Thursday, December 29, 2005

Let's look at it like this....

We really have only two more New Year's Eves (after this un) with Gorgy still in the house. I don't count '08 since his ass will be on the way out then.
In reality, we've been putting up with the shit since 1980, with the exception of those 8 Clinton years.
Gorgy was spawned by King Gorgy who suckled the floppy man-teats of the The Great Eradicator.
So yeah, we gotta right to be sick of this shit.
Oh...any of you guys been spied upon lately?


I'm watching a repeat broadcast of the PBS American Experience documentary called REAGAN.

I feel like a young Sioux on the reservation watching a tv show entitled "Manifest Destiny".

the simple facts of the Reagan Revolution make me livid.

The Great bout The Great Liar?

Tuesday, December 27, 2005

george w. sage

"If we wait till the bird flew gets here as a pandemic it'll be too late to prepare."

so, I guess if you get hit by a truck it's too late to look both ways.

if you stop paying your bills your credit score may suffer?

if you stop eating altogether you'll die?

I think I'm getting the hang of this.

Sunday, December 25, 2005

merry xmas, guys

3 more bushmases. I know I know.

that's 3 too many.

Monday, December 19, 2005

according to the dems...

this is Not strictly according to the rules. the rider writer has to prove it's connected in Some way to the original bill...which alaskan rep. teddy boy stevens is trying to do by saying the drilling will help us be less dependent on the middle east. and, of course, the military uses at least a few barrels of crude on a daily basis.

matter of fact, I have to think the awesome use of oil by our military forces has no small impact on domestic gas prices. the wasteful spending in military circles is so profound. all the people I've known in the military tell stories of the barbaric use of ammo and resoures.

one sticks out: an old navy friend who said at certain times on every mission, due to weather or coming into home port, all hands were expected to decrease the ammo to reduce the possibility of explosive accidents. so, for days before such an event, everyone goes on deck and fires weapons at whatever trash they wanna throw overboard...or at birds...even dolphins. side arms, 50 cal machine guns, deck guns.

sounds pretty loud. annoying. and incredibly expensive.

meanwhile, dick's on nightline tonight...lying through what teeth he has left.

my tummy is churning churning churning.

Riders in the sky

These damn bill riders that they attach on to everything are appaling.
I want to know how these things get snuck by us....and why doesn't anybody call our attention to it?
Sounds to me like somebody's asleep at the wheel.
Fact is, there's no quicker, easier way to rape the land and the people than sticking your crap of choice onto a more widely acceptable bill.
And with people like Bushndick (I'da done it innyway) in charge, we all oughta look alot more closely at the legislation bein' pushed through.

oh, and damn them all to hell...

the truly evil empire inside congress who snuck drilling in Alaska onto the military spending bill. dammit, that's like putting logos on the moon. fuck the exploiters, fuck the fat cat fat asses in our faces.

george george george

that's okay. we all make mistakes. look at all our elected peeps who went along with the iraq bullshit because they really thought we the peeps wanted em to. not because they really believed iraq was a threat, but just because it was the expedient thing to do.

notice I didnt say "prudent".

georgie contiues to mount up stupid points every time he says, "no matter what, I would have invaded iraq to get that big bad saddam." so, even if there were no WMDs and no nukular program and no connection with alqaeda and whatever lies he yanked off the short list...even if there was No legitimate reason or threat he could muster...he would have still invaded cause the world is better off without boogieman hussein.

is That what were sayin here, georgio? cause if that's the kinda house we're cleanin, we're pretty far behind in our work and it's one palace of a place we're dealin with. we're gonna need all the illegals and bucket mops we can get our hands on.

man, the arms dealers must be doing their celebration dances 24/7 in our brave new world.

Saturday, December 17, 2005


I'm sorry...
I feel so much better now...not to mention relieved.
How could I have been so so SO stupid to think that our gubmint had anything but our own safety in mind.
This serves as a lesson to me....I know not what is best for me; Washingtown does. We can all sleep in peace...Uncle Georgie has our backs....and our wallets, phone numbers, addresses, schedules, eggnog recipes...
But oh nevermind all that....
God I feel so ashamed.

oh no oh no oh no

did you not hear white house spokesmonkey scott mcclellan? protecting american civil rights has always been one of the bush administration's top priorities. not living up to the spirit and letter of the law is inconceivable. I heard him say it on tv.

I trust that settles That.

Friday, December 16, 2005

Check your phones!

