Friday, September 30, 2005

The Bennett Diagnosis

Infuriating...frustrating....depressing, yes.

But not surprising.

Ben-it's diatribe this week revealed the basic fundamental flaw with the republican party; the flaw that motivates us to seek change.
The flaw? A total disregard, if not outright contempt, for the "have-nots" of society.
Not for one second do I believe that he is the only one of his elephant-ilk who thinks that way.
The proof we see daily in the policies and appointments of this administration; an administration that clearly favors loyalty over truth.

Hey Bennett...have you asked Condomtweezer what she thought of your statement?


DeLay punishment & Bennett bullshit

these news items are sadly related in a sadly sad way.

it's called america. the same system that perpetuates poverty, creating desperate landscapes in which cops desperately nab those who (allegedly) have succumbed to the need to overcome unliveable circumstances, gives others a free pass...if they can afford it.

whether drug users or petty criminals and even real bad has to ask how societal and environmental change might affect choices and lifestyles. if the desperation was relieved by the same money now used to kill people here and abroad, would the crime and incarceration rate drop dramatically?

as part of the same system, if Justice were truly blind, would money and political influence be such a thick shield for the real bad guys...the politicians and high public figures who, at the very most, face a few months in country club lock up after committing crimes that victimize the entire nation?

which is worse, getting caught with pot or stealing a dvd player or making millions of lives worse for your selfish and self-serving actions? the most we can hope here is that at least a few assholes will be taken off line and others will be put on notice not to be too selfish.

but Land of the Free, Home of the Brave??? Greatest Nation on Earth???

Justice is obviously Not the blind one here. Justice isnt blind at all. She knows who her friends are and who she doesnt give a shit about.

all of which makes me wonder...what IS the relationship between Justice and Fairness?

america doesnt seem to have a clue.


It is rare that I am actually shocked by anything a politician says these days, but for an ex-education secretary (of all people) to say this is absolutely reprehensible. Bad dog.  No Biscuits.

William Bennett was born 50 years too late. He would have fit right in with the Nazi party.

Read the story on his comments on crime. >>>

different page, same book

According to this NYTimes editorial, the house Republicans intend to continue business as usual with the absence of DeLay..


Thursday, September 29, 2005

what are the chances

What are the odds that T9m DeLay will end up actually being convicted and being sent to a real prison? (instead of some country club affair where he spends his afternoons working on his tennis and golf games)

I want to see this asshole pounding out license plates. He needs to be asking his wife for soap on a rope in his care packages. I figure a nice stretch in a cell with Bubba would do him some good.

Somehow I doubt he will pay the price. People like him always seem to squirm off the hook.

Wednesday, September 28, 2005

this just in

Rumsfeld is giving President Bush his morning
briefing and tells the President that, in overnight
military maneuvers, 3 Brazilian soldiers were killed.

The President says, "Oh, my God. Oh, my God."

Rumsfeld is taken aback by the President's response
as he puts his head in his hands, noticeably shaken.

After a moment of prayer, Bush finally looks up.

"Rummy? exactly how many Is a brazillion?"


Hang down your head, Tom (strum) DeLay
Hang down your head and cry
Hang down your head, Tom DeLay
Oh boy your pants're on fire.

This time to(strum)morrow
Wonder where you'll be
Up in New York City
Hangin from Miss Liberty.

Hang down your head, Tom (sincere canned applause) DeLay
Hang down your head and cry
Hang down your head, Tom DeLay
Oh boy your butt's on trial.

Say Goodnight, Tom.


And here's hoping the train to shuttle his crooked ass off to Conspiracy Island won't be DeLayed one millisecond.
Justice, served.

about fucking time

DeLay finally faces the music. I have grown so tired of his arrogant tone and his hypocritical behavior. I want to see his ass gone.

Sunday, September 25, 2005

crouch potatoes

oh, yeah, I love the crouchs. they seem a little less transparent than the daystar doofs. not by much of course and theyre probably all yams of a feather.

it is sooo disgusting. I had a run in with kenneth copeland back in the 70s. actually went to one of his seminars in 74 and his message was much the god for whatever you need. he was like "write a note that says you believe in god for your new car or a pair of socks. put it up on the fridge and slap it whenever you walk by saying 'thank ya jesus for my new socks'".

he said it worked for him. he figured it'd be a lot easier to serve god if he had an airplane. so he wrote the note and thanked jesus for it every day. sure enough, a few weeks later, a rich ass christian called him up and said, "the lord wants me to give you my airplane." what a miracle in the lord jesus. hallabalueia.

I guess I didnt have enough faith cause I never got my car. maybe if I'd had a tv show and told everyone I needed a new pair of socks, somebody mighta given me theirs.

Check it out

Keep em comin

More sailors aboard the ship of hope....keep those new members comin'.

Sure...I'd like to find an cool conservapub to join the rowdy krewe. That could definitely increase the banter onboard.
I'll start beatin the Bushes to find one.

