drive in highland park and up north. those damn W signs have made a bit of a come back. still...

still, the only way I'd be more optimistic is if the media was telling me kerry was up by 20 points. otherwise, I'll trust time to reveal all.

the big question now is will the big talk about making sure the election is dog watched from every angle and the coverage thorough give us what we want...a fair and balanced result...?

as long as we get what I believe is the truth, I'll deal with it.

I'm good at silver linings.

48 hours till we know.....probably.
I'm optimistic that we'll be in the throes of glee as well, but just when my confidence arises I see a throng of bushie signs. Then, when the depression sets in again, the Kerry Edwards signs look more plentiful.
Maybe it will be less close than the pundits are punditing.
All I'm sure of is that I'm gonna derive great satisfaction from going into that booth Tuesday morn to do that which we've been blogging about lo these many months.
Great indeed.

thanks for being there. it was a surprising but not that weird scene. Lacerta has had help from nature before. several times in fact.

my favorite was when we played in san antonio at a place called laguna gloria. we set up under 2 enormous oak trees which, by the time we took the stand, were filled with cicadas, who proceeded to sing with us all night. whenever we got soft, they respected that. and when we got into it, they screamed. it was a divine night.

I can only hope I find myself as gleeful tuesday night. we could all use a little glee right now.

Saturday, October 30, 2004

Muy terrific evening...
Great film, great score, great effects courtesy of Ms. Nature...
Now, if everything will power up again...
When I sat down, there was but one tiny cloud on the horizon...after a bit a few more had gathered. Then the flash; two....started thinkin, "Oh shit"..
Shortly after 11:15 I looked over and downtown disappeared....hmm.....Is Osama in town?
A few minutes more and the west shore of the lake was invisible. "Oh shit" became "Oh fuck" and before long the meteorlogical gang bang had begun.
Perfect way to start the haunting weekend preceeding the haunting week. Great energy resonating from like-minded folks...
I wonder if the Pomeranians have voted yet?

Friday, October 29, 2004

oh, there are plenty o voting controversies already underway. colorado, california, pennsylvania and, most especially, law suits have hit florida like a 5th hurricane. will they get it all straightened out by tuesday?

seems doubtful. if it's truly a mandate one side or the other, I dont know if it much matters. I believe if it's a landslide, our boy will be in the house come january.

wont be long now.

Thursday, October 28, 2004

Lovers and Greenville is an optimal locale...lots of traffic and a cross-section of people.
Anything up north along Preston Rd. might be interesting as well.....way up north.
North, to the suburbs, we're goin north, the vote is on.
I wonder if anyone is going to try anything in the next few days, disrupting the voting-wise.
We could be entering an interesting weekend...the vile and venom is about to max and all we need is a terrorist spoon stirrin up the already boiling stew..
we're going to start off at the city hall rally at 230, listening to the speechifyin and responding when appropriate. then about 3, we pile in the car for a northern assault. not sure where yet...the mall for sure, lovers and greenville and such highly trafficed corners. kristen has a really cool paul revere outfit so people will see her while we crank out her soundtrack. she IS america. we're just the confused citizens.
So you've done the deed!

I'll be goin on Tuesday, then retire to prepare for the month long party that will follow the Kerry victory....We hope.
Or... I will begin preparing my "All-out I Told Ya So" tour if the shrubs retain.

And now, the headlines...

FBI investigating Halliburton...

101st Airborne commander was a few yards from the tons o' missin 'splosives and didnt even know they were there...

Disgruntled citizenry prepares to take to the shores and streets of Big D in a weekend of guerilla artistry, proferring good juju for the voice of the people.

See ya there.

Wednesday, October 27, 2004

if my little trip down the aisle this afternoon is any indication, I'd say we gots a good chance. if those werent democrats, then I have no idea who we are or what we look like. I was right behind 2 aging dikes and black twins, all in their 50s.

there was only one 30 something fake blond chick I wondered about...though she looked like a mom without a wedding ring...whatever that means. all the guys were very casual and independent looking...not a single distinguished image conscious one among us.

I dont know if you can stereotype voters, but I'd be willing to bet the 10 bux I had on me my poll was kerry all the way.

Tuesday, October 26, 2004

A week away...
The home stretch is in the home stretch...
What will we be witness too in a mere 168 hours?
what's that old expression?

once a fuck up, always a fuck up...???

bush NEEDS to lose this election to stay consistent.

Monday, October 25, 2004

Tons o' explosives missin....where'd it go!?!
Yet, "We're makin progress!!!"
Oh...isn't it a little contradictory to talk about us bein a nation at war when the bushy was blanketed by a big sign saying "Mission Accomplished" on that aircraft carrier?
Can't have it both ways.

Sunday, October 24, 2004

there are obviously major mobs of anti-bush folks out there.

that damn electoral college. who knows what can happen?

this could be a year the popular vote is lopsided,
but the winner get dumped in the aftermath.

drag. well, oh, aint
over till it's over, so...

I guess we'll see.

Saturday, October 23, 2004

great anti-bush streaming videio site...

including jon stewart's recent engagement with the crossfire gang.

