Wednesday, June 30, 2004

I have no doubt that the early turn over was a pre-emptive strike at the terrorists...if they didn't know something was up, they figured the closer they got to June 30, the more likely something could go down.
Besides, what really constituted the turnover? Bremmer tossin a letter at the Iraqis that said.."Its yours! I'm tha fuck outta here!", then running like hell.
True, the fuckups may be less numerous, but with this thing still smellin like a big plate o' home cooked Vietnam stew, and the farcical bushies still in power, we'll still have tons to groan about.
I pro-mice.

Tuesday, June 29, 2004

I have to wonder if they really thought handing the damn thing over 48 hours early means theyre ahead of schedule or if maybe they heard somebody was planning a big attack on the 30th and wanted to throw a hot wrench into their puddin...? with these guys ya never know what their motivations are.

I may miss things not being so fucked up all the time. it's become such a habit.

the kerry administration will ipso facto be pretty boring by comparison. nothing to get pissed about, no one on TV to inspire the automatic 2 bird salute.

at least I hope not.
Bushy just cant keep his shnozz outta others' affairs.
Now, he's pissin off the EU, telling them how they just gotta...GOTTA let Turkey play.
Chirac was right..its kinda like France telling us how to relate to Mexico.
Jesus I'll be glad when we quit trying to be ever-bodies' Uncle Sam.

Monday, June 28, 2004

There ya go, got your country back. Now don't make us come back and take over again.
Umm...oh yea, we're still here.....
Now what did we turn over again?
The posturing done today by the bushsquad..."see what we've done? they're self-governing! it was all worth it!" made me want to barf. True, it wasn't as bad as it coulda been, but any self-absorbed pat-ourselves-on-the-back crap immediately moves me to the pissed off category.
Oh yeah...55 billion bucks, please.
from where I sit, the president aint drivin. however, he sits close enough to get his hand on the wheel now and then so we need someone who can at least see what road we're on.

Sunday, June 27, 2004

Rumble seat is cool....we just gotta get em out of the driver's seat.
Election 2004...a royal flush for the american royal family.

I only wish the driver of the car and all those guys in the rumble seat would go over the cliff with.

no matter who's elected, a bunch of will still be back there pattin each other on the back and honkin their little Play School diesel horns.

Election 2004...Clearasil for America

Saturday, June 26, 2004

I'm hoping 25 years from now W will be seen as less of a blip on history's radar and more of an indistinct smudge.

he'll be that guy those of us still around will describe as a small yet very unpleasant zit on the buttocks of western civilization who had no place in the seat of government.

and I mean that personally.
it's a good time not to be on the front line militarily.

and a great time to be on this side of the political fence.

fate will have to go supernatural to make this transition be any smoother than a broken down ox wagon limping up the sierras with the name DONNER scratched on the back.

and that's the way we like it. those of us who were never on board with anything this administration has done the last four years cant wait to see 6 dozen eggs on W's face from now to doomsday in crawford, the town that time will soon forget.

this time next year, people sittin out on their crawford front porches will see the scrawny texas wonder once known as president takin a sunday drive on a friday up FM 1014 and say....

"there He goes."


"oh, you know...uh..."

Been hearing great things about F 9/11. Even been seeing some interviews where are people are saying, "I was undecided, but now...."

Exactly what I hoped would happen.

I've spent the last coupla days in Austin, that last bastion of liberalness in the land o'shrub, and the anti-war, anti-bushy, anti-perry sentiment is spreadin like plum jelly on sunday morning toast. The more heads that roll, the more the insurgents strike, the more bushy goes overseas to preach his crusaderocracy and flash his physique in a white t-shirt (love that Irish media!!), the more the undecided of the land become less so.

Anyone else notice how the REAL pubes are coming to light? bushy gettin pushy with the Irish anchor? cheney saying fuck on the senate floor? The southern manners are going by the wayside as things start to unravel....I predict an unpleasant few days heading up to the 30th. A blindside is a-coming, I feel, I feel.

It all just puts me back in the mindset of how criminally disgusting it is for innocents on all sides to be made to pay the price for the arrogant yet powerful few.

Thursday, June 24, 2004

every little bit helps.

I hope the stink over f-911 commercials lasts long enough to get the flick major attention over the next few weeks. by then, the advertising budget will be gone anyway, the damn thing's so poplar.
According to Condoloser Lice -
"All along we have expected a rise in upsergency as the turnover day approaches." Then why didn't we do more to stop it, since we are the all-powerful?
"The Iraqi government will not allow terrorist acts to derail democracy." Already has, folks.
Chaos, anyone?
Packaged correctly, the next few days will be a boost to Kerry/? 2004.
2 english-as-a-second-language campfire cowboys just a campaignin and complainin together again.

that's america, buddy.
I cannot BEE-LEEVE how intelligent Clinton sounds, and is, in comparison to bushy. I listened to his live call-in tonight and the entire program left me grateful for his years in office, and depressed when I considered what, and WHO, we are dealing with today.
So Arnold Shitztnuts wants to campaign for bush. GOOD! DumbBell and Dumber hit the road.

Wednesday, June 23, 2004

What is amusing about this tactic is its absolute transparency. Hell, it loses credibility on that alone.
I gotta add another to your list doc.....
Do unto others before they do it unto you, and make sure you show a profit for it.
oh, theyre just good old boys engaged in a little keep away, hide and seek and red light/green light.

boys just wanna have fun. I'm sure they were having a good chuckle all day long and who can fault them for that.

nobody said kid's games are necessarily fair. at some point, they weed out the men from the boys, doncha know.

that's where we get such wonderful american expressions like...

1. never give a sucker an even break.
2. your ass is My bottom line.
3. if ya cant take the heat, get outta the kitchen.
4. youre either for us or against us.
5. america, love it or leave it.
6. touch me, I'm rich.
7. free checking! everything else costs double.
8. there's a $2.50 charge for your transaction. would you like to continue or be broke? both? good.
9. we know where you live.
10. I'll count to 3. one...bang!...too...bad

Yeah....this says it all.