I used to spend hours watching Daystar. That Marcus Lamb character and his larger than life wife Joni used to trot their 4 kids out to sing and dance, and the family called themselves, collectively, the Lambs of God.
Another of my alltime favorites is Paul and Jan Crouch of TBN fame. Channel 58 I believe. About a year ago, Paul got caught licking the staff of a staff; uncompromisingly kneeling at the alter of manus erectus, taking cumunion in all its creamy goodness. He's still around, but not nearly as active.

Hell hath no lust like a horndog minister.

the good news

I dont know what it'll mean for the next election, let alone 2008, but I played a house warming in denton last night with a guitar player who was definitely a bush supporter during the first term. last night he was singing goofy songs about the loser president. you know, the idiot bozo who must die?

that reminds me of an onion story for their 20th century book Our Dumb Century. they include front pages from every year and, during the russian missile crisis, a personal friend of president kennedy had a few choice words. the headline's something like "Sinatra Tells Kruchev to 'Knock It Off'". underneath it continues, "warns Soviet Union to 'cut the commie bunk or it's ring-a-ding-ding for you bozos'".

I laughed for 5 and a half minutes. I woulda laughed longer but I'm really pretty busy.

the disaster president

Originally uploaded by kcorbet.

membership drive

we have a new brutha...a jazz trombonist bud o mine.

he's accepted the invite. we'll see what he has to say...he's definitely one of us.

speaking of which, what do you guys think about adding a voice or two to the contrary. I'm not seriously thinking about it yet, but if I can find a cool conservative voice...??? does anyone know such a person you'd recommend?

dont worry be happy

Originally uploaded by kcorbet.



they deserve what they get.

throw all their bucks away on nothing but empty tv dreams.

good old FCC. nobody's gonna go after these guys. you cant sue cause they promise nothing. it's all about the promise of God and the blood of Jesus.

you "sow your seed" and dont get your "harvest". wanna sue?

hey, no problem...sue God. sue Jesus.

lots of luck with all that, my brother. where's all the fire and brimstone that ran tilton outta town when this shit was going down back in the day?

blaspheming pirates

I am so enraged at what I'm seeing on channel 2...daystar.

I was going to bed, changing the batteries in my sony mini tv by the bedside. I've been studying these guys over the weekend, appalled at the begging. these people who are so shamelessly tiltonian in their single mission of making money. period. nothing but money. ONLY. everyone on here begs.

it's sunday morning. SUNDAY. and this guy comes on and the first thing out of his mouth is "I wanna talk about money." and for 30 minutes, all he says is send your money to him. that's it. he's standing in front of a hundred choir members with a band and 10 soloists...with a congregation at Prestonwood in Plano.

he starts with the old story about the woman giving her 2 mites and rambles on for 30 minutes about how everyone needs to give all they have to the church. after all, if you trust God, you need to give him everything you have so he can bless you.

NEXT...let's talk about communion. okay. let's feast on the blood and body of christ. okay. he wants me to change my life by taking communion. oh, but wait. after the meal, I gotta pay the check. I need to pay for the blood and body of christ by making that call to daystar. and it aint cheap.

hey, they wanna send me shit! communion life collection: $35. partners in christ. partners in fraud. partners in poverty. my poverty. and hey...when I was growing up, when the minister said it was communion time, we got crackers and grape juice. this guy is Talking about the power of communion without actually offering Anything. what the hell is up with That?

and guess who made all this possible. KERA. this is channel 2. sold to these "christian" charlatans who bilk hundreds out of their savings. channel two's gone from begging for money for programming we got for free anyway to begging for money to make a few turds at the top of the daystar heap on the backs of those who cant afford it and those who should be wiser but are too weak to see.

what's that about the more things change the more they stay the same?

Saturday, September 24, 2005


There's just a shitload of people getting rich, powerful, or rich and powerful because of the lemminglike nature of too many voters and consumers.
The people who spin this shit are banking too.
Daily, we are told how to vote, what to buy, who to praise and when to piss by folks whose ultimate goal is control of the masses.
If King George was truly a servant of the people, there would be some town hall meetings in a town hall, not just before the ladies' proper douchebag auxiliary of the RNC or in front of recruit class # 3564 of U.S. Army Basic.
What happened to government by the people and for the people?
It went out with georgie and his big dick crusaderism....the search for all that is powerful.
Have you ever seen how that ass stands when he's in jeans? Arms cocked out to the side like he's airin' his pits, swaggerin' like he's the one an only sheriff in town.
The west has turned into the Old West.

praise god! ppphfhhbfffbbttt...

an old roommate and i used to make bets Tilton - we would guess how many seconds it would take after we hit his channel before he begged for money, calling it a 'seed' or a 'prayer request' never would just fucking come out and say, 'send me your money, I need it to keep up my lifestyle and pay for this damned transmission'. He never took more than 8 seconds.

The president was flying around Texas yesterday, apparently right over my little dude's soccer game; two stretch helicopters followed by three dual-rotor military copters.

I'm asking every grown man I know or meet what they would do if martial law were declared, would they hand their weapons over?

Every single one said hell no.

