Tuesday, November 30, 2004

and I dont mind Dr. Ductape getting off. Ridge was like an big old bassett hound who's now barrelling off into the sunset. fine. go. show us yet another example of someone close to the president who just cant take his lunacy another day. bye bye.

enjoy your great escape, doc.

Monday, November 29, 2004

Bush is the face, Cheney the brains, and Rice the testosterone behind an all-out, law breaking war machine that prides itself on being the block bully.
I'm hoping beyond hope that some type of scandal will beset them all. We need to find something that will stick..there are bound to plenty of provable skeletons in their closets.
Let's find em...if for no other reason than entertainment.
I can deal with ashcroft and powell getting off, but I'd really hate to think bush, cheney and rice will escape their war crime payback.

I guess we can only wait and watch and hope and pray in the school of life. if there Is a god, maybe he'll abort these mofos before they clock out. at least we know where they can be found into the foreseeable future.

of course, we may be actually witnessining the end of a brief era of struggle toward fairness and justice. there was such promise for a bright destiny. now revolution may be the only way to bring back those days. will we see it? after all, we're still in this one and the worst has to be just ahead.

kristen pointed out it was the christians who helped point out our "social responsibilities" from the 30s through the 50s. now look at em. how did they get so confused about their bedfellows? they used to hate the uncaring rich, the capitalists, the establishment. what happened to "what would jesus do?" it's not "what would a wrathful, jealous, vengeful, trigger happy god do?"

america, where are you now,
dont you care about your sons and daughters?
doncha know, we need ya now,
we cant fight alone against the monster.

- john kay

Sunday, November 28, 2004

It disturbs me exponentially to think that President Howdy DubyaDoody is going to go down in history as the all-knowing protector of American freedoms....
When his predecessor was ostracized for just going down.
Now that we are several weeks post-election, the issues that were paramount to most of us "on the other side", such as health care, education, censorships, personal freedoms, etc., etc., etc. have gone the way of grandma's cranberry sauce...
Gone...but certainly not forgotten.
Ah, life with a war crim...er....war time pres-u-dent.
GWB: iraq martyr or poster boy for the special olympics.

equally plausible. our blessed presidente. what a country.
The turkey has come and passed on thru. Can rest and relax for another 4 weeks before we do it all again....
To bad george didnt make another surprise visit to Iraq again this year. To Fallujah, perhaps.
Maybe for XXXmas.

Wednesday, November 24, 2004

just one thing I'd like to say on this thanksgiving eve to blabberwonkie bush and his minched mental minions:

go stuff yourselves.

Sunday, November 21, 2004

maybe a few can be taken down. that is, maybe the congressional mafia will sacrifice a few scapegoats when cornered. the evidence is obviously there. who's gonna have the balls to dig it up? senators? journalists? fox news?

wouldnt That be refreshing.

maybe bush's loyalty will get the best of him somehow...by denying someone's complicity until he becomes entangled in the same embroilio. oh, how I wish.

unfortunatlely, I'm afraid he found all those grey teflon suits hanging in the reagan closet.

Saturday, November 20, 2004

I found an interesting book by Sen. Robert Byrd at Borders. Lots of good insight into what is goin' down with the country right now, but he has a very articulate way of calling Bush illiterate and his dealings flat-out illegal.
Yeah...they're still here. Gonna be for another four. A nightmare of epic proportions and by all accounts, he's gonna be gunning for Iran next.
Ahhh, crusaderism.
I just woke up and he's still here.

the god awful bush demons and one particular satanic moron are still here. they havent even started their second diabolical tromping of the rest of us.

but the worse part? we'll never have the pleasure of kicking the assholes where it's most fun to kick assholes.

kicking anyone else but devil hisself wont feel half as good.

worse yet, bush will likely never pay for his bullshit. he'll only profit by it.

how sad is That?

Wednesday, November 17, 2004

I was so hoping the rice carb lie machine would go away.

I cant stand her. absolutely and eternally.

she is sooo vile and has no clue about any of it.

trapped in an historic role she cant possibly comprehend.

I hate her. absolutely and eternally.

Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Announcing the Secretetory of Hate, Condescending Rice.
The darker, estrogenic version of the vile sniveling smirker.
The lurker.
Maimer of civil rights, protagonist of illegal fights.
Possessor of weapons of mass deception.
An infection.
A swelling sore festering throughout the Mideast.
In one week we feast.
We feast in a country led by the beast.
To say the least.

Monday, November 15, 2004

Der Fuehrer's cabinet is gettin a little empty. I'd like to know why these folks are really leaving. Hmmm...have they been lookin for the door for awhile? Bet some have, and see these as their way to access the escape hatch in a not-so-obvious way that brings fewer questions. "Its time for a fresh change, ya know.."