They may be Bushtapped....
Tapped in the name of the name of nashnul security....
Like a wolf wrapped in sheeps' skins...
Beware, America....your constitutional rights are bein bulldozed again by BushnDick.
Anybody gonna watch the liathon Sunday night?

another positive development

man, things certainly seem to be going our way.

kudos to the repuglican senators and reps who are lining up with democrats to tear down some of the totally unamerican patriot act, especially in the light of the Times report on Bush government spying on american citizens in the wake of 911.

and a big texas fuck off to arlen spectre who continues to spout fear mongering rhetoric about maintaining the governments rights to do Whatever in the name of protecting us.

Roll Back the Nazi Crap!
Roll Back the Nazi Crap!
Roll Back the Nazi Crap!

on all things considered this afternoon, andre codrescu said a poet friend of his used to say american elections were nothing more than plays put on by rich texans. a fact andre has had to agree with more and more as years go by.

hopefully, we can start moving the other direction as more and more people acknowledge what a bad show it's turned out to be.



she was on the CBS Early Show this morning saying how happy they are they were able to work with Senator McCain to let the world know America would never condone the use of torture.

how can they STILL think we're so dumb and blind to not know how hard they've fought against the Senator the last 2 months. it's sooo increeeedibly unbuhlieeeeeeveable!!!

every time I think they cant keep blowing my mind, something like this happens.

now what's he doing

I dont know what kind of redefining is going on here, but does anyone else believe bush is simply rolling over on the mccain no torture legislation? there's some legaleez going on here. rove or someone on cheney's staff has found some kind of loophole.

either that or someone actually sat bush down and explained to him in 3rd grade terms what was really going on. he probably thought we were just poking and tickling detainees in a game of hide and seek or keep away.

"you mean we aint playin by the goldman rule? every good boy always plays by the goldman rule. you know, do unto yourself like you' yourself like you do wah diddy."

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

blame it on the holidays

obviously the enemy isnt paying attention to us or they'd find the following highly suspicious.

could times be looking up? seems like all my friends who were on the verge of ruin just a few years ago have recovered from the economic battering we were all suffering from.

so bush's economy is the reason. fat chance. deregulation still scares me to death. the neocons and conservative republicans still think theyre right and that's not going away anytime soon.

what I'm saying is I think we liberals have been fighting back, showing our strength by finding ways to survive despite the incredible assault we continue to suffer. but we can feel good about ourselves personally and our senators and reps are finally questioning what's going on...challenging the oil companies...standing up against the machine that would destroy the environment and all we value.

. . .

the bush gaff of the day just appeared on the overnight news summary. in today's rare press conference, someone asked him how many iraqi citizens have died. he squeenched for a moment and said "around 30,000."

later, an administrative spokesman clarified by saying that's not an official figure but simply a figure the president heard on the news. so, youre saying the president is not "officially" briefed on such figures. what does that say about his handle on the situation and his compassion for the people we're killing?

reminds me of the older bush having No idea how much a loaf of bread was during his own grilling over how outta touch the bush crime family was.

. . .

then there's the christian uprising to put christ back in merry christmas. I dont care about political correctness, I dont care about saying "happy holidays" out of respect for religious diversity. obviously, the whole idea is to NOT force your lifestyle and beliefs on others.

were we better off 40-50 years ago when we were surrounded by old fashioned rhetoric and environment, basically what christians want to get back to? which begs the question, were "we" better off when we ignored diversity in a largely dont ask dont tell culture seen entirely through western euro red and green glasses this time of year?

which leads us to how much of the religious resurgency is about eliminating the multi-culturalism brewing these last 20-30 years? it tastes a bit too much like an anti-civil rights supremacist backlash. I guess anything I might hear coming out of limbaugh's mouth is impossible for me to accept and I'm sure he's a big reason for the season fan.

what political correctness comes down to for me is I just dont care what people do and hope they feel the same way about me. is that too much to ask?

Saturday, December 10, 2005

dont get me started

on kera. I wake up everyday with a clear conscious, knowing I'm no longer associated with a company in the quicksand of republican blindness. with what used to be a quality listener serving hold out against the down hill shit laden marketplace. who is daily becoming the shit themselves. and it's all in their hands. it's their choice. and all they can see, all the decision makers understand is their puny jobs and the dirty silver theyre taking to betray those they claim to "serve".

thank god my classes arent brought to you by Walmart or the new I'm Lovin It Chicken Toes. I cant be reached by the shit flow no mo and that's the way it should be...the way it Has to be.

so, I'm off to a xmas party where I'll raise a glass to the ever shorter time between now and the end of bush crime least the public part of it and this horrendous american experience inflicted on us and the world at large.

we may not die at W's hands but the blood still drips...from his, from all of ours.