Take that FBI, Homeland Security or whoever-the-fuck-else might be reading this.


click on "daystar" to go to

sometimes when there's absolutely Nothing on tv I check out what my brothers and sisters on Daystar (chan.2) are up to. theyre always up to the same old shit. every minister, every singer, every witness says exactly the same thing over and over...send us your money. send us your money and god's gonna be good to you.

it's even worse than tilton. it's so much slicker. I really dont get it. this guy is saying nothing more than God is waiting for you to go to the phone. Whatever number God gives you, he wants your obedience. Just do it. Your miracle is waiting to be picked up but you have to pick up the phone first.

Every now and then, without referring to it at All, they show a little map with a black rectangle around Europe and part of North Africa and Western Asia. theyre showing extremely generic pictures of poor people sitting in a 3rd world dirt road, old wrinkled faces in exotic clothes, a smiling old man leaning against a pile of bags of grain.

And the message loops over and over: God loves you. If you love God, give US your money. the only talking point is "Sow Your Seed" and "Receive Your Harvest".

the canned applause every time they read someone's pledge is so obvious. like your typical bush speech in front of military and other hand picked audiences, people with quick hands who cant wait to pledge allegiance to george.

it also occurs to me Bush works exactly the same way these televangelist charlatans do. "Believe in me, my people. Give me your faith and trust. Dont think about it. Dont believe your eyes and ears. Just believe in me and I'll take care of everything." the simplicity of the message reaches the simple minded. the same people who are making these ass holes on tv rich as sin.

rich as fucking sin.

gotta have dick

cut taxes and throw money at everything that says "just add testosterone".

sorry, but that doesnt include the mundane like education and all them domestic non-essentials. if it doesnt have a dick on it, like tanks and warplanes and missiles and diveplanes, it doesnt give georgie that feeling of hardness he craves but cant maintain after 8 whiskeys and a coke.

I'm guessing after laura retires W creeps into the oval office and googles big cock till he finds what he wants. probly during his lunch break as well...and when the real dick is going on and on about his own profit margin, georgie is leisurely reviewing his old johnny wad bookmarks.

Friday, September 23, 2005

Pass a Marga, Rita

Is it just me, or does everything associated with George W. Bush turn to shit at record pace?

As I flip through the channels, looking for anything other than repub disaster-spin machine, it strikes me 'tween the eyes that this crowd of administratidiots couldn't cut their way out of a paper back with a chain saw.

Deer in the headlights my ass. We need to replace that phrase with bureaucrats faced with disaster as the true meaning of the word "stunned".

Yeah, tanker trucks running the length of 45 pumpin petrol is a great image, but all I'm seeing is stations outta gas and crapped out cars.

Oh yeah, and a fried bus.

Come on folks, lets all come to realize that, for the last 5 years, the focus as been on international issues at the expense of what might really fuck up in our own backyard...and be fucked up for a long time.

Let Rita, Katrina, and all their dykes serve as a wakeup call....lets deal with whats going on here...fuel, education, medical care, affordable housing, first. Then, we can spread Jeezus, white bread, clogged arteries, and Range Rovers to the world.

Priorities, ya know.

Thursday, September 22, 2005

one mo dink

anybody catch this walmart commercial where kelvin whatshisname talks about how easy it is to advance in the company. here's a black sacker who made it all the way to regional only 24 years.

wow, no glass ceiling there.

well, except that it likely didnt take 24 years for most of his white counterparts to make such progress.

ya think? I really really really dont buy any of the walmart pr whitewash and I'm very disgusted that PBS is awash in their ads. I know money's money, but your sponsors say a lot about your personality and as far as I'm concerned walmart deals in dirty money every day.

now they're planning to take over china. that right there may allow us to avoid WWIII.



what was it you said? blaming liberals for our problems? I heard mass gov mitt romney on Air America this evening say he thought the worst threat to U.S. security is (drum roll, chuckie) "political correctness". seems our pesky freedoms and rights are undue barriers to our safety. according to the governor, unless we let cops and "officials" target enemies of the state indescriminately...unless we allow spies of whimsy...unless we give up the bill of rights...we cant be safe from those who hate us.

which, it sounded like, people like us. he suggested we use utmost scrutiny of those who question our national values. you know, here in the land of the free and all.


so there's this 20 hour mass exodus going on from galveston to dallas in advance of senorita rita. and, of course, the political machine is falling all over itself to prove its pre-hero status with its constant bravuro of how ready we are regardless.

the biggest lie today was rick "good hair" perry who I heard say all day long he had tanker trucks sent out to take care of those in need of gas. only one problem, I've listened to several news reports in the last 8 hours and, after many many interviews with the folks on the road, no one has actually seen ONE of our savior tankers. reporters say theyve seen plenty of cars who've run out of gas.

nice try, rick. next time someone says it would be a good idea to help out, maybe you should make sure someone who can actually do something does. cause I dont know about you, but most of us have had enough lies to last us a long long time.

the good news, I guess, is at least he knew there'd be a NEED. that's more than the feds did in the wake of that other stormy chick.