One of my "reflective" nights....went for a salad at Baker Bros., then shopping at World Market where I picked up a few toys an' trinkets an' plum wine and exchanged glances with an entirely-too-young babe there with her mom, for about 30 minutes, then went off to Borders for a couple of CDs and ended up drivin around with the window down and Starbucks in playing...
And took stock of what we are coming up on...
We have the opportunity to set a new course and right past wrongs in nine days. It makes no difference how many Kerry signs and bumper stickers are out there if they don't translate into votes.
Thats where the power of change lies. Action
What we should be about first and foremost is health care for all, education that molds future leaders and leaves their behinds alone, freedom of speech and artistic expression, and a relentless pursuit of corruption at all levels.
Most of our homeland security concerns will resolve themselves if we leave others the fuck alone.

of course, I should have added if bush makes people already on the right feel like they're left of him, they might certainly feel threatened by the change in their usual choices. I sincerely doubt even close to half of the e pluribuses want someone too far right. we like our freedom, we really dont want a gestapo environment, most of us buy into the american ideal of diversity and the sense of free will. more of us may be going to church, but not necessarily a come to me jesus mentality in the white house. I dont know how many smart enough people there are, but I'm guessing there are enough smart conservatives to turn this thing around.

well, that's definitely good news. and it does speak volumes. the silent majority is silent because theyre so centrist. they see the value in having a bit of everything. which, of course, means they dont go for the shock of extremes.

extremes like we've seen. the kind of rhetoric and actions associated with these last four years have shocked even me and I am Not easily shocked. even reagan, to me, said, in most cases, business as usual.

the bushites are full on nazis with there propped up and gander text, lies and photo opportunities. they sicken me and if your parents feel that, too, who knows what kerry volcanic activity we could see?

I'd love to see christians out there burning the bush next week. it would bring me back closer to the center, too, and isnt that what a good president does? brings people back into the american fold.

Friday, October 22, 2004

My ultra conservative, ex military parents voted this week. We haven't talked politics much at all, since nobody's gonna change anybody's mind....I was about 5 when they realized that was a lost cause....
Or, so I thought...
I made the side comment that I guess on Nov. 2 I will go cancel one of their votes, to which my dad replied, "Only if you're gonna vote for Bush."
He went on to say that he and my mom are still conservatives...for the most part...but, and I quote, "These folks scare us."
Now, I had no indication this was goin down. I wonder how many others out there, like my folks, are gonna silently do a surprise deed a week from Tuesday?
They could be the batters that put it outta the park....the silent majority backing up us loud, overtly malcontented, dissatisfied customers.

The flu vaccine situation is appalling. The shrubheads have always been more concerned with the outfrastructure than the infrastructure. In their minds, international affairs are more sexy than ones here at home. Heroes are made on international shores, and crusaderism is a yardstick by which they judge themselves....
Its also alot easier to walk when you don't know how to drive a fuckin car...
If we can spend X Billion on converting Iraq to Club Med Ba'ath, then we can sure as hell find enough flu juice to go around.
One more reason to Re-Defeat Bush.

the flu shot controversy is so telling.

what kind of leadership simply tells the population to just say no when it comes to health protection?

if I was the president, I believe I'd step right up and say, "dont worry, folks, I will FIND your flu shots." then I'd put out the word..."find the vaccine for our citizens." you know it's out there somewhere.

it only goes to prove these jack ass's priorities and is yet another example of how bush stays mute on issues that personally affects americans.

Thursday, October 21, 2004

I just caught a snippet of an educational show about democracy on 13. an interesting point was made. seems at some point in the early 19th century, a european philosopher visited and said he thought america was a most unique society. and the thing that made it so was the fact that so many people were actually conCerned about each other.

the key to american democracy is caring about life beyond personal needs...that is that we're all in this together and we All have to do well to insure we do well individually.

so, which candidate might espouse a similar view and which definitely would NOT???

Its becoming abundantly clear to even the most casual observer that this country is led by an out-of-touch, propeller-topped beanie wearin, snivelin, smirkin, howdy fuckin doody who has no grasp on the reality that the rest of us experience.
No casualties? Maybe, if you plan to sit offshore and launch cruise missles until the countryside looks like grandma's freshly tilled garden 'afore spring planting.
But not the cage to cage gorilla warfare we are in the middle of now.
My thought is, if he said that to Robertson, it was part of a mindset that was likely relayed to others. Who else did he inform that there would be no casualties? Let em come out now and speak their peace.

okay, having looked at various versions of the story, I've changed my mind.

once again, I was caught in my own confidence that people are too aware of what's going on to be so stupid. I thought pat must have been caught off guard or something...why else would such a high profile supporter hop on board the "Bush is a Loser" Express? even if the conversation took place, why not just stay mute about it???

now I'm thinking it's another sign of the arrogance of the right. they think they can be candid about each other and, as long as God sheds his blessing, it doesnt matter what they say or do. that's God's job. they actaully believe God tells them what to say and they can DO no wrong.

I like kerry's perspective...I'm sure he'd say, "just because pat thinks george is 'the most confident self-assured man I've ever met' doesnt make him right or wise."

as we know, arrogance is the most transparent shade of clothes.

oops...I just saw the original pat footage and everything about his gesturing/demeanor said bush WAS absolute in its implication that bush really thought no soldiers would be hurt in the invasion.

so you were right to think this is signifant. now I do, too.

again, it's really difficult to conceive anyone, let alone the president, could be That insane. we're talking Nero here.

Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Perhaps tha bahstan win only begats an omen to all other underdogs for the next few weeks...
Perhaps the stars are aligned just so, so...
Go, 'stros!
No doubt bush meant exactly what you said, but I'm lookin at this much more from a pube vs. pube attraction than ammo for Kerry. I'm up for watching a little in-castle fighting a few days prior to the election.
There's gonna have to be a helluva spin put on this to a) clarify bushman's point while b) not calling Robertson a liar.
As of this evening, the gawdly one still wasn't backing away from his statement....but he also still thinks bush is handpicked by Jee-zus H. to lead.
Now I am scared of gawd.
Oh....Go, 'stros

when I heard that...and alan colmes played the robertson cut twice occurred to me that one of the big problems with this election is both sides will take any little thing out of context and pump it up into an I gotcha.

my take on it is that bush was saying the casualties would be acceptable, which is to say, a reasonable sacrifice. it's like when I say I dont eat dessert. that doesnt mean I dont have occasional chocolate or cookies. it means it's not part of my ritual to end every meal with a nice wiggly piece of pie.

it's a question of degree. that's not to say bush thought we'd still be there and that we'd have a thousand never mores. if pressed, he might have said he figures on some number shy of several hundred.

anyway, you get my point. I think this is exactly the same as kerry getting called on the "global" thing. it's more somantic confusion than anything else.

that's the way it seems to me.

and, besides, who gives a shit, the sox beat A-fRaud and the damn stinkin yanks, so all is right with the world, my friend. that would be so amazing if it's Bahston v Houst'n in the series. how surreal would That be? talk about chur life becoming a bizzaro movie plot.

During a CNN interview today, Pat Robertson stated that he had conferred with Bushy before the start of the war and told him he had "deep misgivings" about going into Iraq.
He said that he told shrubbrain that he should prepare the American people for casualties, to which bushums replied, "Oh, no. There aren't going to be any casualties."
Shit. I hope Nightline jumps all over that.
That shows just how out of touch with reality this asshole is, and how he operates within his own sphere of consciousness.
No casualties? Mission accomplished?
Hopefully, we only got another 13 days of Georgie in Wonderland.

I cannot fit comfortably into any militaristic or regimented organization.
I don't want them and they damn sure don't want me.
Throughout my academic career, I have been driven by the need to discover. In fact, the bread on my table and kibble in the kitties' bowl come from my ability to ask "Why?"
Someone tells me to do something, my first thought, audible or no, is "Why?"
"Why" drives me. It is the beginning of many adventures and discoveries.
It also the ultimate three letter, four letter word for those who strive to control. Those powermongers whose nutsacks collectively draw up at the thought of being in charge and having others do their bidding.
If every cell in my body says "no way" to a task I'm asked to perform....its not gonna be performed.
Court martial my ass, send me to the brig, make me do Martha Stewart's dishes. Any of those is a better alternative to being hauled back from someone else's war in a bag.

why I'll never go corporate again...number 3:

I cant do something someone tells me to do if I know in my heart it's a bad idea.

one of my supervisers at kera asked me to keep a journal of all the talkshows, to fill out a form about how I felt about the show and was it a "good" show or "bad" and what questions did I think were "stimulating" and which "fell flat", etc etc etc etc etc.

then I was to save it in a file marked "quality control". I was supposed to do this every day, 5 days a week, into infinity.

I asked myself...why? I asked the superviser, would the host routinely refer to this file? no, this was just for the superviser. would the superviser really use this file? he simply wanted the information there as a resource.

I did as he asked for a few weeks, watching to see if the files were ever actually utilized in any sort of process. after about 3 weeks, I decided it was nothing but busy work, so I fabricated false entries that had nothing to do with the actual show.

"today, the sole remaining scrap of kennedy's brain was interviewed about its activities in the intervening 35 years since it splatted on the trunk of the president's lincoln as it passed under the windows of the texas book suppository. I felt the questions were unnecessarily tedious given the shrunken cerebral fragment was in no immediate hurry to respond in any cogent fashion. all in all, I believe the show, though novel in concept, was of no particular benefit to the station or its listeners."

after roughly four months of sporactic specious entries, the superviser came in one day and said he had glanced through the files and wondered what I thought I was doing.

obviously, I told him...amusing myself. he said he would reconsider the process.

I thought, you do that, jack. I do my own busy work, thanks.

and I was in no danger of getting myself blown the fuck up over bad gas. I condider THOSE guys heroes. I would love it if the entire country, on november 2nd, just said NO like they did.

Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Good Nightline episode once again...
Mutiny, or just plain ol common sense?

Monday, October 18, 2004

seeing the election through the monumental struggle between the yanks and sox is unavoidable. I think that's why kristen is pulling so hard for the sox. she probably wouldnt even care otherwise. tis the season for underdog rooting.

fall is the season for one's more ready for it that I.
For the next two weeks, my daily goal is to surround myself with as many like-minded folks as possible; to rally the un-troops for the mission before us on November 2.
This is it...the home stretch. The time to turn words into action and to do our part to add a few well-deserving bureaucraps to the unemployment line.

Actually, I didn't know about the Flagpole Hill gig until just before I put the link on the blog. It came to me through Amy Martin's listserv. I'll be stopping by for soiten.
I've been beatin the drums about Metroplis..spreading word of mouth as oft as possible.
I'm thinking that with the Echo crowd, Halloween, and it being an outdoor gig (hope the weather's good) there should be a good turn out. Truly the first day of the first weekend of the rest of our lives.
I'll tip to that.