Tuesday, June 22, 2004

certainly, I admire him for protesting the war. he's got both hands in that 2 handed game. if there IS a 3rd hand, it's a dummy.

as a war protestor in those days, his history in that regard gives him more leverage with Me.
Regarding Nightline and these idiots criticizing Kerry.....
If someone goes to war, fights and wins medals, they can come back and protest all they want and do whatever they want with the medals.

I believe rummy suffers from another problem....awake deprivation. Anyone who is so routinely out-to-lunch had better be asleep at the wheel. Add to that morality deprivation, common sense deprivation, leadership deprivation, well....ok, he's got an assload of problems.
Nothin like an international head rollin to stoke the anti-american fires overseas. According to CNN, they have several more hostages, each waiting their turn to be trotted out before the cameras in an orange jumpsuit and served up like a pound of ground round from Rudolph's in Deep Ellum.
Duuno about you guys, but if I was one of the hostages and one of those dudes came up to me with orange clothing to don, I'd know that I played my last beat.
I loved the Rummy quote of the day. when asked to okay harsh treatment of detainees, one of the requests was can we force them to stand 4 hours at a time (in addition to more stringent 20 hour interrogations, etc.).

Rummy fires off his official response, "I dont see what so bad about that. I'm routinely on my feet 8 to 10 hours a day."


"sleep deprivation? you call that torture? hell, I'm awake most of the time my own self."
I never understood how smart, thinking people ever allowed themselves to be penned up in stalls. even the word cubicle has a box-like feel to it. if theyre going to call them cubicle farms, why dont they just lose the whole "employee" thing (which basically out and out calls everyone a tool) and refer to those you hire "livestock" and keep em in the "barn" until of course it's time to put them out to pasture.

talk about sheeple. and yet so many seem to be just fine with it. where's the rebellious attitude americans are known for? how can so few (who have actually offices) keep such a huge number down on the farm without repercussions of any sort? I dont know how either side does what they do. I clearly dont grok such organizations.

to me, corporations are nothing but soul grinders and their handbooks should all be entitled "To Serve Man".

Monday, June 21, 2004

There is no way I could ever succumb to corporate mentality...I do not want them and they damn sure don't want me.
Cubicle-botism, aside from what I face in academia, is way behind what the fibers in my body will allow. Dealing day in and day out with the thought police and co., regardless of the industry, is tantamount to torture in my book.
I will not be assimilated.
As for Trickey Thomas....I'd like to see a debate between him and Rev. Sharpton...I'd pay good money, I would.
I have to admit I took personal (read Selfish) comfort from the fact that, as I understand it, the ruling only affects the really really big companies who control their own health care systems.

since I dont think companies should be that big in the first place, I've divorced myself from that community.

of course the broader view, like the ID compliance ruling, is yet another reduction in rights and yet aNother victory for the corporate weasels who clearly want it all. they're not happy with our money, not happy with their monopolies or medieval employee policies. they're not happy with having the president and the supreme court and a goodly percentage of congress in their pockets. they want to do whatever they wanna do whenever they wanna do it.

put simply, they wanna echo the vantage point of the president and be not only above the law, but well above the constitution. what they cant ignore legally, they'll simply have removed. their m.o. is always showing.

and governmental checks between the branches have gone the way of peace and prosperity.
I DO pray kerry or whoever the next demoncratic president will authorize lethal force (with no regard for the geneva conv.) against judge thomas (who I was unaware could actually Write decisions...he usually just sits there and goes along to get along...but he's quite a card, I'm sure) and those who cant wait for those late night atta boy calls from the white house. or, more likely, crawford. or camp david. or florida.
DAMN! I'd say the SoupReam Court did more today to piss me off than anyone has in a few days. But, in the spirit of makin moonshine outta lemons, maybe this will get under others' skins too and we can start shovin back, domestic agenda-style. That Reagan/Bush/Bush stack of clowns, who have no worries about their own health care, have once again demonstrated their utter lack of connection with the people o' this land....which brings up the point - We gotta get shrub outta there before any of those just-icees kick over so he can't replace em with a fresh younger crop of oh-so-deep thinkers.
I vote for making the Aboo-Grave prison hearings federal, state, and local holidays. Yes, folks, for the sake of our future, lets all take a few days and watch and listen while our unduly unelected leaders show us what they are truly made of. Bushy under cross-examination? I'd LOVE it! Not to mention the fact that Cumsfeld's head will start spinnin counterclockwise and CondomPleezHer Thrice will throw an all out hissyfuckinfit liar-been-caught tantrum live and nationwide.
Yes, folks, in the spirit of the upcomin 4th, those are the fireworks I'd like to see.....
I'll bring the beer.
go detainee abuse hearings
where defense attorneys wanna
subpoenna everyone from sanchez
to rummy all the way up to dubdub.

good stuff.
go supreme court.
trample them rights.
get people pissed off
so congress can get back
to a patient rights agenda.

we like.

Sunday, June 20, 2004

very sunday it is. Lookin VERY forward to it.
oh, and we have unanimity for next sunday's F-911 outing.

we'll work out the particulars at the end of the week.

exactly. nafta aside and some of the globalism which I thought was unstoppable before I saw the truly horrific off shoring going on, I beLieved Clinton Did truly care and his priorities domestically were my own.

they didnt ask him about companies making a mockery of free trade. I would like to hear him talk about what he'd do about all that now. maybe he addresses it in the book.

I may actually buy the thing.
I think there are plenty who dont know how theyre going to vote yet.

many are on the fence of wondering if they should go to nader or the libertarian cause theyre not excited by the obvious choices. many are aware bush sucks but they dont really know if kerry is going to change anything really.

the whole 2 party thing is such a whirlpool. still, what can ya do? big money's got it locked up so tight.

someday, there'll be an extremely charismatic person who's not too eccentric (perot) or politically dogmatic (nader), who can actually pull 50% of us away from the major parties. a house hold name who makes so much sense, who has a terrific political track record on his/her own and who has quit one of the major parties to specifically break the rules.

who knows? maybe even a journalist like a cronkite or, hell, george spartanopolis or...or... somebody with a jesse ventura personality with a genius wit and a down home grit that hits all of us in the gut just right.

someone HAS to unite america after everything that's happened these last 25 years to divide us.