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

insanity leaves us all dumbfounded

is that irony? these people who talk out of their butts about leaving no turd behind while shitting all over the funding to make such nobilities real?

I am forever amazed at these so-called conservatives who are actually sheeted reactionaries in suits. they have the same genes as the assholes who created slavery, who stopped reconstruction, who tried to keep blacks out of central high, who have opposed Everything that has Anything to do with compassion, sensitivity, fairness and a single drop of humanity.

I can only assume some people lack souls. some people arent people at all. they arent even animals. theyre roaches, masters of vulturism and indescriminate shitting, who live to create more roaches and disgust everyone they come in contact with...well, except other roaches, I guess.

I can only hope the blue collars who, for some idiotic reason, keep voting for these guys can finally begin to separate patriotic and economic propaganda from the true ethics of these fart talkers. maybe they'll finally see all this "we'll let you keep the money you make" is nothing more than "let us keep your money and you can live in the cesspool created when there IS no education, no roads, no emergency relief, no social security, no government services, nothing but what you pay for on the local level.

good luck with all that, bubba.

Monday, September 19, 2005

pissin' and moanin'

it's very disturbing to hear the radical right speak of the 'failed liberal policies' of welfare, social security et. al., they are trying to convince everyone that 'handing out money' to poor people makes them dependent on the government.

i say they should instead look at the MASSIVE CORPORATE WELFARE that's going on in this country and see which one is 'hurting' america more.

i've known three people personally who have filed for bankruptcy protection: all of them REPUBLICANS. They don't call this 'welfare' however.

rampant RACISM is the reason that minority communities stay down! does anyone really think that african-americans PREFER to hang out in the hood with no real hope for their future? add to this the virtual admissions by the CIA that they helped flood Los Angeles with crack cocaine, the 'pushing' of rap music onto their community by WHITE RECORD EXECS with extensive mafia/cia connections (word is that they like the 'negativity' layered onto the community disguised as 'keepin' it real') and you see a picture that is not only racist on the OUTSIDE but on the INSIDE as well.

They bray about 'education' all the while slashing federal funds for such then blame the 'community' for not 'getting involved' - hey, it's a lot fucking easier to 'get involved' with your kids school when you're not spending every waking moment wondering how you're going to feed and clothe those kids.

i'm all for welfare reform, ways to stop bona fide abuses of the system, but to starve it down to nothing and expect those folks to turn to 'faith-based' organizations for relief is nothing short of fascist.

we need to put our money where our mouths are; fully funded education and health-care INSTEAD of WORLD DOMINATION AND UNMITIGATED GREED BY THE SELECT FEW.

It costs one HELL of a lot more money to keep a human being in jail, driven to commit crimes viewed as the ONLY way they will EVER get 'theirs', than to educate and actually help them.

Saturday, September 17, 2005

pissin in the wind?

Friday, September 16, 2005

power drunk

teevee are us. I Am practicing but I guess I'm watching more tv than anything, hanging out in hermitville. a few moments ago there was a panel discussion and a black woman from the republican national committee was responding to a piece about single parent families the panel had just watched.

afterwards, she dismissed the piece by saying, "of course our goal is to make sure all families have a mommy and daddy." how bout making it easier for people to live their lives without racial, economic and lifestyle prejudice? could we maybe start from at base of acceptance and do what we can to support people regardless of their circumstances?

maybe then we could finally shrug off the lunacy of laws aimed at making us all carbon copies of a stupid one way or no way ideal. which I guess includes raising kids who are all budding alcoholics, eh george? eh jeb???

the truth will out

watching NOW on 13, interviewing about 40 people who lost everything in katrina. it sounds like, even now, theyre treating people like WWII soldiers treated liberated towns, which amounts to going around handing out candy bars to kids.

these folks want some place to sleep, a nest, and it looks like it's going to be months and months before our so-called FEMA can even answer the friggin phone.

and there was bush on the news today saying we can do this without raising taxes. how? right from the turd's mouth, " cutting other programs." you mean, mr. president, like FEMA and disaster planning? how bout health care and corps of engineering levy projects? how bout combating poverty and actual citizen benefits?

excuse me, but arent we in the place we are because we didnt have the money to prepare for this in the first place?

and what's all this about halliburton (aGain!) and outside contractors getting all the re-building money and new orleans companies being locked out. to date, No black contracting companies have even been allowed to bid on recovery projects. what is Up with That, georgie???

where's osama?

I'm watching what seems to be a bbc documentary on 911 full of first person accounts from WTC workers and the most complete collection of devastation footage I've seen. as someone was telling their story of seeing people jumping from the first tower before their tower was hit, right across the gap between the buildings, I involuntarily thought, "goddamn bush, letting osama go. goddamn him...what if bin laden's planning more terror right now? just in time for xmas."

I mean shit, many people is this guy going to kill??? and I'm Not talking about osama.

how many americans and iraqis will be dead at the hands of the big W? we'll never know. how can you cope with that, knowing there are thousands and thousands dead all because of your insanity? you cant get that much blood off your hands. you cant. is this jerk not our nero? is he not our godzilla, shuffling through washington, shuffling through baghdad, shuffling through new orleans, shuffling through the national parks, the rivers and skies, shuffling through all our lives?