Sunday, October 17, 2004

such a cyclical life I lead.

seems like every sunday night I go through the same three emotions...will all our emotional outpouring end up with enough good spirits at the polls.

then, what will life be like if not?

and what will bush be like as a lame duck? will he moderate or get even worse? will those who oppose his bullshit get even more intense...more demonstrations, more CBS investigations, more congressional investigations?

will bush be impeached like clinton, only for legitimate reasons this time?

then, I resolve to just try to keep hope alive and do whatever I can to pump people make damn Sure people know how I feel and that all the kerry folks I know stay in the game and do their part on game day.
wow. I wish I'd known someone was putting on such a concert. I would have volunteered to be part of that line up, fer sure.

I'll definitely stop by to bask in the spirit. mmaybe chad and I can play something between acts or some such. he lives about half a mile from flag pole hill.

anything you can do to help drum up support for our metropolis gig on the 29th would be great.

we're playing for the cause...we're also playing for tips.

Saturday, October 16, 2004

Swallow poison? Eat too much? This should induce vomiting...

And then, to whet the appetite once again....

yeah, that was a packaged deal. I'd been bugging david about doing a movie score and he told me about echo's production. so, I called their director and worked out a combo on the info for the press and it should be a nice intro to election weekend.

we're playing at dan's in denton on wednesday the day after the election...should be fun...or not. depending on if anyone's won yet and who it is. could be a major party. or just a wake.

I really really wonder if we'll ever know the winner of the white house as quickly as we used to. we could be in for a long era of contentious results. the faster we know the exact results, the slower we'll know all the results...if that makes any sense.

what I'm saying is machines are really good at coming up with final numbers where humans are good at estimating off the tops of their heads.

or some such.

Friday, October 15, 2004

In Borders tonight I noticed, right next to "Unfit for Command", another book entitled "Unfit Commander". I wish I had time to work my way through all the print about the bushman tribe.
I'm about to start the 9/11 Commission Final Report...should only take a couple of months.

This week's Observer has an excellent review of Echo Theatre's Bath House piece "Dreaming America: In the Bunker with George". Sounds like a great piece and highly provocative. I think it will be staged before the Metropolis gig, so I may catch it then. Maybe there will be some stayovers for the 10pm scoring that night. No doubt would be a highly receptive crowd.
from SNL...Deniro is the new senior spokesman for homeland security announcing suspected terrorists recently submitted to a hotline frequented by high school and college students. here's the list...


alan colmes made a good point tonight when some guy tried to make hay about of kerry's vote not to enter the first gulf war.

"he didnt think it was any of our business and neither did I."

"how can it not be our bizniss when some evil dictator invades another country?"

"what? should we attack ourselves???"
I am a passenger ridin the ass hole of life,
drop me at the hollywood bowl,
I'm feelin flush, must
be my time.

- colon "yowzuh" powell
(from "I spin round")

Thursday, October 14, 2004

such a nice cumupons.

what I wanna see is an admission from these self-righteous bastards that phone sex happens...all sex happens...and there's nothing unusual, let alone wrong, with it. bad consequences come from having sex or sexual desire in the wrong circumstances where people are hurt or belittled. good judgement is nice though bad judgement often prevails in such things and it's all very human.

leave god out of it. if he exists at all, I suspect he couldnt give a shit about who's doing who how and when. too much of it goes on to get too bent out of shape about any of it.

how can anything between two consenting adults, a private affair between people who will invariably have to deal the consequences of their actions one way or the other, be anybody's business but their own?????

republicators, you cant have it both ways. you cant want government out of people's lives and obsess over what people do in their private lives. the more you do, the more we'll hate you for your puritanical dogma.

fuck you guys. and I mean that personally.

I'm deriving great pleasure with Bill O'Reilly gettin caught with one hand on the receiver and the other somewhere else.
All these high an' mighty, better-than-youse, repub-bas-terds fallin on their asses in the public realm does my morale good.
Evidently Ol' Bill is quite the communicator. Nice to see his skills cross party lines.
I want to see the media jump on this and hammer...hammer that mother until the neocon self-centered narrrowminded master bater is exposed for what he truly is.
Ahhhh...yeahh...right there.....thats the real O'Reilly Factor.

how long before we finally get to the bottom of all this.

I guess the tragedy is, even if kerry wins, bush will just become mr. duck, lame and we'll move on. no war crimes tribunal, no accountability, he floats off into the sunset with a hearty well done from his lemmings and that'll be that.

compared to the trial clinton had to go through for nothing but a good time in the oral office, well, it's a crime against america, against the very freedom he professes to love so dear. HE doesnt even know what a buffoon he's turned out to be.

like reagan, the ditto heads will take a laughable salamander in chief and make him an icon. future generations will, in large part, never know the truth.

that is, unless we tell and retell the tale, they wont know the man who became the 2nd great crazy King George in american history.

Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Nice shrooms...kept in the dark and fed shit.
Debates are done, prelims are over...
Lets roll.