I saw that one.......

...and couldn't believe it either.
Mainsteam news is getting more like tabloid journalism on a daily basis.
Check it out sometime...
On the 10p news on Channel 8, the anchors (of which Campos is one) stand rather than sit in that "Current Affair" mode, adding to the drama in a city that already has way too much pomp and posturing.
Missin Glenn Mitchell more and more every day.
However, that said, KERA can't seem to bail itself out of the sinking ship of mediocrity. I'm not sure what or if the station managers and program directors are thinking.
I'm sure our own artie could add a few pointed points here.
As for the Cheney "Come as your favorite corporate robberbaron intent on giving the populace a big one up the ass" Xmas hoe-down, let us all rememeber that this is the next to the next to the last holiday season that band of un-merry men will be in the White's House.

beyond ridiculous

I can Not buh-Lieve this one.

I turn on the news this morning to see wuzzup and there's Gloria Compos, about to give us her "TEXAN OF THE YEAR", a most exclusive lot headlined by earlier appointees, G.W. and the truly remarkable Karl Rove.

so, who is it this year? we Have to know who this outstanding citizen is.

as I stood there with my jaw dropped, this quote unquote Journalist stands in front of the camera and actually nominates the freakin egyptian twins. you know, the kids who were here in 2002 getting the tops of their heads separated from one another? they went back to egypt 2 years ago and here's gloria pickin their little punkin heads to be the 2005 Texan of the Year.

what the Fuck could this woman possibly be thinking????

"now I've gotta choose Texan of the Year. let's see, how bout 2 toddlers, non-texans who live 8,000 miles away, who never even knew where they were when they were here, who never did anything that affected the people of texas outside their human interest novelty act 3 years ago? oh, I know, the freakin egyptian twins. of course."

huh??? oh, but she laid it all out on tv. "they may not be with us any more, but they'll always be in our hearts cause their hearts are as big as texas."

that's the point at which she earned my one finger salute for most ridiculous notable nominator of the year.

P L E A S E ! ! !

Friday, December 09, 2005

giddy dogs

tonight, tony snow was talking to giant running back tiki barber and they were both so excited about getting invited to cheney's xmas party.

reminds me of the time I played at the dallas country club and found myself within armslength of ross perot, thinking about the public service I'd be performing if I just reached out and broke his scrawny neck.

I dont know why it reminded me of just did.

Wednesday, December 07, 2005

friends of george

the usual seasonal commercials are especially poignant this year.

someone sitting there trying to figure out what to give sweetie or hubby for xmas and the answer pops up...a new lexus. of course! why didnt I think of that in the first place???

so, I'm thinking who has the money to give a lexus? who can afford to cough up 40-60 Gs like it was a dozen roses or something.

perhaps someone with a few too many dollars lying around? like maybe one of those guys whose getting a very tasty tax break on their quarter million dollar salary? it's gotta be enough people that lexus gets their commericial money's worth, right?

so, now, who might That be, mmmm? could it be the same folks who are getting cards from pennsylvania ave this time of year?

Sunday, December 04, 2005

speechifyin parties

you best buhlieve narry a night goes by that georgie does give the late night staff a treat by practicin his one speech to em just for fun. they be some gut bustin ice creamin sessions those. georgie gettin all tangled up and the staff fallin all over each other, spittin up hair balls and squirtin each other with whipped cream and other delights. it's yuck monkeys on parade in the wee hours of the ollie north memorial basement theatre for sick and demented souls. you betcha.

Tis the season for givin...

Givin more military cargo transport pilots more bodies to fly back to the US...
Givin more Humvee makers job security...
Givin more craters to Iraq...
Givin more profit to Big Oil, whose collective mouths are wrapped around the collective phalli of the executive, legislative, and judicial branches and vice-versa in a course in American politics cataloged as Government 6969.
Ah yea, I'm in the spirit.
So, I wonder what hand-picked group georgie will choose this week to give a speech in front of?

Saturday, December 03, 2005

so, wuzzup...?

I forgot to say I'm thankful Iraq
is nothing like Nam. Just thought
I'd pass that along. Christmas in
Baghdad. Wonder what That's like.

hey, I'm thankful I dont know and
never will. Life is good.

happy holidays.