I cannot wait for the documentaries covering the incredible scandals the 49ers are too blind to admit theyre backing by supporting this incarnation of an american evil who's not fooling anyone with his bottomless pockets, promising the moon only to get people to say he's not as lame as he really is.

it's not enough to deal mega death with incompetence, he has to cover it up by sending us into a spiral of devasting deficits like a child who has no idea the cookie jar has its limits.

and guess whose budget will continue to call for tax cuts for a few thousand of his closest buds. you know, the guys who have all the money? all our money???

I have never been so disgusted. I didnt know I could Get this disgusted.

Thursday, September 15, 2005

I've seen that somewhere and can only hope that's the first thing you see when you walk in the door of the bush library...which I Think is going to go up where the mrs. baird's bread place used to be close to smu.

only when we used to drive by that intersection no one had to Ask what that smell was.

ya never know...

with these supreme court guys...
sometimes what you see is what you get

sorry i've been absent, heh, building a bomb shelter is time consuming.

high drama aside
much work to do in this world
bitch-slap bomb fuck-up

non-sequitur haiku

for you

damn funny clip at this address:

independent thinking

good thing bush doesnt fire those who fail the administration or we'd all be saluting president cheney this week...which would be excrutiatingly disgusting.

I still cant figure out how I feel about roberts. he sounds and looks good and I dont agree with some of the p.c. battering he's been getting from biden, schumer (?), despite the abuse, he's logical and relatively calm under fire.

not that we have any real idea of what havoc he'll rain on our rights in the future. but at least he's not the unaware ignorarombus I expected from bush to nominate.

other thoughts, anti-bushites???

Monday, September 12, 2005

bye bye brown

good for him. "I'm obviously in way over my head so how bout I just split."

however, so, bush pulls him outta there and FEMA just takes off without any sort of wrap up or official hand off of responsibiltiy. no handshakes in an effort to coordinate all the various components, local and imported, the gracious volunteers from all over the country and internationally. now theyre all sitting around looking at each other with a big "what's next?"

first, youre too little, too late. then you simply abandon what finds its way to the field. no thinking, no true understanding. "hey, if you guys are going to complain about how we've tried to help (and harm), we'll go and you can get fucked." nice work.

nice nice work, guys. at least bush has finally given FEMA to a true disaster fighter with 30 years experience. jesus...regardless, the inevitable legacy of this guy will be "Too late, pal."

I genuinely think these clowns are incapable of awareness, discernment or any sort of learning. all they can do is react way too much or way too inappropriately.

so it goes.

Friday, September 09, 2005

the good news...

...about having an administration who's careless and inattentive, whose policy is incompetence, who doesnt give a fuck about you dont have to worry too much about your lily white ass being picked up and shuffled off to detaineeland. if you dont have a brown skinned name, you can be doing a lot of shit they could nail you for but wont cause their talk about protecting us from bad guys like you falls still born from forked tongues.

unless of course youre a totally legit citizen who goes to work every day, pays taxes and is thrilled to be living in anytown, usa and your name happens to be Ali or Al Foud or Mohammed. then you better watch your back and keep track of your family 24/7, bruthuh, cause the dogs of not giving a fuck come without warning.

oh...and those jets over austin? that's just bush out for a $30,000 stroll. at this very moment, some air cadet is pulling graveyard, cleaning puke out of the presidential helmet.



nothing like a little light reading to make things allll better.

i feel good, don't you?

what the f...

three times now in the last two days i've seen a solo military jet flying over austin.

what the fuck? some sort of 'conditioning' going on here? get 'em used to the
sight and sound?

i'm sending a letter to my senator and congressmen with a very pointed question:

"would you ever support a decision by the president to declare martial law in this country?"

no hem-hawing


guaran-fucking-tee you i will NOT get a 'yes or no' answer.

call me paranoid, call me concerned

almost every texan i personally know owns a gun or two

and don't care very much for 'tresspassers'.

bring it on mother fuckers.

meeting the challenge

Originally uploaded by kcorbet.

Thursday, September 08, 2005

i'm frizzin' a little

because i can't sleep
every little peep
i hear in my house
every twig hitting the roof
every cat that prowls around
i wonder if 'they've' been monitoring
my choice of ip addresses lately
or if it's the 'pack of dudes' from new orleans that
one of my wife's employees' doper boyfriend
(who works at planet k)
says came in to buy a handful of
crack pipes - no joke, they didn't say
and i didn't ask what race they were
but i fucking hate it that
the thought even crossed my mind
i want to get a dog now
(our daughter has wanted one forever)
a vicious one that likes their meals large
who doesn't care what color the meat
is if you plan on coming into their space
i want to get a gun to protect
my family from fema who has built
some mighty cozy 'internment camps'
around the good 'ol USA designed
to accommodate any number of citizens
who are deemed 'disobedient' built with
money that could've built up those levees
(that the corp could then blow up to flood
jefferson parish to save the french quarter
so that someday george's ilk could once
again swill their way through a hurricane
or two from pat o'briens)
i promise they won't take me or mine away
bitch mother fuckers, no fucking way
executive orders one after the other
give them the power under martial law
to shake your shit and ship you away
i realize my fear of addicts
ransacking my house
pales in comparison
to living with

shoo fly

shhh boom
shoe bomber
fool charmer
hog rancher
dog farmer
no armor

and the rap...