Tuesday, October 12, 2004

dennis miller is on a repeat of leno. what happened to this guy? he used to be so cool. of course, that was years ago. I know he's gone all neocon since then.

but usually, someone with such an active right brain is able to look at the world in a more open way. he's completely narrow now. very disconcerting.

he sounds like a hip michael savage, hailing bush for "getting up everyday, scratching his balls, saying 'let's kill some fucking terrorists.'"

the worst part is he's getting lots of favorable response from the L.A. crowd. and this was just after the first presidential debate.


bush supporters

Originally uploaded by kcorbet.

I dont know what exactly is missing, I'm guessing hardware confiscated or stolen by, by...

I'm heartened by 2 stories I've just heard on the BBC news. a protest, I think in carracus, destroying a statue of columbus as the invader, not the great discoverer. or, rather, a celebration of those who defended their culture against the european marauders.

bout time we got that one straightened out.

the other story is spain inviting the US marines Not to take part in their celebration of the end of their civil war, which Had been part the traditional ceremonies.

you could see both of these as pro-communistic gestures in some part inspired by the fascist american policies. I wonder what would happen if kerry put bush policies in a fascist context.

I do for damn sure.
Seems like it is the hardware they can't find. "Dual use" material, they call it.
Funny...the Atomic Energy Agency said they were able to keep track of all this world-ending bolts and bottles until the U.S. of Hey! went in full cocked and tossed the salad bowl over.
Then it went off to.........
Nice job, idiots...the ass we fry may be our own.
So, a whole shitload of nuclear materials is missing in Iraq.
Bet they haven't gone far.

Hell, you forgot drink...drink, fuck, eat, shit, sleep, and watch Night of the Living Dead.
Yeah, that sounds about right.
The next few weeks will be interesting indeed. Whats gonna happen is anybody's guess.
Terrorist attacks...maybe,

shit, I forgot, sleep and follow our hearts.
fuck, I forgot shit...shit, eat, sleep and follow our hearts.
god, I forgot fuck...fuck, shit, eat, sleep and watch seinfeld.

god can do himself...that's what he's best at anyway.

anything you wanna add here before
we put this little piggie to bed?

speaking of which...

I wonder what will happen in those last few weeks after this last debate leading up to the election. what will the polls do? what will the media do? what will people base their opinions on? will people finally start seriously considering their own opinions or will they get even more entrenched and dogmatic? will it simply get nastier, dirtier and more vicious by the day?

the good news there is we dont have long to wait n see.

. . . .

here's something I wrote to a friend who is very tired of "work".

work. we were not meant to work.
we were meant to eat, sleep
and follow our hearts.
work was meant to
be the pursuit
of a dream, not
the accumulation of
circulation. working for
money is the origin of stress,
which leads to dissease
and untimely death.

america has lost its youth.
america has lost its dream.

it has tasted the fruit
of the tree of knowledge,
the fruit of truth, the
truth of its own lies.

someday, this will
be known as the
dubyah legacy.

Monday, October 11, 2004

By all accounts its a dead heat. Election night should be doubt gonna be some accusations of she-nana-gins.

Sunday, October 10, 2004

I'm seeing a lot of "women for kerry" signs in the papers. I wonder what the women polls have to say in terms of the pro-choice/pro-life numbers...? sounds like I've just come up with a research assignment.

if my suspicions are correct, women could save us here.

I've found conflicting poll results, at least one saying, go figure, a 50-50 split. how can women vote for coat hangers in the 21st century?

and this is especially alarming.....
they're overloaded, dammit. I'll try to get in later.

but I saw the controversy on the sunday news and heard about it on the radio friday night. I cant believe they'd even try such a thing.

of course, I'm getting used to being baffled. seems to be this gang's specialty.

Saturday, October 09, 2004

Most cool signage...

His Country Tis of Him...,
Re-election, future's grim...

If dub-eww is put back in, I am going to make it my life's work to say, "Told ya so" to all the dubdubbubs. For four years, daily, holidays included. Relentless.

Because they will slip...lameduckitis...fullofselfitis..they'll be diagnosed with it all. A playpen of mental pygmys with atomic rattles.

So when the first package bomb detonates outside Main Street USA Cafe as a "Welcome Back for Four Whore Years", I'll say....

Told ya so....

When more jobs are outsourced...more Enrons come to light....more Hallyburtman contracts are "awarded", I'll say...

Told ya so.....

I think I'll start now....

Isn't it bizarre that we can spend billions on an illegal crusader action and yet we don't have enough influenza vaccine...

Told ya so.

if dubdub gets a new lease on strife, maybe we'll get used to it or, hopefully, somebody'll pull his little panties down and show him for the girly man he really is. the good news about that is the dittos will have their fill of him, too, and half of em will claim disillusionment, reject his sorry panty twisted butt and we can get back to just being obnoxious rather than suicidal in the world.

them's the positive possibilities.

ya know, last night kerry seemed a lot like what I imagine lincoln to be...a tall, ugly mo fo with a nice combination of facts and compassionate understanding.

His Country

His Country
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Friday, October 08, 2004

I finally got official kerry/edwards and martin frost signs in my yard. too bad my yard looks like crap.

here's the new one in the american flag motif for the back car window...


subtle. funny.

