Tuesday, January 31, 2006

lying ass son of a bitch

can he Be any more predictable...I dont know who I'm talking about here, bush, rove, whoever...?

can he be more formulaic? isnt this the same speech? I mean, isnt it?

there was that one long section where the order seemed identical as last year...

1. tell the military "Good Dog".
2. tell the rest of the citizens "Good Dog".
3. tell congress to keep cutting taxes.
4. tell the country about all the great domestic programs your going to start with absolutely no plan to implement any of them.
5. say God Bless America.
6. say Anybody seen my drink?

put the speech away for another day.

disgusting. though I have to admit, my lines were pretty much the same as last year, too.

1. ...yeah right
2. ...you idiot
3. ...whose fault is That, you moron?
4. ...Fuck You!
5. ...Fuck You!
6. ...Ass Hole!!!
7. ...you mother fucker
8. ...Fuck You! (applause on the right) Fuck all you guys!
9. ...yeah, right. that's ridiculous. lying ass son of a bitch!
10....you fucking idiot! Fuck YOU!!!

Friday, January 27, 2006

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anyway...for a man with little to say he certainly tries to say a lot. or is that the other way around? sometimes I get the impression he's being directed by tarantino or felini or some other bizarre italian avant gardist who's fucking with us for his own warped amusement.

listened to the press conference at...

interesting...on this page it says something like "sea island conference 2004". this is on the frigging white house dot gov page. what kind of intern is That? not monica, I can assure you. she always focused on what was at hand.

okay, enough of that. anyway, the conference was fairly typical bush accept that he was a bit more relaxed and letting his english (if you wanna call it that) go wherever it wanted to go. a strange mix of policy cliches, political speech fragments of the last several years and trying his best to be texas charming. which IS disarming if not totally doofus in practice.

obviously there was a plan to go from one question to the next in order only there were so many missing reporters some of the questions came off as unexpected so bush had to fall back again and again on the importance of a free iraq, the war against whatever and a few strange references back to hussein.

I especially love the contradictions and misdirections...how we're only in iraq to help the iraqis secure their country but of course theyre not ready to do that so it's their responsibility to secure their country and we're simply there to help them do that even though they cant.

how he never communicates with kadafi but he sent him a note about cooperating on the arab assasination a few years back. and, most glaringly, how he's always directed the government to operate within the law while the justice department works overtime to find loopholes in the law so he wont have to which is also a lawful pursuit because we're a nation of laws, a free nation who doesnt believe in torture even when it has to defend americans at all costs cause that's his job.

very bush. very entertaining. incredibly disturbing and maddening. that's our president.

Thursday, January 26, 2006

yeah well

I didnt see the press conference, but the few scraps I heard were just that.

I guess one of the thing that irks me the most about this super ream court is that I'll be in a hoveround before clarence will be replaced. I cant call him an idiot cause I dont know him personally but his reputation and decisions speak for themselves.

Its pretty tellin.....

When conservative talk show hosts tonight said that their leader was an embarrassment when put on stage, live.
One even went so far as to say that shrub can't speak a single English sentence correctly.
Well, we've known that all along.
But I gotta say, his pressed conference performance was pretty putrid....even for him.
On the other hand, it does show that anybody...and I mean anybody...can grow up to be prez.
Especially if ya got the right breedin.

Monday, January 23, 2006


Interesting story on Nightline right now. Didja know...the Soupream Court is the only federal branch without an ethics code??
Justice after justice....all appointed by Repubes....are being shown on expensive junkets and at meetings sponsored by such broad-minded organizations as the Federalist Society.
Clarence Thomas received a set of tires from NASCAR.
Gentlemen, start your briberies!

Saturday, January 21, 2006

my bad

obviously, when I said they "shoot and ask questions later"...

I should have said they "shoot first and cant imagine why anyone would ask questions cause theyre the fucking government and the president is an adolescent prick who's never learned about such insignificant things as actions having consequences".

that's what I should have said.

amen, bruthuh


Friday, January 20, 2006

gimme privacy or gimme death

I know it must be a hand tying dilemma not to be able to look under everyone's carpet to find the dirt theyre looking for.

I can sympathize though there's no way I can condone the invasion. it's just another example of the total lack of respect for individual americans. if bush and his henchmen had one ounce of caring about the world from our perspective, they'd know where these "little lines" are.

but, of course, they are the essence of shoot first and ask questions later.

Get off my Google

How Orwellian is it for the Gubment to start looking for our Google records?
Isn't anyone else the least bit incensed by the ever-dwindling privacy and civil rights in this land of the free?
If this goes through, I really really hope we see the start of a revolt...because it is revolting.
On the plus side, how many congressmen and cabinet members are feeling a bit nervous right now?

Thursday, January 19, 2006

please, lord, no...

no condo leesa in the white house, pahleeza. dont even suggest the possibility.

not that conservatives would Ever have hilary. my fear, then, is, of course, our house will be divided yet again in 2008 and the worst will happen deja vu gore, hilary, ralph...tooo many past losers sniping at the obvious.

the question will likely be can dean overcome past weirdness or will bam bam or someone new captivate the voting public enough to get america back on track.