The thing about Clinton is I never felt hoodwinked by him. He had our best interest at heart, thought first about the welfare of the people, and wasn't out to flex his muscles all over the planet.
I am continually amazed at how LITTLE dubya and co. discuss issues here care, jobs, environment, you name it. If you think about it, this crusaderism is serving the re-pubes well....keeping the focus off of the cesspool they created in the homeland.
All said and done, I'd rather have a president gettin blown in the white house than a chickenhawk givin it the country right up the slopchute.
I've seen both of those interviews too, and I agree that he defended his position very well.
He's right on about the right armpit being very adept at mind control, thought control, and just plain control. We're gonna believe what we believe, they're gonna believe what they believe, but whats gonna happen to the folks in the middle? ARE there any folks in the middle? If so...we need em to come aboard fast.
then there was Clinton on 60 minutes.

I'm struck by the irony that the president so many people think is a big liar is probably the most personally candid politico youre gonna find. I see almost no barriers or posturing when he speaks.

of course I was happy to have a fellow arkansaucer in the white house, but I really believed he was a real human being and have to wonder what his presidency would have been like without ken starr and the rest of the mud booted thugs who continuously tried to take him out behind the outhouse for a heapin helpin of we dont cotton to your kind round here.

I was glad to hear him say he was sorry they couldnt get health care and medicare done to make this a more caring country.

listen up, cant be the "greatest country on earth" if you dont take care of the needs of your people. your problem has always been rhetoric over reality. we see you. we hear what you say and we see what you dont do. we're not ALL idiots with ears only.

not by a long shot.

so, I've seen michael moore interviewed twice this weekend, friday night and this morning on george athenopolis. I thought they were pretty hard on him and he acquitted himself with candor and strength.

obviously the right wont buy any of it. after all, most of the debate is he said, he said.

the main point michael makes that gets me goin is we need as much strength, as many lines in the sand, as much public fortitude on the left as consevatives expect from the bushites.

this morning, michael laid into george about the media not asking any prove it, bub questions before W's Whimsical Invasion of Iraq. in fact, george was harder on michael than anyone was on dubby about tampons of match construction,

it wouldnt surprise me if michael asks for attack dog exchanges so no one can say the leftist press is going easy on one of their own. besides, it makes for a much deeper on-screen conversation.

hey, imagine a tv interview where issues are actually examined and analyzed.

wouldnt that make for some interesting Reality TV...News?

Friday, June 18, 2004

On Michael Moore's website, he writes of a "grass roots" conservative organization that is putting the pressure on theatres to not show Fahrenheit 9/11.
Is it just me, or do the flag wavers seem to be a wee bit selective about which constitutional amendments they support?
I think he lays it out very well, so for those of you who haven't seen it.....
Swifty to sunday works for me. Lookin forward to it!

Well...I've just seen the pics of this head loss too, and I'm wondering how many more of these I'll look at before I say, "Oh, yeah, more head." Bushy is making it plain and clear that we are there to occupy, and the more the ante gets up'd, the more we'll up the ante.
Coming back from Arlington a few minutes ago I was listening to the 820 AM asshole of the hour (forgot his name), who said, outright, that we need to "level"..that IS a quote...that whole part of the world. Jesus Christ.

What IF that kinda mentality spreads to Washington? What if that rabidity comes to fruition? Barbarism here; barbarism there; barbar, barbar ever-where.

You're right, artie...they just want us the fuck outta there. Reasonable enough. But given the macho nacho mentality of the adminifarcation, we'll pump out our chests, rattle our sabres, and shove harder.

just saw michael moore on tv, grilled by the NBC morning guy.

movie comes out Next friday, by the we're looking at a week from this sunday if that works...?

michael held his own. looks like it's gonna be a fairly good broadside.

man, ANYTHING and EVERYTHING that gets people riled up to shake the tree come november is alright with me.

there's only one bullseye and the bullseye takes up the whole damn wall.

winner take all and win or lose, there's nothing left for number two.
sparky says sunday. how'z that for you?

bush somehow managed to piss me off again today with his ultra primitive wanton forbidity. after the johnson beheading, in which the terrorists are Very Simply saying GET OFF OUR LAND, dont go away mad, dont go away happy, just get the fuck away from us...which, excuse me, sounds reasonable to ME...of course, BUSHY ASS gets his back up and says, "you cant intimidate US!"

excuse me, but, this all sounds like a scenario in which some doof, that would be us, comes along and doesnt just step on somebody's toe by accident, but, with malicious intent, goes right up to someone and Stands on their toe, their whole foot in fact. and continues to stand there till, finally, the guy who owns the foot says, "hey, ya mind..." followed by "why look. you seem to be on my foot" and, eventually, tries to push the guy off his foot.

and what does the aggressor do? why, he says, "you cant intimidate ME. I can stand on your foot as long as I like. I wont back off, even if you cut off my head cause I cant BE pushed around. I'm a goddamn AMERICAN. we cant BE intimidated. we do whatever the hell we please. cause we're goddamn AMERICANS and
you know what YOU are...youre cowardly thugs...youre evil bastards who deserve all the foot stompin we can dish, where's that OTHER foot, thuggles?"

Thursday, June 17, 2004

Indeed, indeed...Monday works for me. Anyone else want to join the rally?
I'd be up for a michael moore movie night.

I dont know if anyone else is reading this
right now, but it'd be great to get all 4
of us to take the time to get in line.

tomorrow's opening night?

if not everyone responds in the next several
days, I'll be mr. phone call and we can make
it so.

I'm thinking, maybe, monday night...?

what's that like???

it's like rewriting history and,
just when you need em, wave after
wave of reinforcements come over
every hill to save the alamo.

that's my fantasy anyway.