duped ya
dubbed ya
double dipped
dip sticks and
zipper neck
quick tricks

america's a done
deal done real
good i.e. bad
by seedy greed
and a profound
lack of heeding
the needs of the
bleeding, weeding
out the poor and
leading most of
the rest of us
to be like
them asap.

a sap ass
slapped ass
and duh name
of the blamed
tush is bush
with such fun dramatics, I put a title line in should you wanna.

of course, you dont have to do anything with your title...
I mean, look at our president...he's not doing much with his.

he's more of a president evil 2, a sequel to a bad movie from 15 years ago.

in otter words, I'll play your little game later.

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

A passle of like minded bruthren are what were gonna need to keep the oxygen flowin the next 3 years. A couple more natural or manmade disasters and anyone or anything connected to the adminifuckation desn't stand a snowball's chance gettin into the Whiteman's House.
Of course, I've underestimated the mentality of the populace before.
One thing's fo sho...bushy and krewe aint gon' be ridin in no Mardi Gras parade in the near future.
And now...I think I'll take a try at the otterly cool word scramble...

donald rumsfeld

damn fol

mad dum

yeah...I think I'm gettin it.

Tuesday, September 06, 2005


twisting words is fun

karl rove
karl over
kar lover


it's easy, come on!


the whole family can play

donc zaloee

fort chef
thro fecr


terbo rs
bert sor

listening to the spin tonight made my fingers itchy
aaron brown said 'by the time these images are COMPLETELY forgotten..."
NEVER completely aaron, no matter what the boss says

after reading the list of FEMAFUCKUPS on it seems clear that murder charges should be filed.

for the first time in my life i'm contemplating buying a gun
or a nug
whichever comes along first
I was in the 5th grade when JFK was blown away,
the country went numb like a sunny day goes gray.
girls in class put their heads in their hands and
the world went still like someone shot the band.

two months later the beatles came through and
suddenly everyone had something else to do.
that was the very first time media spoke as one
and from then on money said who be our favorite son.

the spirit had left the people, replaced by greed
and marketing dictated our wants and personal needs.
even during the years of peace and love to follow,
the american people seemed all too meek and shallow.

they no longer spoke with one american voice,
they no longer gave each other freedom of choice.
the country divided into us and them and if you
were no longer "with us" we could never be friends.

Roosevelt and WWII brought us together and
the 50s brought with it promise and treasure
and it looked like we were becoming ourselves
till a shot or three from a book depository
or grassy knoll put us back on the shelf.

some say we didnt change the day JFK died...
rather truth had emerged to open our eyes.

or, at least, it tried.

now, it's just there, the real america
on the table, a rotting corpse without
a label which it doesnt need cause it's
not fooling anyone except the evil that's
always been her hand maiden...the money
hogs and corporate con men and all who
have no time for history or fables of
what america was and what it can be.

and I, for one, am sickened by it.
indeed, welcome. I ran into a passle of anti-bushites from an old planet of mine yout and, longing for fresh meat like an n.o. refugee, I invited them aboard. so far, we have this pale young man from the otterman empire. he's a feisty brute. if all is as it should be, we shall take him in leisurely, eating him raw. very very slowly. one word at a time.

then we'll see about the others. no hurry. we still have over three years on this ship of pain.

I just realized. I'll be paying off my car the august before the election. another reason to celebrate freedom in 2008. that is, if we make it.
Welcome, otter, to this here murky swamp we call the bush years.
Cool to see new blood flowin through the cyberways.

Monday, September 05, 2005

hello, new to this blog.

the reconstructive surgery of bush's foot has begun. with multiple shotgun blasts he has tried to blow it smooth off. but karl can rebuild it.

i don't think anything will completely derail bush's term II train, short of being caught with his dick up a little boy's ass and even then karl could spin it off: "the young man in question had a fever and the president's penis makes a fine thermometer. he was trying to save his life!"

so we wait.

i went a'googlin' trying to gain some insight into the repug. state of mind and mine was boogled by what i found...

these comments about 'bush haters' from a review of a book called "misunderstood", a pro-bush piece of propaganda that details how georgie is, well, misunderstood.

Sammon also delivers a fascinating examination of Bush haters, chronicling how their misunderstanding of the president has morphed into sheer visceral loathing, irrevocably influencing the whole scope of the presidency. He opens his book by plunging his readers into the middle of a violent anti-Bush rally in Portland, Oregon. After failing to hold the presidential motorcade hostage, rock-throwing protestors go on to attack elderly Republican donors, gay baseball players, and even state leaders. The ironic savagery of the radical anti-war activists, who fuel a true atmosphere of terror, is downright scary; even the president seems surprised.

gay baseball players?

