Wednesday, June 29, 2005

I think I must like getting pissed at him or is it I want to be there when he fucks up so bad our fellow american idiots cant help but catch on. it's like some illusive moment of enlightenment you figure has to a suspense novel when the murderer is finally reveal. that silver screen moment when the plot suddenly twists and a different truth emerges.

I so want to see a significant enough percentage of the 51 percent wake up and proclaim in one voice, "oh my friggin jeezuss, we've been dupped. go back, sperm brethren, go's a blow job!"

that's what I want. I wanna be there when one of bush's public appearances turns into s kind of self emolation, a freudian confession, a total breakdown, when he tears up and announces his immediate retirement from office cause he obviously cant deal with the madness. he looks into the camera and says, "I dont know what the fuck I was thinking. I cant do this shit. it's all fucked up and, if you cant see it, youre as much of a mongoloid as I am. buh-bye."

if only this world were based on logic and reality.
I stopped listening to these speeches when I realized they are simply p.r. ploys designed to pull the straying masses back into the fray.
As I will never be lead a-fray, they were not designed nor intended for my consumption.
Therefore I don't consume. It would only piss me off more.

But, how can the rest of the country not see this? Throughout the election, bushmaster presented hisself to handpicked crowds, who would applaud his taking a wizz centerstage. Now, as he's trying to promote his warmachine and crusader agenda, ol' whorry is wrapping that dirty laundry in ol' glory in hopes that the masses won't smell the stench of inept leadership and foul, decaying policy.

Ho Chi Baghdad, san?

Tuesday, June 28, 2005

how can anyone with a brain, let alone an entire administrative leadership corps, continue to show themselves inadequate for the job?

I didnt see the whole speech tonight, but, on it's surface, always hiding behind the lines at a forced loyalty enclave like ft. bragg makes bush look very weak to me.

if he wants to be truly strong, especially now that he's had so much practice spouting party lines, why would he not mount a more public stage? if you really believe youre doing the right thing, dont you put yourself in the face of the enemy and back them down? how can you convince the 49ers otherwise?

go to L.A. and put the liberals in their place. go to the st. louis arch and speak about the brave new world order youre leading us into, in so many words.

all these grand gestures of victory from the bunker dont cut it, W. your dirty laundry doesnt wash, baby.

Sunday, June 26, 2005

just this afternoon I took four scraps of paper and sharpied...


(the o in our turned into a gun sight) and scattered them on my rear windshield.

let's see how many birds I can collect in the next few.

Saturday, June 25, 2005

Greetins all...freshly back from a refreshing trip thru the Hill Country, just in time to celebrate Interdependence Day.

Gon' be interesting to see the public reaction now that female flesh is flyin' en masse in Irak.
As the bushman's approval ratings are goin down, this new insurgent insurgency is likely to bring more questions for Dumb VonDumbest to answer...we hope.

This duck was lame from the get-go, but if things continue to spiral downward, maybe more focus will go to his failed policies, which could easily live on post-george.
Thats what we gotta work toward stopping....the Rove-driven neo-ultra-religio-pubican war machine.

In the words of our poster-boy guvner....."Adios, mo' fo'."

Tuesday, June 14, 2005

yeah, but I never tire of the bashing of the bush.

it would be sweet revenge, not to mention a great preliminary national attitude if we go into the next election with an overwhelming awakening to the perils of our current path.

I'm certainly doing my share of corporate bashing...the real monster behind the curtain. THAT's what has to enter the popular awareness...we need another major labor revolution. and by labor I mean every working stiff below middle management. let all these CEO orgres know whst'll hspprn if they dont get the message, let the Metropolis watching party begin at both ends of the capital building.

health care, gas prices, privacy...get some of this shit figured out before most of us become nothing more than roaches in the kitchen.

Tuesday, June 07, 2005

There's just enough Buchananites and Delayers around DC nowadays to make dogshit a daily item on the Capitol menu. As I see it, since so many of these folk do bizness via the forked tongue, it takes more forked tongues to cover up previous lies.....the rabid, vicious cycle.
If one person, like deep throat, dares jump in, it threatens a ton o' ill gotten well-beings.
We need a modern day deep throat.
I saw a poll today that says Bushie's popularity is plummeting.
Who cares?
Doesn't really matter if his rating is 0% or 100%....what we need now is nothing short of an impeachable offense. Mere likes and dislikes hold little water. Its not like he can be re-elected. He'd have to change the

Sunday, June 05, 2005

I heard buchanan on the radio again saying, basically, politics is all a nasty pile of shit, dog eat dog, dog eat shit...and the only way anyone survives is by having an administration that follows the leader to the letter.

no one plays by the rules, let alone the law so hey he knew he fucked up. quote buchanan, "this deep throat guy was so ashamed of his actions, he hid it for 20 years."

just because you and all the dogs you know eat shit, doesnt mean those who dont are missing out.

eh, pat?

Friday, June 03, 2005

I cant fucking believe the people, like buchanan and other conservatives, who are saying deep throat was wrong to blow the whistle on nixon and his watergate cronies. "no way an FBI depdy dog should compromise information in a private conversation with the holy president."

regardless of the circumstances? excuse me? the chief executive is in on the planning of lawless activity and, what, the entire administration should do what theyre told and shut the fuck up???

is that an american value? I understand it's an american corporate value, but...