Wednesday, June 16, 2004

Very good nightline indeed...and evidently the first of several to come.
Now that ronnie is planted and watered, its gloves off time. We got 5 months to make this happen, and we need to come out fighting.
Torture as it relates to the current gang is less a result of war as it is a by-product of arrogance; we be the biggest and baddest and can do whatever we want.
Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, childen of all mo time...its THAT attitude that has a hostage on decap countdown with a guarantee of more to come.
That aint my America....
We all need to have a Fahrenheit 9/11 night at the movies...a stokin' of the fires for like minded folk.
nice night line.

2 dozen confirmed deaths in iraq and afganistan during interrogation.

I feel sorrier for those victims than almost anyone else. certainly more shame for my country, doing this to another peoples. very sad. you cant just say we're at war and all's fair. sorry, that's simply not enough.

you cant say our enemies are animals and deserve inhuman treatment. that's just plain stupid.

not that these things havent happened before and not discovered. obviously people Do kill each other in war when theyre not in combat and torture has gone on in the past.

which is not to say it SHOULD have. let alone officially Sanctioned by the military and political leaders. which is the most important issue. if it happens, it's a tragedy. if it happens under orders, it's unexcuseable and should Not be accepted by the american people.

horrifically, some applaud the practice. THose people are the real animals.
Tom Delay...lifetime member of the Assholes Unanimous Club.
His ethics have always been absent. I hesitate to even call it "ethics". He is, to me, a narrowminded, bigoted, bibble-thumpin' flag-humpin' repub-bot. Crabs in the crotch of America, my friend...nothing more.
I hope they dig dig dig....connect him to Enron, fraud, discrimination, the Lincoln asassination, anything man.
Totally embodiment of what we are struggling against.
here's to a big ol republican feud. infighting cant hurt our cause. especially if it cuts the arrogant legs out from under the deaf and blind alligators that plague us.

there's stuff abrewin in texas, too.

I hear the grand old party's hatchet man, Tom Delay, aka the hammer, is being sued and faces some nice juicy ethics charges.

double plus good.
I absofuckinglutly love it!
Today, a conservative group has put out an ad that aligns Bush with Reagan, with Reagan as a leader against communism and Bush as a leader against terrorism. The prob? Reagan's didn't give permission for his image to be used.
And so it begins...the war between the repubic old guard and the new breed of uber-arrogance. Perhaps our best hope....a fracture of the goonsquad. Lets fan these flames.

Tuesday, June 15, 2004

From now until November, every move that asshole makes is weighed according to the "gotta keep my job" factor. Politics rules the day.
True, they want to keep him in jail, and surely the washingtoniites have figured out the PR hell that would take place if Maddas returned to power...a big thumb to the nose to shrub and co.; back to The Way We Were, 2002.
That would be a helluv-an expensive OOPS; a most monumental OH SHIT...but as you said, anything can happen. It could add all new meaning to Turn Over Power Day...make that...Return Power To Day.
Right now, I'm watching a Nightline story about the atrocities in tribal Sudan. Funny how we don't run to everyone's rescue. We pick and choose our gawdly crusades.
However....if that cute lil French doctor they just interviewed needs help...she can call me inny-time.
hell, bush brain would probably let him have the cigar slipper package what the hell.

something about honor among dictators. "from one asshole citizen killer to another..."

that sorta thing. I'd love to be the pizza delivery guy for a little guys night in between W, saddam and fidel. that would be one Helluva party, doncha know. there'd be some rip snortin confused wild west tale swampin tequila laden beard floppin rifle shootin in the air mayhem goin on for damn sure.

I'm willing to bet if there's the slightest inkling that saddam will be released without some sort of criminal trial, etc., that the U.S. (that would be us) will find some way to swoop him outta there ala noriega (whatever happened to him, by the way?) and slip him into a nice orange jumpsuit and panama hat into his own 4X8 on the sands de cuba sans cigar and slippers.

oh, I Definitely thought about it when I heard about the saddam turn over.

and I would LOVE it. of course, bushy tail said he hopes they'll keep him in jail, "he needs to be in jail." but, fuck, man, anything could happen.


I would give a good chunk of my monthly entertainment budget for the month of july to see everything go back to the way it was in Iraq after a thousand of our guys have been simply tossed into the fire and a few hundred contractors for good measure. the Iraqis kick us out and Bush's face goes up on the wall of the most insane idiots in human history.

see, you were right all along, Mr. W, sir. EVERYone wants "freedom". the freedom to determine their Own destiny, politics, culture, without meddlesome christian dictators sticking their big fat puds in it. too bad you never took the time to understand your own friggin speechifyin from ALL sides of the table.

too bad...sooo sad.

did I mention I would LOVE it.

72 hours before another head rolls.....
So washington is contemplating turning Saddam over to Baghdad in the near future....
And they're still planning on turning control over to the Iraqis on the 30th....
Surely....SURELY...someone has thought about the prospect won't happen...never....
BUT....I'll laugh my hairy ass off if it does.
big bad juju is right.

it's bad and it's wrong.

this whole thing is a circus
and the freaks run the show.

it's a fleece circus and
we be shaved to the bone.

I dont be too scared in dallas.

they might take out the federal
building, which is cool. I dont
go down there much. they can have
the whole of downtown. I dont need
it. and if they redistribute the body
parts of a few hundred financial puddles
o goo and the women that live to serve
them, I got no quarrel with that.

I sorta agree with the sentiment.

we gots way too many bean counters and
folks who are bean bottom based anyway.

somebody done shut off the trickle
a long time ago and if we lose
a coupla reluctant tricklers,
we aint lost much for sure.

anyway, we gotta be at least 10th or
more down the list from the juiciest
targets. a cow or two in crawford
is probably more glam than we be.

dont mean to be harsh,
dont mean to be cruel, but
if somethin's gotta kersplode,
I'd suggest without regret,
the money changin temple
and the iron claw rule.