I just pray bush wont be able to make hay with the new osama truce tape, whether from a macho no quarter crap or "see? we got the boy on the run". though I expect nothing more.

diplomacy not dipshit lunacy, georgie. we Got here by not taking advantage of that which diplomacy supports...friends, leverage, strength in numbers. the way things get done in the Real World.

Monday, January 16, 2006

The future according to Laura the Librarian

When asked over the weekend if America is ready for a female president, Queen Laura replied with an enthusiastic "YES".
And her choice?
Condompleezer Twice.
Lets all stop to comtemplate this. The Secretary of Hate as our next Prez?
One thing's for sure...she's the only African-American politician guaranteed to get more white votes than black.
Thats gotta be one of the most repulsive things ever to come outta zoned-out Laura's mouth...
Unless of course you count George's pubes...
And I'm not.

Sunday, January 15, 2006

bye, bye, Roe

I didnt realize till someone mentioned the other day how Alito would make the 5th Catholic on the supreme court. excuse me, but arent they pretty tight with the pope and all? wont that make them a 5-4 top heavy "god decides who lives and dies" kinda club?

sure looks that way on paper.

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

the spine bone connected to the brain bone

not always.

I still cant get over the number of times I hear people calling talk shows on privacy rights saying..."if ya aint doin nothin wrong ya aint got nothin ta worry bout." these are the people who play the lottery cause they believe in luck over justice. these are the people who believe good works equal the lord's blessins. these are the people who cant imagine the odds arent in their favor even as they live in the shadow of the sword of deregulation.

then there's the guy sunday night. the host was talking about how weird the XBox 360 thing is, how microsoft promoted the hell out of it before xmas then failed to deliver the goods. how the games are merely trickling out of the factory a few hundred at a time. as the host is batting around the possibilities...manipulation, conspiracy, marketing genius running up the value...this guy calls in saying, "I cant buhlieve youre talking about this stupid computer stuff when we're so close to the end of the world."

these are the brains of the citizens who are contributing to the voting pool. they dont know what's at stake, their priorities are in the clouds. and our luck is running out regardless of what faith we have in our fellow american.

Monday, January 09, 2006

You say fuck....

I say fucked.
Thats what we'll be if Alito gets on board.
The "legislation from the bench" stuff is a pile of shit. Frankly, the only legislation they don't like is that which furthers the liberal agenda. If it benefits them its not legislation...its judicial process.
The constitution is set to be turned upside down, inside out by bushy and co., and most people aren't gonna know, not gonna care until Average Joe Citizen wakes up to find G-men climbing the front yard live oak with binoculars and walkie-talkies.
Oh...it could happen.
Or is it hap'nin already?

the distinguished senator from alabam

okay...so the alito hearings are on kera.

god, I cant stand it. I had to turn it off when Jeff Sessions got on the mic and repeated 5 times in a row how much of a pleasure it is to talk with someone who doesnt believe in "legislating from the bench".

fuck. "this country needs judges who wont bring their personal agendas to the court. and I'm sure, as long as you overturn Roe and get jesus back in schools and make it possible for the president to tap on our phones and put cameras in our bedrooms, america will be proud you were able to reverse all these perverted judges who have railroaded their unconstitutional will upon this proud country over the last 50 years."

did I say fuck?

Saturday, January 07, 2006

whistle blowers and balls

that's all it takes.

hell, the scandals are There...they need only be rooted out and exposed to the sun.

the american people can take it from there. that is, the mule Will pull the cart if you whack it in the right place with the a big enuff stick.

go, america, go.

Thursday, January 05, 2006

So far..

2006 looks alot like 2005.
Freaky weather worldwide, 130 dead in Iraq today, Washington plagued by scandelocusts...
Feels like the same ol same ol.
Damn I hope that psychic was right on.


yo, flicker sticks

been outta town for a week. I heard a psychic on coast to coast overnight on my way into town. she said she saw the bush plague subjected to scandal after scandal this next year.

bring it on.

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Can't wait to see..

....who Abramoff trots out to the spotlight in the name of savings his own ass.
My guess is he knows the core of dirty dealins and illegal wheelins in Washingtown.
The question is...how deep and wide does the corruption go?
When we pull the string, how much of the political sweater will be in tact when it finishes unraveling?

It truly is a case of one hand washing the other...all in dirty water. Politicians have free reign over what they do and, when they are policed, those doing the policing are usually crooked too.

Best case scenario....this will change the face of political power as we know it. Not only will those who have committed sins of the dollar be convicted, but the entire way of doin business will shift as well.

Worst case scenario...all will be relegated to more backroom dealings and the guilty mules will be let off with slap on the ass, with coverage limited to a short, five line blurb in your fav'rite Belo-run publication.

I remain optimistic....pass the popcorn.

Monday, January 02, 2006

Happy New Year...

.....Fellow keepers of the positive flame.
My new year's wish?
Documentation of an impeachable offense.
Peace, all