I think.
Excellent Top 10..and thats exactly how it would go down, too.
I ask everyone to suspend the moment for a moment and look into the future.
If bumblefuck is elected....again.....what is going to go down during the next four years?
Will Iran be next?
Will Halliburton go into the ethnic grocery business resulting in us hitting North Korea for their kimchi pots?
Hell, if I was Canadian I would be offended just based on what fauxballs said about my pharmacy industry tonight. Maybe we'll start it up with them, just for practice, ya know.
Point is....we're in bad standing with others and ourselves right now. Whats it gonna look like with four whore years?

the conservative dittoheads on radio tonight continue to amaze, claiming that kerry would never make a move militarily until the world said it's okay. first, is it bad to be prudent with sending people to their deaths for selfish purposes? and I really dont know why such an enormous hypothetical without benefit of context(who did what to whom) can even be worth discussing. one candidate would take such a situation seriously. the other always shoots first and doesnt even know what questions to ask later.

bush fans are clearly the perfect example of fooling some of the people all the time. oh, and the american mantra: there's a sucker born every minute. including the idiot who just told alan colmes, "bush won that first debate hands down."

triggering my final cliche of the evening...the light's on but nobody's home.

which reminds me of something kristen sent me yesterday:

How many members of the Bush Administration are needed to replace a lightbulb?

The Answer is TEN:

1. One to deny that a light bulb needs to be changed

2. One to attack the patriotism of anyone who says the light bulb needs to be changed

3. One to blame Clinton for burning out the light bulb

4. One to tell the nations of the world that they are either: "For changing the light bulb or for darkness"

5. One to give a billion dollar no-bid contract to Haliburton for the new light bulb

6. One to arrange a photograph of Bush, dressed as a janitor, standing on a stepladder under the banner "Light
Bulb Change Accomplished"

7. One administration insider to resign and write a book documenting in detail how Bush was literally "in the dark"

8. One to viciously smear #7

9. One surrogate to campaign on TV and at rallies on how George Bush has had a strong light bulb-changing policy all along

10. And finally one to confuse Americans about the difference between screwing a light bulb and screwing the
Well, knuckledragger didn't completely fumble like I was oh so hopin', but he continues to act like an aggressive, testosterone crazed warmonger. Huh? Oh....yeahh...nevermind.

Dialogue is what shapes future minds and moves the dittoheads out of dittoland. Anyone who has a problem with dialogue must be asked one simple question: "What is threatening to you about an exchange of ideas?"

I teach my students that listening is not a passive act. It is just as active as speaking, and requires a walk inside the other person's shoes to hear their message.

The result can be dramatic.

Yes, I am biased, but I have found that the more liberal folks I speak with (students, staff, other instructors, friends, family members and Joe-On-Tha-Street) have a better grasp of why they believe a certain way than do most of the dittos. They can articulate their arguments better, by and large.

Oh...did I mention I am biased?

well, okay, nice debate. I like real people asking real questions and, frankly, I'm surprised the bush folks are letting real news people have such control over the questions and direction of the debate. these are the best formats I've ever seen in a prez campaign.

beyond that, I'm prejudiced. I thought bush, though more under control, still smirked and defensively barked like a dog in little britches. I DO wish kerry would answer some of the charges about being absent on the floor of the senate. he lets all those darts go by without response. are he and kerry truly not taking their senator gigs seriously? are they off taking care of the constinuent's needs? is their absence a rare thing?

the fact that he's only marginally defending his record is sorta disconcerting.

nevertheless, he continued to hold his own. now, he needs to deliver the knock out next wednesday on the domestic front.

Thursday, October 07, 2004

I like dialogue, I encourage dialogue. I love it when students respond to, question, challenge things I say.

tonight, my rock history class was full drugs and "freedom lovin hippies". the documentaries included the dead, CSN, richie havens, the byrds, etc. from them psych-o-delic years.

at one point, someone wondered why, after all these years, had pot not been legalized. we discussed political enertia and the cyclic quality of history. how what's legal now can become the crime du jour next week and vice versa.

on a broader scale, as an example, I said it wouldnt surprise me if abortion was aborted if we stay the course.

then, after class, a student comes back to talk to me, saying she thinks I should be more balanced in my political views because I'm the professor and "these kids" are so impressionable.

over the next few minutes she shelves herself, saying she's pro-life, ultra-conservative by nature. I thought at any moment she might say, "I proudly stand before you, a dittohead and rush wouldnt appreciate some of the things you said in class. oreilly would surely tell you to 'shut up.' it's very important for me to tell you this, though I'm not exactly sure why."

she's my student so, naturally, I apologize for making her uncomfortable, I never want her to feel like I'm trying to propagandize her, I'm always open to her opinion and I am so proud she followed her heart and came to talk to me.

but, as far as being a neutral class teacher who does nothing but state facts and intro video tapes...this is a social history class and all my facts, thoughts and opinions are on the table. I crave their responses. bring it on. let's roll.

since all but one of that class is on record as voting for bush, who knows how many others felt the same way as she?

maybe, just maybe, I'll be able to use this encounter to nudge the class toward more meaningful discussions.

wouldnt That be refreshing in these deaf days of barking fear.
cool. I've been meaning to check george out. kristen talks about him and, fer sure, his name pops up now and then in the mainstream. so...


Proof positive that this election is not about "haves vs. have-nots", but about something much, much deeper.
This dude is loaded beyond belief, but makes his opinion known in a very effective manner.

if I'm not mistaken, that's a transcript of Lady Bird's interview with johnny Carson about LBJ.