Monday, June 14, 2004

Hysterics, man....thats what Ratner and all that ilk are about.
The pubes are countin on using it to win the election.
"Its wartime...its us or them...we gotta do it to them 'afore they do it to us..." Highly bad kharma...most negative juju...get that shit away from me.
They know their audience..hysterics works with the sheep. A stampede of the minions to the voting booth to hustle in another four years of jr. shrub...reagan's right nut heir apparently.
Couldn't some of A. Hitler's initiatives be referred to as "Patriot" acts??
I digress....
Anyways, journey with me if you will....
To a place in time in which, before walking out the door for the day's evening out...or just a visit to the grocery pause...
You stop to consider, "Where am I goin, and how can I get outta there if some nasty shit goes down?"
The politics of the goonsquad is rapidly rapidly moving us to a place in which an afternoon at NorthPark isn't one of those things we can pretty much guarantee we'll come home from.
Or anyplace else for that matter....
Columbus, OH could be Dallas, TX...easily...
Now picture this scenario.....all us folks flipping on the TV to hear President Gore reassuring us that all is being done to protect our security on the homeshores........
Moral of the story....if there was a President Gore, we wouldn't be in the bullseye of everyone who has the slightest, tiniest chicken bone to pick with the USOFA.
Thanks alot, georgie and co......enjoy your last five months.
alan combs guest idiot guest, tim ratner?, says everyone we've rounded up overseas, at guatanamo bay, etc. are without doubt guilty without trial and we owe them no human dignity whatsoever. that we cant take a chance with these guys.

they have an ACLU guy on there proving one exception after another, one pardoned detainee after another and the creep continues to say we, the great america, have to rid ourselves of these animals who attacked us on 9/11.

what is this total black/white mind set? from reagan to bush to this whole hard line against the stinkin brown skin people who all hate us and want us dead so, of COURSE, we have to hate and kill them FIRST.

those who paint with a black and white brush cannot Help but paint themselves into quick corners.

now he's waving the fucking patriot act as if it's the only true American policy that will protect us against our enemies. sinister sinister sinister SINISTER shit, man.

completely black hearted UNAMERICAN skull and bones piratage.

and wrong wrong wrong wrong WRONG.
no, no. I'm wrong. reagan may not have been The anti-christ, but they were definitely on a first name basis.
yes, I'm reaganed out, but I happened to surf passed the reagan bio on 13 and heard them saying something about Billy Graham's influence on reagan and it makes me wonder if Pastor Billy isnt connected with the whole anti-christ thing.

could Billy be the Big A.C.??? he certainly has had influence, mostly destructive from my hill. he had reagan believing we were living in the end times, saying things were lining up nicely for Armmageddon.

isnt That optimistic?

Sunday, June 13, 2004

everyone's asowin seeds...
which are plants of health
and natural nutrition and
which are poisonous weeds
that'll destroy our future
through fear & contrition?

Thats my question.....
Is the voting mass consuming the material or is it being passed over like a koran at the promise keeper's parade?
The goobers dont like to entertain anything that goes against what they believe....god forbid they have to think intellectually about a topic and perhaps reconsider what IS the truth.
At least the books are out there, and maybe..just maybe..folks will start to do some browsin. Especially as the killings and kidnappings pick up.
I had a heartening moment at border's scanning the history shelves. aside from the limited titles...fuck, a fifth of it is american civil war and a fourth addresses WW II...not to mention cramming in half a wall of contemporary commentary...I was very impressed with how many anti Bush books out now.

far more than the conservative publications and from so many different angles and areas of expertise. but is the public listening, let alone reading any of it? are there enough "intellectuals" left in the country to over power the dittos, dodos, doodoos and goobers?

will it come down to a jello shot kick boxing million dollar poker lottery between the christians and the pharisees? last night, we were surfing the tube at 1030 and ABC was running a billy graham sin-fo-mercial. saturday night at 1030...major network...opposite SNL, wrestling, mad TV, etc., channel 8 has sold their time to hardcore jeez almighty save-o-matic propagandarama.

I did a year of born again in the early 70s, so I understand the emotional thrill of "connecting" with a supernatural power. but I never "connected" that emotion with political figures or my political priorities.

I have to admit, I'm a little scared of these blind faith minions who will vote for Anyone who says the magic mythological word.

jesus christ.
Well, a nice relaxing weekend of de-republicanizing did me well.
Of course, I turn on the TV only to see george I jumping from on high.
Wouldn't it have been interesting if........

Saturday, June 12, 2004

we were sitting next to a 30ish woman at the sushi bar tonight. she was dressed nicely, out to eat with hubby or whoever, both apparently middle class folks enjoying their friday night rice and rawness.

looking up at the tv, CNN was about to cover the final final FINAL ritual, the sunset service in avacadoville. without thinking, she said, "havent they planted him Yet???"

it Has been an awfully busy week for our good friend, Mr. Esprit d'Corpse. He's definitely been shaken, not stirred. I was sorta hoping for an Ayatolla prat fall when they put him in the hurse this afternoon. no such luck.

we can move on now. mostly, this has made me think back nostalgically about I felt in the the unholy me me me attitude started with that big 3 by 5 cowboy in a box and how bush wouldnt be pullin all this crap if it hadnt been for the precedential groundwork laid by that presidential groundhog, the man bush would love to call daddy.

and probably will at the convention. as far as I'm concerned, the one thing they actually share is/was a total lack of prudence.

Friday, June 11, 2004

Well, back to abnormalcy.
After a week of pimp and circumferstance, ronnie's planted and, thanks to the nonstop republican ad campaign, baby republicans are bound to spring up like Johnson grass in Farmer Brown's corn. One thing I heard today did kinda set me back...way back..given the brotherly love spewed forth this week. At Reagan's request, no Democrats were invited to speak at his service. Not that any would want to, but in light of all this "bringin' everyone together" legacy of the Reagan administration, I thought it......fuckingly ironic.

My chosen quote to sum up the week...