At home, Bush's Eurocentric detractors hate the man right down to the way he walks and talks, confesses New Republic senior editor Jonathan Chait. Chait also confides this amusing absurdity: "To be a liberal today is to feel as though you've been transported into some alternative universe in which a transparently mediocre man is revered as a moral and strategic giant." Such is the plight of an ideology gone awry, apparently.

nope, we just call 'em as we see 'em.

Karl Rove tells Sammon that Bush hatred is the "natural evolution of the politics of personal destruction, carried to its ultimate end. And what it becomes, ultimately, is self-destructive." Sammon agrees, convincingly arguing that the president is nobody's fool, or, as Mark Steyn cleverly wrote, "If he's a moron, he's the luckiest moron who ever lived."

well put karl. really read that first quote: a Freudian slip, skirt, blouse AND shoes.

i'm actually glad that our liberal leaders aren't bashing the turtle on the fencepost relentlessly - that will only fuel the fire of those on the 'winning team'. the truth will out. of course, we'll remind them as needed.

i was born the day JFK was killed. i've always been deeply fascinated by the event and how it ushered in an age of APATHY for our country; what most people don't realize is that the SAME FUCKERS who killed Kennedy and then covered it up are STILL IN POWER TODAY, the line is incredibly easy to trace, but todays repugs find it much more palatable to align themselves with 'compassionate conservatism' than 'MURDER INC.'.

i watched oliver stone's "JFK" for the umpteenth time last night for two reasons; to remind myself exactly how this country really works and, to take a cinematic stroll around new orleans one last time. (they haven't got the nerve or the inclination to actually murder stone but you'll notice he's been busted for pot more than a few times in the last six or seven years...)

it's enough to make me really believe in the bible: i, for one, would be glad to have jesus' back while he deep-fries the souls of the 'religious' leaders who have twisted his 'true message' into a pretzel.

"citizens of New Orleans! we'll feed you! have a PRETZEL!"

Sunday, September 04, 2005

I agree with the slam against the media, who showed black people "looting" and white people "surviving" cause, of course youre right...when you have to eat and provide for others you do what you have to do.

I havent heard anyone else make the obvious point that all those commodities sitting in unrefridgerated doors broken out places arent going to survive the ordeal either. all that stuff would be written off on insurance forms in the weeks ahead and counted as total waste.

is it looting to try to find the first aid kit in a crashed airliner?

then there's o'reilly, who Never fails to piss me off saying last week that if we just killed all those "bad guys" on the streets in New Orleans, we'd be able to get everything squared away no problem.

if pat robertson's going to start calling for assasinations, maybe we could sneak a few more onto the list.

hell, I dont want people dead. I just want them to go far far away. I can complain mucho about dickie dick dick not doing his job in montana, but do we really want any of these goons "doing their jobs"? havent we had enough of the job these guys do? isnt it likely even More folks would die if they had a hand in the rescue efforts?

what would be happening if bill o'reilly was governor of La and michael savage was mayor of N.O.? now, That would make an interesting video game. Virtual Cheeseball.

Saturday, September 03, 2005

Dick Chain Me and Condomteaser being AWOL during a national crisis highlights what I've said all along...that this bunch has no connection with, interest in, or concern for the average American.


They don't even make an attempt at showing concern.
Bush went 'cause everyone else had prepaid reservations to some hot spot.

I had an interesting exchange the other day with one of the secretaries in my department. Setting the stage, she is a die hard bushy...born and bred in Mesquite TX, where men are 6'4'', play sports, half-ass a year or two of college at best, marry former cheerleaders, and breed another round of men who play sports, etc....Thats just the way life is...the ONLY way life is. Everything is face value.

Anyway, I should point out that, professionally, I have met few people who are as good at their job as her and who can run interference for the day to day shit that goes down there...but,

My story continues...

As the looting, or as I like to say, survival tactics, began, my coworker said that any looting was unacceptable...looting is looting, no matter the reason. My response was...
No, dinner is dinner, and if our inept leaders can't set the table and if I or my kids are on the verge of starvation I'm gonna help myself to a helping of whatever if its within boardinghouse reach.

My views were not shared, due in large part to where I placed the blame for this multi-thousand death debacle.

I believe I also said something along the lines of, "If Louisiana were a foreign country, it now woulda been under US control and George woulda been eatin crawfish on a paddleboat goin up the Mississippi with a banner a-hind him sayin, 'Ay Mishin Complished...A'yeee!'"

Rest of the day was kinda quiet.
Rehnquist dies...
Bush gives rise...
To another purveyor...
Of execu-judicial ties.
.....and lies.
I want to hear the rest of your questions, so I'll lend a few.....

What hit me this morning, like a piece of shattered concrete dam, was that, once again, the true heroes of a national crisis are we the people.
Guv'ment aint nowhere to be found, and when they are, they are all about plans and not about the here and now.

What kinda shit is this?