Wednesday, October 06, 2004

I heard parts of it. It went something like this...
"Jay, you wouldn't believe what a man my husband is. Oh sure, he's the leader of the free world and all, but you should know him as I know him. When we were first married, georgie would dress up as different people on the nights we had sex. One night he'd be John Wayne; the next night General Patton; he even dressed as Jesus Christ. I knew then, as I want the American people to know now, that georgie is John, Gen'ral, and Jesus all rolled into one. And if you vote for him, your toes will curl just like mine have these past 20 some-odd years. Oh! and let me tell you about his weapon of mass destruction....."

laura b.'s on leno as we speak.

I just surfed to it so I have no idea what she's been saying, as if there's some sort of mystery there.

"george is great, george is good, you should see him pick up a pretzel with his pinky toe."

I should listen to some of it though I'd rather be blowing away aliens on my x box and pretend theyre condi, dick, rummy,
Oh, I'll go a step further...
I predict that if bushman is elected, we will soon find that the lack of terrorist attacks on Mainstreet USA the past 4 years has not been due to a "strong administration", but rather luck.
I really believe that those who want to do us ill will are waiting the outcome of the election before deciding their next move. They know that four more years means four more years of the same thing.
I hope I'm wrong.
As for Friday, I anticipate an interesting exchange to say the least. I also anticipate entertainment.
He will be face to face with liberal Americans for the first time, and regardless of coaching, he is so full of mano y mano macho testosterone bullshit that when challenged, that coaching will go out the winder.
He'll pop like a helium mickey mouse balloon filled too full of its life juices.
Or, perhaps more appropriately....
Pop goes the weasel.
bush is going to have a very hard time with this next one cause he's probably being coached to death to stay on script, but that'll get obvious from the ready set. but he cant improvise.

sooo, he's a little...stuck. and that's just the way we like him. plus he hasnt done a bi-partisan town hall. I predict the first liberal who asks him pointed questions about the war, jobs, heath care, social security, you name it...bush will melt into his pointy hat.

and that's just the way we like him.

cheney will most certainly catch hell for a couple of obvious lies.

now, whether some of his chinese stars hit any vital edwards organs is anyone's guess. they both brought a bag of goods to lay on each other.

the way CBS was excerpting the proceedings certainly made our boy a man to contend with though, I will say, I dont much care for his hand gestures. cheney let his mouth do the talking and I thought that was more conversationally effective than edwards' tomahawk battering.

at first the polls were going cheney's way then, overnight, they rebounded the other way.

now we can look forward to another trouncing friday night.

Tuesday, October 05, 2004

I agree.

I especially agree with the point that we could probably do the most good, in terms of bringing the world back to our side And showing the terrorists we feel their pain, by voting these fire ants on steroids out of power.

the old america of FDR, JFK and WJC is alive and well and laying in wait for november 2nd.

Monday, October 04, 2004

The future of the country hinges on a change in management.

It truly does go beyond "liking Kerry". Right now, we have the opportunity to show the world that we aren't "one"; that some of us do not agree with the direction this president has taken us and that we have the numbers behind us to say "enough"...and mean it. To some degree, I think alot of entitities around the globe (countries, terrorist organizations, individuals, etc.) are waiting to see just how much bushie represents the American people....and how much the American people are reflected in bushie. If this gang is elected again (?), they will no longer give us the benefit of the doubt and will be more likely to equate America with Bushman. We do not need that.

After listening to more conversations among bushfans the last few days, I have come to the conclusion that, simplistically, they fall into the following types:
1. The corporate robberbarons that actually hold positions of power and influence in the party at all levels.
2. The first and second cousins of No. 1, who salivate in an orgasmic stupor at the thought of power and money and would sell their soul for more of same. The wannabees that, by their sheer number, wield alot of voting power thenselves.
3. Those who buy into the apple pie, flag waving, bibble thumpin' product that Nos. 1&2 sell, and who are too dumb...yeah, question this approach. These are the sheeple.

What links these 3 groups together is an overarching inability to consider the good of the whole. We gotta get beyond this "me, me, me" thinking. Selfishness has no place in the 21st century, folks, and regardless of the motivation, I consider the above three groups equally guilty.

Call me radical independent; call me socialist; call me whatever you wish. But in my America there will be health care for all. There will not be megacorporations that see employees as automatons. There will not be rampant outsourcing all for the holyfuckindollar. There will not be a raping of the arts and culture coffers. There will be affordable, accessible insurance for all.

I can go on.
this is the email response I sent to one of the chicks tonight who said she didnt think Either candidate is right for the country right now...whatever that means.........

every newcomer is an unknown. every president comes from some weird place neither one of us can relate to. politics is too fake, too full of shit and, obviously, the parties and the media wont even let us know who these guys really are.