"Same as it ever was...."
- David Byrne
I gotta say, I'm glad all this is about over. I didn't watch the ceremoaniums live, but I've been seein enough on the news to catch the jist. Which is.....Georgie is the his pimply ass.
I couldn't tell if Colon Bowel was kissing Grandma Bush's hand or starting a tongue bath on her. Only those sitting nearby could tell fo sho.
okay, hang in there a second more...theyre finally finishing up.

one last comment, the benediction used the phrase "the almight shepherd of his sheep...".

and, jesus christ, is that cathedral full of sheep wearing their tiny american flags, ready to follow god's chosen anywhere...even unto death.

the irony is this kind of lockstep thinking is what allowed "our" ancestors to survive and flourish. if we'd all been nonconformists and rebels, we'd be slaughtering each other in total anarchy. that is, if we'd survived this far.

the organization of cells into tissues into organs into our bodies tells us all we need to know about the importance of coordination, leadership and subserviance. but if I was the hand to the bush head, I hope I would have amputated myself long before now. if I were the heart, I would be in a box like ronnie the gooselick already.

who do you have to fuck to get to be a pall bearer in this circus, I wonder?

here's some fucking preacher telling the story of the dark and the light and how 911 was a day of darkness and how the light must stand up to the dark and, fuck, it's a fucking political sermon for bush cakes everywhere.

this is too has to leave my house.
so I'm eatting a peanut butter, carrot and tomato sandwhich and I happen to turn on the Reagan going away party. Maggie Thatcher, though sitting right there, has prerecorded her eulogy, which may have been in the can for years, who knows.

against my better judgement I listen to about 3 minutes of it. not because it touched me in Any way, but, rather because I Have to watch tv when I'm putting shit in my mouth. I didnt realize 27 had perry mason or I wouldnt have had the patience to endure such sappy crap.

since my brain rejected it totally, I dont remember exactly what she said. as you might expect, the end was biblically inspired. something like...

"...and as our beacon of courage and great example passes across the threshold of the western sunset, we can almost hear all the trumpets sound on the other side where the great and powerful OZ, I mean, where almighty God waits with outstretched hand, welcoming Ronnie Baby at last home with a gracious smile and a hearty 'job well done, my good and faithful servant'. now, how bout a blow job? no, not you...ME.".

I can relate to things beyond this reality, call it supernatural, call it parallel universes, call anything you like. I'm afraid I have to draw the line at trumpets and the golden streets of heaven.

oh, this is too funny...W is eulogizificatin and the camera is looking around. first tony blair, then clinton, both with VERRRY heavy eyes, almost closed entirely and I dont mean in prayer. there's mama bush, leafing through the program. even she knows she needs a distraction because there's nothing for her ears or eyes to do into the forseeable future.

and, of course, W cant refuse jesus references...

"...the day has come when he sees his savior face to face as we all will some day."

none too soon, good buddy.

Thursday, June 10, 2004

actually, I had much higher hopes for the show. I wanted a historical overview and credible commentary, maybe a couple of experts putting his work in context. not 10 minutes of him dropping in on a kid's workshop. his latter day educational efforts may be laudible, but if I were doing a career tribute to this american icon, I'd do something more chronologically biographical. I couldnt give a shit about his children's workshop charity work from the last couple of years. who cares about that when you've got the progenitor of his proportions?

I thought this was going to be something ABC had waiting in the can for the big day. instead, we get a shoddy last minute oh my god ray's dead that hangs together like a fast food wrapper hung up on road kill. very cheap production values.

I've got an old fresh air interview I'll probably use instead. much more intelligent and worthwhile. dammit.

Im watching the Nightline special now. ABC is your teaching assistant tonight. I'm enjoying the stroll down Soul Lane. After spending time on Bureaucrat Blvd. this week, its good to get a dose of civility and beauty that comes through raw inborn talent.
I'm about to record the nightline tribute to ray de la soul to play in my class next tuesday night. first frontline gives me a major documentary about the industry and now nightline gives me the perfect complementary material (I hope) to early soul. thanks, guys.

My gut feeling is that george ain't nancy's kind of republican. Not that there is a good kind....but he's not HER kind.
Right now, I'm feeling more loss over Mr. Charles.
wouldnt be great if nancy somehow referred to bush
and said, "oh, he's not with us" and totally
snubbed the shrub...? I'd pay good
tax money to see That.

Tuesday, June 08, 2004

Big 8? Pussy Island? The Octopussy Conference. Come one, come all!
I am getting a kick out of one thing. Georgie is ANTI stem cell research based on his gawdly beliefs, but who is taking him head-on on this topic? The Gipper's Widow...or the Wipper's Gidow. She's backing it all the way, which is kinda a little in-house fighting amongst the pubes that brings a smile. Not unlike Carol Keeton Rylander Strayhorn VonLipschitz Bogdonavich givin a stray horn to Prick Perry's nuts. This'n will be a fun one to watch. May they all beat themselves into pulpy pool.
Pussy Island and the Big 8 Pussies on Parade.

only on DVD...Dud vs Dudes.

Its highly ironic to me that the DCites spend all this time talking about how we are the home of the brave and won't run from anything or anyone, yet we have a Big 8 conference on an island....Pussy Island.
This ronniefest is sucking the life outta me. Mostly because it seems like Kerry and Co. are standing still and georgie is getting furlongs ahead each day. Really pretty depressing. Here's hoping he'll fuck up the eulogy on Friday. We gotta get this thing back on track.
yeah, too bad we dont all have a juicy job like the president. running to the ranch once or twice a month for a nice 4 day weekend...taking time at international conferences to get in a few rounds of golf and deep sea fishing.

there was a joke going around a few years back with W saying he was on the job 24/7. 24 hours a week, 7 months a year.

It is soooo bizarre the U.S. is hosting this big 8 conference and they cant even do it on the mainland for fear of...of.....of.......? and I cant buhlieve they have the press sequestered 50 miles away in savannah. why dont they just relocate the white house to catalina or south padre island with a huge ass wall around it so the president can pretend we dont even exist?

I'm sure if we were further along with anti grav technology, bush would be proposing making D.C. the first city in the clouds or at least turn the white house into the fluffy white house at the right hand of jesus so he could pass down his dictates from on high.