Saturday, November 13, 2004

well, that's interesting.

it took me a month to finish the first halo.

halo 2 only took 3 days. did I get that much better?

or did I just get ripped off?

probably a little o both.

Thursday, November 11, 2004

halo tummy.

too much swoopin and divin and rollin and fallin down endless tunnels.

five hours is enough for one day.


Tuesday, November 09, 2004

Kinda slow on the uptake, I'm just now getting into gaming myself. But even in this short time, I've discovered how truly addictive it can be in a "let me escape the hell of reality" kinda way.
I'm really digging it!
They're saying that alot of the foreign fighters of Fallujah, the FFF, bailed out before the US went in; beaten down 1970s military transports high tailin to any border that would let em in..which is any border. Windows down, music blarin....
"Gonna hitch a ride, head for the other side..."
The FFF are the nasty mo'fos that should give Washingtown castration anxiety. Bet they know where the hidden ammo is.
At the end of the day, we're makin alot more enemies than friends by doin our door to door wholesale slaughter salesmen act.
I got a worse than bad feeling about this one.
I had a nice adventure last night.

speaking of gamers, I heard the ticket was hosting a Halo 2 party at the plano best buy monday at midnight. this is a game I've been waiting for for almost a year. then, one of my students said he was working at best buy and said he'd put one aside if I was willing come back to plano after taking the train back to mockingbird station.

on the train, I read a Halo 2 article mentioning midnight parties all over town. when I got home I checked the XBox page and, sure enough, 2 game stores and walmart were hosting the parties, all within a coupla miles.

I went to the first place on Buckner. there were about 10 teenagers standing around at 11:40. the salesman said they would probably sell out that night, especially with all the copies they had on reserve. on to the next place, up by 30. I drive by to find 30 kids or more cramming in the door at 11:50.

imagining dozens waiting at the walmart electronics department but figuring they gotta have more units than the game stores, I stopped in, hopeful that I'd at least get what I came for, even if I had to wait an hour or more.

to my astonishment, as I turned down the final aisle, there were only a couple of sales people who had no idea what I was talking about. somebody called the stock room. a guy came out an XBox box, saying he couldnt open it till midnight. it was five till. by midnight, there were exactly 4 of us standing at the counter and he handed me the first one.

they were expecting to sell 500,000 copies world wide today. I was proud to be one of the first. this is supposed to be a glorious follow up to one of the most amazing games I've ever been hooked on.

matter of fact...I gotta go.

ashcroft will crawl back under a rock where he'll write his "I beat the terrorists" book and fade into obscurity.

I really dont understand why our military machine thinks going in, killing indescriminately, going house to house, fighting european style will have any positive effect whatsoever.

oh, it'll be effective alright. it'll turn the enTire population in the area against us and will make our soldiers feel totally stupid. the insurgents fight like water. hit and disappear, leaving a bunch of guys in camo standing around wondering what just happened.

9 year old video gamers could come up with a better strategy.

Asscroft is gone! Asscroft is gone!
Where will he arise again??

Monday, November 08, 2004

I was wondering how Michael was faring.

I love the map.

Sunday, November 07, 2004

dont get me wrong, I'd love to wake up some afternoon to hear heir rove has been brought up on fraud charges, that george is in the deepest shit of his bullshit career and that the senate is already talking about tossing the election out on it's ear, on the way to giving the whole shootin match to kerry so we can get back to having a government of the sensible for the sane and bi-people, too.

wouldnt that be gay?

These essays pretty much some up every feeling I've had the past few days.
Thanks, Amy
unless the candidates or the media wanna make some hay outta such reports it's all garbage under the bridge.

it would take at least ted koppel and a bunch o key dems to turn the bull around at this point.

until that happens, nothing will.

Friday, November 05, 2004

I finally took the KERRY sticker off my car and replaced it with

when you lose your job
or a loved one overseas...
when you lose your social
security or your privacy...
hey, dont look at me.

Thursday, November 04, 2004

I'm content letting them lead. They won. OK........show us what ya got.
What I fear, and will rise up against, is any attempt to legislate morality or anything else that falls under the heading of "freedoms".

I see it coming.

I agree that we should do what we can to understand what makes them tick. Preferably with a telescope at this point, since I really don't feel like breaking bread with em right now.
I think many bought into bushie's "I'll keep you safe" spiel. What folks need to realize is that this daytime bomb opera is being played out by two companies of extremists...fanatical Islamists and funkamental Kris-chuns. Moderate voice are drowned out on both sides and the extremists call the shots.

To the winning party: You've got less than a year, in my humble prediction, to come to the understanding that this is not a conventional war. The US is naively fighting an ideology; a mindset. You cannot bomb a philosophy; in fact, this is not a war.

This is a struggle between two sides lacking in an understanding, or even a desire for such understanding, of each other. And to that extent, the extremists on both sides will lead their lambs to slaughter...for years to come.