I think, in a case like this, it's all about instinct. and every cell in my body says bush must go. I may not be able to know him personally but, in his policies and speeches, he does nothing but posture while trying to cover up his own insecurities by overreacting with faux balls. behind the scenes, his official policies are about nothing but greed and power. he uses christianity as a shield to hide his weaknesses. he says one thing and, as far as any humanitarian actions go, he does just the opposite.

believe me, I'm not parroting democratic dogma. my opinion comes from personal observations. he's blocking legislation that affects me personally, emotionally and philosophically. he's done nothing to provide health care for those of us outside the system, nothing to stop big business from running rampant over employee and consumer rights and he's run roughshod over american traditions of diplomacy and international law.

but, hey, this is just something I have to do. if you dont like or hate either one, sit this one out. please.

actually, I'm sorta waiting for edwards or hillary in 2008. I want a woman president. I'm not sure about edwards, but I think hillary would be a great president if congress lets her.

till then, I can only follow my mind and gut, baby.
I have two female friends, who are also friends and have a mutual friend who's very conservative and a big yapper. the problem is theyre both confused about how to vote. which is very difficult to understand. knowing bush's desire to abort abortion, how could Any woman vote for him???

they both say they just dont LIKE kerry. whatever, dudes. this aint Bout kerry, kids.

kerry can take care of himself, but bush will take care of all of us if he's given a another shot at the wheel. and god forbid he gets taken out before or after the election. if he's assasinated in office and becomes a martyr, well, can you imagine bush becoming a bigger icon than reagan???

fuck a duck, chuck.

Sunday, October 03, 2004

Makes sense to me. Its time to focus on the positive.
Besides, if you've got the ball and you're rushing toward the end zone, looking over your shoulder will only slow you down.
My kitties came up with that.
I'm trying my best to not even think about the bushites any more.

screw em. they used to be interesting cause I simply couldnt figure out...WHY. now I know I can Never figure them, screw em.

it's time to focus on kerry team support. getting the word out. it occurs to me when I see a kerry car or yard that I'm truly bolstered by that. my job is to do the same for others.

plus, I think, if the name kerry is as visible as bush, undecideds will be hit by the band wagon effect, one of the most powerful marketing tools out there.

but, right now, I think a nap is just as important.


Saturday, October 02, 2004

We have the opportunity to do the right thing; and we've a month to do it.

I do not like the way this country is heading. Thursday, the entire nation saw its commander-in-thief whine, snivel, and bray his way through 90 minutes of self defense and justification for blatant crusaderism. Nothing less.

Yet still, those who BackThe Bastard are loathe to change their views, even if they see the cracks in his faux armor.

I need not look just at Bush, but those around him: Dick-Chain Me, Karl Rangerover, Condompleezer Twice, DonaldDuck Cumsfeld, St. John Asscraft, the list goes on...these are people I do not want representing me on foreign soil. It has been proven that they are not seen as a group who works and plays well with others.

Is our populace so high on themselves and the power we have rammed down others' throats that they don't realize that this isn't the way to do business? Those attacking U.S. troops play by a different agenda. Brute isn't going to cut it. There is no victory to be gained; we have shaken a nest that has a never-ending supply of bees. International quicksand.

This isn't intellectualization, folks. Its the common sense fact.
I was just watching the overnight history crap they run for schools to record on 13. it's so considerate of their overnight viewers to air school shit, eh?

when they run the high school/community college stuff it's not Quite so bad.

anyway, theyre into texas history. specifically, the mexican war after the alamo and, it occured to me aGain, how bogus our "beacon of light" American brain washing really is.

I mean, all we've done from the beginning is take over someone else's land and call it home. From jamestown to baghdad, if we wanted it, we just took it and, maybe, tossed a few beads or pesos or rupies or dinars or marks in the general direction of whoever's country it was.

"oh, you want a treaty? okay, here's something to make it official, but you best believe, treaty or no, it's ours and there aint nothin you can do about it. so, you better shut the fuck up and, maybe, if you roll over just right and we like the taste of your resources, we'll make you a state some day."

hell, mexico's lucky to have what we left em. iraq, the same. oh, make no mistake, they can still call it iraq, but there'll be plenty o american flags and american signage all over the damn place saying, proudly, "we're here to stay, baby."

"but, gosh darn it, in light of all we've done to you folks, uh, for you folks, how'd ya'll feel about callin it 'Dubyahdad'? has a nice ring to it, dont it? I said, 'DONT IT'?!"

headline seen in an onion collection this evening at borders:

"Dead Iraqi Would Have Loved Democracy" complete with pic of smiling bearded turban dude.


honking. lots of honking. by all means. lots of demonstrations and large groups letting it be known, "we are not with this rabble, babbling their imperialistic greed infected christian soldier mantras to allah, buddah and all their bubba boyscouts from here to eternity."

we'll have none of it. we're mad as hell and we're not going to take it any more.

Friday, October 01, 2004

Its an interesting demographic. I wonder how many of those 25 plan on voting at all and how many plan to vote for bushie because momsie and pop like him. many plan to vote for him because they have studied his policies and agree with them.

I strive to teach my students critical thinking. Not only is it OK and acceptable, its a necessity in today's times. To follow blindly, to fail to question, is to disallow new ideas to germinate at best, and to allow immoral and illegal activities to take an even stronger foothold at worst.

I found myself driving through the intersection of Mockingbird and 75 this evening about 6 and happened upon a nice lil' peace demonstration...about 30 or so folks with picket signs and banners all making their point known on the outskirts of Cheney Park.

After finishing at the bank drive through, I pulled over and watched for a couple of minutes.
Several folks held signs that said "Honk if you hate Bush", or something to that effect.

Lotsa honking...very encouraging.

I hope to see more of those gatherings in the weeks to come.

Anybody got some extra placards?