Monday, June 07, 2004

I wish I could get away this week. It would be a great time to make a run for the border...or the hills.
well, fer dang sure, it's a week off for bush.

nobody is gonna give a shit about iraq or senate investigations or the deficit.

not till all this necrophilia dies down a bit. which may be good for all of us. then, when a fresh round of georgie screw ups hits the fans, it'll be more detrimental and, thus, a double plus good for our side.

this morning, I tuned in for about one minute of 570. they were comparing the strong leadership of W to ramblin ronnie. "they share the winning quality of laying it down and not being distracted from the plan cause they Know it's right."

as in a cattle stampede off a cliff? as in a plane into the side of the andes during a blizzard? as in a roach running away from a foot on one side only to walk right into a corner squishing on the other?

fer dang sure.

Sunday, June 06, 2004

My TV is gonna be OFF most of the week.
I can only take so much, and I've already had my limit.
Every time I see something on ronnie, all my brain registers is an ad for bush. Nothing else. At all.
all rotting reagan corpse all the time.

I should definitely wait till he's planted before turning on the news again. bush will certainly be laying on the reagan horn at least through the convention. I can hear the drums beating now, that starts with D and that rhymes with T and that stands for trouble, my friend.

with or without the gipper, the feeble minded lemmings cannot be persuaded, detered or distracted. they will be dittoing their way behind the great and powerful oz even if theyve seen everything there is to see behind the fucking curtain.

they just dont care. theyve heard a little knowledge is a dangerous thing and theyre passing on all of it. they obviously prefer their bliss over whatever else might be farted in their general direction before the general election.

just like during the reagan years, some people only want to hear the rahs and how great we are and how we're the best nation on earth and how god is on our side and nothing resembling truth, justice or the actual american way.

they are totally blind to details, like the irony of by far the most deadly WMD producer on the planet getting bent out of shape over a few phantom WMDs in the sand on the other side of nowhere.

it makes me laugh, it makes me cry and these sightless motherfuckers cant wait to turn us into nazi germany...running around chopping heads or causing others to do it for us in the name of burrito supreme nationalism.

it makes me sick. THAT's what it Does.

Its 4:15 am...goin out to buy some lube in preparation for my sensibilities being screwed raw in the next few days by all of the republican mindfucking that will be goin down.

Saturday, June 05, 2004

I can see it now.....
Georgie riding the ronnie lovetrain all the way to victory 2004.
It goes somethin like this....
"Ya know, my daddy was raised by Reagan, and I was raised by my daddy. We all loved ronnie, so........."
ATTENTION ALL on the look out for the toxic Texan attempting to hijack the ronnie love train. He should be considered armed and extremely adept at playing on the emotions of the naive, narrowminded, and nonthinking.
Sentiments shared.
What we are dealing with today was bred directly or indirectly from those years; the ronnie years.
That's a fact, and one I can't overlook.
Ronnie's dead.

no satisfaction.

I thought him evil
beyond measure.

a big liar.

single minded
above the law.

I thought he was
worse than nixon.

yes, the distrust
and hate is still
there, dead or

I have nothing good
to say about the man.

but I'll say no worse today.
yeah, every time I think, shit, they got a lot of guys on their side, I think about how much I hate the dingle nazi corporate evil that exists only to strangle the life out of the rest of us. how marxist is That? still, I've become one of those people who miss the mom and pop grocery stores, the neighborhood barber, the guys who did things because they liked doing them and not just to make money.

the whole system that rewards people based on units sold, that money is the only career worth pursuing. cubical farms are nothing but modern sweat shops, only the sweat goes all the way down to the cellular level. when people get that warm tummy feeling for doing nothing more than coming in under budget while making their subordinates come up with yet another 10 percent of productivity over last year and they've done it for each of the last 10 years, excuse me, but to me that simply means youve got people doing 200% of the work they were hired to do in the first place and that's more slavery than an honest day at the wheel.

I have visions of these fat cats getting their minimum daily requirement of boiling gold sloshed down their throats and it's a good thing. did I just dream the whole 1984 thing or did the most of john w. doe america miss that book in high school? where are all the teachers if their own training of our yout leads them into this kind of conformity and blood lust? why is america sucking down the corporate dream like it was half off shakes down at the DQ???

hello? dont you see youre simply running blindly into a meeting meat wheel???


Friday, June 04, 2004

I heard a bit of that bilge on 570 myself this evening. I turned it off before I was overcome by the intense, building desire to vomit.
Frankly, I am most distressed by the wave of bushlove that seems to be growing, or festering if you will. We are victorious in Iraq! Our economy is turning around! We have the Republicans to thank!

Then I think, "Wait a minute..."

Iraq was not a war; it was the bully of the block kicking desert sand in the face of a weakling. Simple as that. Victory? Don't think so.
The economy turning around? Dunno about you folks, but I'm still paying out the ass to fill my swiftmobile each week. And, when prices do come down, it will be when?? Election time! In my book, that doesn't count. Now, lets talk arts and education cuts, the dwindling of the middle class, and the raping of the social service system gladly brought to us by this band of crooks.

It is time NOW for Kerry and Co., and the rest of us, to take this to the streets. I'm not one to call for offensive action frequently, but we gots to now. If not, we will be offended by another four years of overgrown ever-expanding wet spot on the bedsheet of civilization. We can't let em gain momentum in the way no how.
nasty nasty talk on 570 this evening.

whereas there's usually the anti-bush yap, it's a giant hurrah session for our great victories overseas. it's a round table of bush loving buddies exalting the economy, waving the flag, tossing their hats in the air, celebrating reagan and bush for their genius and savvy.

it's enough to tie my guts in knots and squish em with jack boots behind the obscuring walls of abu grape. very very icky.

even disheartening. I'm feeling a bit beaten down.

I'll take my repubican well done, thanks.
it's such a drag the repuginators dragged clinton behind the truck for 8 years on mostly worthless charges (god, I wish he'd used the phrase none of your damn business now and then). unfortunately, now, when democrats try to bring up actual wrong doing by this administration, the public is likely to say, "those guys are at it again. this is nothing but revenge for the clinton years."

of course, I'd Love to see these guys slathered and grilled like the slithering snakes they are. nothing like a nice grilled snake over a summery hot bed o coals. I would gladly stand around the fire and down a few cold ones over that action. gladly would I sing the national lampoon anthem and pop a few kernels on the firey hot heads of state.