It highlights to me that the Washington crowd is so out of touch with the rest of us; that they are so insulated from reality; that they are so ignorant of day to day life in the country that they mismanage that they are nothing but a collective group of bumbling figureheads who can only view the USA as it relates to the world stage.

So, let's tally up the number of corpses that result from this mess and charge the Bush administration with their deaths because, if our focus was on whats hap'nin here at home, as it should be, most of all of this could have been prevented.

Friday, September 02, 2005

okay, I can be seriously angry, too. some say bush is catching crap lately for lots of things, that he has become the "velcro" president.

man, in my not so delicate opinion, if he caught what he troodily oodily deserved his head would be at the bottom of the potomac having fallen from the top of his skeleton after his body was hung from a pier a coupla years back.

how the freakin hell can cheney stay on vacation in montana??? isnt the vice presidency the man, in such crises, the president turns to and immediately says, "Hey, DICK, put on your highest montana shit boots and get down there NOW!" (?)

I heard little miss condomonium rice had to call security cause someone was hassling her in a shoe store cause her government was sitting on its ass while mississippi muddy americans were screaming from every tv set on the planet to DO SOMETHING. not only that, but when the hurricane was chewing up and spitting out vast areas of our precious coast line, she decided to go to the theatre monday night. is that what you do when youre a high ranking government official, like in the upper half dozen souls in the nation...arent you supposed to be on the phone finding out what's going on and what's being done???

clearly these folks do Nothing domestically till they figure out they might lose face in the do nothing process.

and, mr. disaster do you continue a speech tour with "plans" to get around to doing whatever it is you decide to do later in the week when citizens are dying in the streets every night????? with all the pussyin around after 911, at least you were down there huggin heroes the next day. but you wait 5 days to show up after the worst national disaster in american history????????

uh-oh...I just ran outta question marks. have I made my point( ) cause I sure as hell havent run out of questions.
One thought keeps crossing my mind...if Katrina had come by a year earlier, would we still be bushwacked? There would be a different wildcard to be played during the election for sure.
This tragedy is exposing alot of whats wrong with this country...a lack of preparation and concern with the infrastructure and those of less means, with an overarching and overbearing focus on international crusaderism.
In many ways we are a reactionary society; not a proactive one...unless there's a country to conquer.
Sounds like you are mucho busy with mucho classes. Good that the dollars are rolling in though. That Thursday schedule sounds like a bitch.....that place definitely needs an instructor "on call" room.

Thursday, September 01, 2005

atta boy, nightline's chris bury.

at the very moment our revered homeland czar, whoever the hell he is, is spewing rhetoric like, "we have a vast array of forces taking care of business getting the "rest" of the refugees out", there are 10s of thousands of refugees sitting, waiting for days, yelling, crying, wondering where the officials are, wondering where the relief is.

one woman is sitting in the street asking simple questions, "they gave us one meal and a bottle of water but where are the porta potties? where is our ride outta this hell hole?"

ted just beat the hell out of the FEMA director. his positive message was "we're working on it." ted's saying, "the storm was 5 days ago. what the hell have you been doing?" excellent.
gas prices off the chart with no end in sight.

need relief from record breaking prices?

help is on the way...

"Don't buy gas if you don't need it."
- President George W. Bush
chad has a full time gig at a desoto building supply company doing their web stuff. I havent heard from him since he started that 2 weeks ago. the tidbits may do some friday action at the fall out in the expo area starting in october.

normally, we'd do a wednesday there now and then but I have to put that on hold personally. it's true, standard and pours has gone so acoustic singer songwriter, it's no longer an option though the chick that owns it has invited us to the open mic "anytime we want."

thanks. thanks a lot. seems like white rock coffee has also gone acoustic pretty much.

howEver, there IS a new coffee place that's just opened in the smu student center and I heard on tuesday that a college jazz group is playing there on fridays for $250. I talked to the guy who books the place and he's anxious to get "chill music" happening in there on various nights. sooo, I'm thinking maybe tuesday evenings from 7-9, if chad's into it. we'll see about all that. my girl friend wont like it cause we only get to see each other every other weekend and tuesday nights.

maybe if I did it every other tuesday...I'd love to play. rally I would.
oh, lord, 2 mo classes.

I asked for it and boy howdy. 7 classes, including monday and wednesday evening classes followed by tuesday and thursday 830am in the morning classes. and the gaps are ridiculous. today, thursday, I have an 830, 2 and 7p.

in plano on monday and wednesday, I teach from 1 to 2oo then have to sit around till the 7 oclocks. and no place to lay down or relax. it's weird.

I feel like I'm working vaudeville...a 90 minute morning show, a 3 hour set at night and a matinee in between. it's really bringing out the entertainer in me. "welcome to music appreciation. it's really nice to be here this evening. so...where are You from?"

plus I'm on the train and bus more than in class. today, on the way back south, the train hit a guard rail and had to abort. they had us get off the train and walk 3 blocks to the next train station for pick up by another south bound.

now I know what all those people in new orleans are going through.

buh dum bum. that reminds me of a story...a southbound train runs into a bar and...