As for those who voted for him because of his..er..faith. I hear the god-talk, but where's the justice that is supposed to accompany true belief? Yeah..I don't see it either.

Have fun Bushnpubes...the Middle East is a no-win and just look at the state of things here at home.

That substance under your feet is quicksand.

I dont know if I'm numb, relieved it's over or building walls thick enough to survive 4 years of mindless battering. walls thick enough to keep out the lies and disbelief of the actions/attitudes of fellow citizens in the face of facts.


I have no choice but to attempt to understand the ways the country is changing so that I can find a way to live with these people. I cannot avoid the truth. of my 5 classes, it seems even my most moderate class is well over 50% satisfied with the election.

what good will it do to continue to defy let alone ignore the "will" of the people? if common ground is to be found, we're the ones forced to find it or simply live as outcasts in these moral value killing fields.

consistent with my attitude toward the very failed iraq, change can only come from within. in order to change what's happening, we have to understand our fellow citizens (aka the lost souls) to have a chance of leading them toward self salvation.

at least, that's my current thought.

Wednesday, November 03, 2004

My mourning will go on and on...and not just Kerry, but for Daschle, the Sen and Reps and Govs...and to the Supreme Court that will be decimated come 2008.
So much pube support has come from the Christian Evangelicals, and they encompass all breeds.
I, for one, am not goin down without one helluvanamazing fight.
Their entire mindset is one of "My way is the only way", and I hate that shit. They want to tell us who, what, and how to worship; what art to make and enjoy; what to fuck and how to fuck it; and the list goes on......
Perhaps the re-energized blog should take on a decidedly anti-avangelical flavor.
almost 3 in the morning. waiting for the other shoe to fall in ohio or nevada or new mexico. waiting for the bush dog to come smirk for his cult.

how much longer will I wait before resigning myself to abandoning my post in favor of the sleep of denial?

perhaps half an hour of Xbox will open a more welcoming door into dreamland than 30 minutes of pixelated desperation.

Tuesday, November 02, 2004

look at it this way...we've been losers for the last 4 years.

we should be used to it by now.
Not looking good for the home team.
Close, but...
The Frost/Sessions race surprised me; the Cowboys vote surprised me; the Chandler/Valdez race surprised me, but in a good way.
At least we can say we elected a female Hispanic lesbian to an office in this godforsaken, self-centered, moneyed, bible-thumpin, boil on the buttocks of civilization outpost of humanity.
Regardless, I say we keep the blog open as a voice for the voiceless; a platform for all issues civic and artistic.
I'm not likin this...at all.
good luck to we the people.

Monday, November 01, 2004

I drove by campus on my way home and was thrilled to see students on the corners, flashing their signs for passers by. mostly things like "dirty dick" and "bush is Wrong". I'm sure there were pro bush supporters but I didnt see em.
Here's a message to all who may have been looking at this blog, following the various rants we've been raving about since early this year.
We need to turn all the yard signs and bumper stickers and protests marches into measureable action for the next 17 and a half hours.
Just Vote.

as conservative as the smu classes are, that's how liberal the plano classes appear to be. they were expressing my views exactly this evening. it was great to hear young people carrying the torch and not dittoing reaganomics and bush's charges of international evil.

perhaps it was an omen. it has certainly fed my optimism here on the eve of destruction for the bush porn collection in the lincoln bedroom.

we can only hope.

Despite the fact that georgie is but 5 miles from my house right now, I am energized and optimistic after listening to the pundits this evening.
Its tighter than tight, and some are saying that Kerry will win the main "up for grabs" states that he'll need to put this away.
Could we actually be a mere 24 hours away from putting a sign in Lady Liberty's hand that reads, "Change of Management"?
Are we about to string a 30 mile sign over DC sayin, "Pardon our Dust"?
Could the village of Crawford be about to regain its idiot?
Today is the first day of the rest of your life, America....use it well.

I'd like to think that, in a way, we've already won regardless of who takes it tomorrow night.
Clearly, there won't be a landslide either way unless something highly unexpected goes down.
So even if shrubhead retains his ill-gotten booty, a strong showing by our side will still resonate clearly that we won't be trampled on.
What would worry me is a 60/40, 70/30 showing in favor of Bush, with the Washingdown crowd thinkin, "Wow..not as many of em as we thought. We can really juice some civil rights now."
Don't get me wrong..I want victory. But "close but no cigar" will still mean that we get to live to smoke cigars another day.
As for Guiliani, I think history will show that a) either alot of deals have been made or b) the Repubicans are more Borg-like than we imagined.
No doubt they've promised to make promote him to at least 9 of 12 if all goes their way manana eve.
I wanna know what they've promised giuliani.

seems like he's too smart to be saying the shit he's saying. how could a hip, slick and cool NYC mayor think bush is a strong leader and the right choice for Any important political gig, let alone president.

can the perception of bush's track record really be THAT different???