I would be very glad indeed. such is my sacred love of justice.

Thursday, June 03, 2004

I think you put your finger on the very essence of why I abhor this whole DC gaggle of goons...the very fact that arrogance is spreading faster than West Nile on a summer's afternoon. Its the VD of DC.
The paper trails are everywhere and there are plenty of folks willing to tell exactly what really goes on behind closed doors (look out Rummy and Ricey! Next up to the mic...George Tenet), so what must exist is the mentality of "we can do no wrong" or worse yet, "they can't catch us..nyah nyah nyah!"

Here's the breakdown as I see it: condi-born liar; rummy-just plain nuts; asscroft-holier-than-thou superiority complex; dick-corporate robberbaron; bushie-figurehead of a vile political piranha that combines arrogance, lying, deceit, and "chosen-ones-ness" into a "we can conquer all" mentality.

Let's hear your side, Mr. Tenet.
even more than georgie, there is no one in this gang o goons I detest more than condi rice, the bald face liar, the goerbels of the reich...I can excuse a bit of bush's crap cause he doesnt know what he's saying half the time.

or, at least, he didnt used to. I get the impression, now, that he's been trained to lie professionally. condi's had the talent from the get and I cant deal with that.

I understand spin. I dont understand bald face deception. mainly, I dont understand, in a time of instant communication and electronic paper trails, how anyone can think they can get away with...Anything.

it's like they dont care who knows. and that's the height of arrogance, which I hate even more than lying to the people.

how can kerry not win on a platform of honesty and trust?

who doesnt want That?

That performance sounds like its coming together most goodly.
Piss off of the night: A USAToday report that discusses how georgie weaves bible verses and quotes into his speeches. The thrust of the article was how election patterns can be predicted based on church-going tendenecies. Those front row center every Sunday morning tend to be Repugnicants. Surprised, huh? Those who do other things tend to be Democrats. Its called the "religion gap" and its growing and dividing us regarding this election like never before. Where do I fall? Well, given the fact I'm rarely up before 12....
I don't know what is more sickening...that asshole wrapping himself in the flag and chunking bibles or the amount of the populace that falls for that shit.
I do know this...the spirituality I observe does not condone crusaderism, unjust war, and fucking thy brother over. Such acts bring forth bad kharma and juju, folks, and I distance myself from it.
Artie is right...georgie must leave the field now.
King George will say and do absolutely anything in the name of power...he is a legend in his own mind; a war criminal in its truest form. I heard that crap yesterday and about lost it as well. Something has never been fetched from so far.
As for Katherine Harris, the south Florida Power Kundt, she too knows no scruples. Its all corporate; all power. I envision a, that is, with george's head on the body and 8 pups all with heads of such playas as harris, condi, asscroft, all suckling on georgie's corruption-engorged mammaries.
Problem is, we don't know who is sucking who.

Wednesday, June 02, 2004

bush's comparison of his personal vendetta in Iraq
to WWII because both started with an attack on U.S.
soil makes me want to absolutely toss my cookies.

GOD DAMN IT, SON. is there Anything you Wont say?

is there ANY sacrilege that's off limits for you
and your dogs of war games? how can you DARE to
compare your illegal invasion of a another nation
based on lies and misguided gooberance to that
moment in time when the fate of a dozen plus
innocent, occupied countries hung in the balance.

shame on YOU, mr. bush. have you, at last, no
sense of context, no understanding of the
affairs of history and the truth
revealed in their unfolding.


you must leave
the field, sir.
the wonderful thing about going on a walk for an hour
or two a day is the amount of thought refinement that
just happens. especially with a project like this that's
far enough off, progress can be slow and steady. by
the time the show gets here, I'll have improvised
the monologues dozens of times. that's the good news.

now, exactly where we'll be with the whole rotten
kettle of dog meat then is anyone's guess. here's
a new piece that was sent to me about katherine harris,
the evil witch of the south in the Florida election
process. check out the short doc...'s where the piece stands...

scene one: chicken coup talking to myself monologue
about how it's MY problems that have brought me
to being sentence to chicken wire wearing.

it starts with something like...

"I have to stop peeing in the sink."

"it's unsocial...insocial...antisocial."

"I dont do it in public."

"it's not right."

perhaps a soft megaphone with one
of the voices to distinguish between
the inner child and inner adult.


scene two: video: my head on a baby squirming happily
on its back in a crib. or without my head, while I provide
live monologue through a mic up an octave. you see adult
hands patting the baby, perhaps goo goo noise on tape
or on a live loop, while I say things like,

"hey, keep your hands to yourself. why are you always
touching me and telling me what to do? stop it."

I'm also considering having a set up shot following a woman,
the camera about waist high, into a baby crib sales place
and find proper transitional lighting to the real crib.

it could also be a toddler bouncin in a play pen,
which would be harder to animate, I think.


scene three: video: 5 suits, identified as a TEXaco/shell,
HALiburton and CHASE along with 2 heads representing
the government and the military are conferencing. either
TEX or CHASE is leading the discussion talking about
the singular importance of money and the dilemma
of their attitude toward the pesky yet essential
customer. which is my cue....I'm brought
out either in chains or the chicken
coup, only, this time in the
orange jump suit.

the rest has yet to reveal itself.

possible ending...the military guy in the video keeps
lighting sticks of dynomite, "tossing" them onto the
stage, where I pick them up and clandestinely turn
them into a bomb vest. at the end, obviously
desperate, my portion of monologue ends
with words to the effect that it's
all about choices as I reveal
the suicide bomber vest.

fade to black

watch out america. mcvey and company
may be only beginners in your mad
rush to spawn revolutionaries,
a generation of american
terrorists on sacred
home soil. one
never knows,
do one?

there's a moral for ya.